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ladakh spituk monastery

  • Servants Of Satan's Monastery - Old Man's Child
    "You will not walk alone When you travel through My realms of hate You will not see the end of days Welcome to my realms of death This world is mine, until the end of time Killing by numbers Find and destroy From"
  • The Imperatives - Rainer Maria
    "when we can't begin unless it's with an argument we're losing out on love for the sake of it I was thinking we can go and live in a monastery throw away the imperatives make our pockets empty 'cuz I'm"
  • Hello, it's goodbye - Gilbert O'Sullivan
    "Take off your coat pull up a chairSit next to me not over thereHow about a drink what would you likeWould a scotch on the rocks be alrightThen as the lights invariably dimI gently touch your thighAnd before"
  • Story Song - Why Store
    "There she is, never letting go In a monastery inside Soho There's a paintbrush In a painted hand And she's caring for me Cause she cares for her man Whoa She's a poor crusader On a distant ship She's a"
  • The Longships Are Coming - Unleashed
    "Lindisfarne, holy land Of pilgrimage for the christian man Church of god, and monastery 8th of June, in the year of 793 The longships are coming The longships are coming The longships are coming The longships"
  • Burial Ground - Cemetery Of Scream
    "Winter forest Winter patterns on the trees Trudging through the horny bushes Snow is cracking Underneath my feet Broken branches Shadows grey My eyes can hardly see So full of tears Winter forest I can"
  • Heresy In Disguise - Falconer
    "Behind the dark walls dark secrets hide in the shadows An coil presence in the fortress of light Darkness is falling as the spirit of god slips away You're a sinner by night and a holy saint by day In"
  • Kłaniam się Tobie - Paweł Piotrowski - organy
    "Church and monastery of the Capuchin Fathers in Krakow Jedna z najpiękniejszych i najstarszych pieśni kościelnych. Harmonizacja i wykonanie: Paweł Piotrowski (harmonizacja inspirowana barokiem i muzyką"
  • Breathe In, Breathe Out - Ali Featuring St. Lunatics
    "Yo, yo, yo, yo Breathe in, breathe out Do the chickenhead go on, let it out Breathe out, breathe in Put ya back in and let ya knees bend Breathe in, breathe out Do the monastery go on, let it out Breathe"
  • Templar's arise - Cathedral
    "Our 13th Century ceremony - a vile & wicked rite A virgin child we took that night, her blood for eternal lifeLocal peasants tortured us - another daughter sacrificed With flaming torches in our eyes -"
  • Black Curtains - Tear Garden
    "Cancel the wedding renounce all the vows I shall suck on those kisses ride on a cow To the monastery high over there in the clouds Silent for 25 years I saw you collide with the history teacher Watched"
  • New Crusade - White Skull
    "While the black smoke of the stakes Inquisition was spreading his fetid Pall over the Spain The terrible and ancient Papal Inquisition Continuing his activity all over Europe His power is everywhere The"
  • Echoes - Paramaecium
    "The morning has nothing to fear from the night Reaching the monastery of St Catherine The burning bush where Moses spoke with his God The chamber of skulls of the monks, they who had gone before The library"
  • Hallelujah - K-OS
    "I walk down these city streets Just a lonely man inspired Hoping God will send me water down To quench this burning fire How I feel for the mountain A monastery man Things will stay the same so I'll remain And"
  • Peter On The White Sea - Al Stewart
    "When I took my boat out to the White Sea I had no care in the world Not a cloud disturbed the sky I was dreaming only of how it might be Then dark fell into the day And the wind began to rise Peter on"
  • Cyber-Christ - Crimson Glory
    "(Music: J. Drenning, J. Lords) (Lyrics: J. Drenning, J. Lords) I have the power to bend time and space I stare into you but you don't see my face Sacrifice the father Scold the one who sins Paralyze"
  • New World Machine - Crimson Glory
    "(Music: J. Drenning, J. Lords) (Lyrics: B. Martinez, J. Drenning) I feel I'm becoming mechanized World spinning before me made computerized Separate from soul Giving up control Kills the man in me In"
  • The Colonial Wing - 10,000 Maniacs
    "( music: Robert Buck/lyric: Natalie Merchant ) here is the store house of Her Majesty well guarded by sentry but looks are free call this the rayless and benighted age witches by tallow candles"
  • King Of Intimidation - Alanis Morissette
    "the women of this family seem to feel that they owe it to the men of the family to look relaxed, rested, and attractive at dinnertime for you, they live in a quiet monastery. for you they wear whatever"
  • Railroads - Tarja
    "Hard to believe in, strikes like a bad sin Life without meaning, is no life at all Dreaming victorious, death to be glorious Conquering new worlds further than before The violin player in her red gown Cuts"

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