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laffaire- secret eyes

  • Secret - Leaves' Eyes
    "I opened my eyes And greeted the new day. I follow your pathway To the secret of my pains. Can you free me From these unsafe grounds? Secret, tell me where did she drown. I'm moving away, But captured"
  • Secret Eyes - Arashi
    "kimi nara kimi nara kimi dake mitsumeta karaoke no junban matsu nakamatachi kimi to futari de mitsume au daremo kizukanai chiisana sekai dokidoki na yoru mo ii ja nai? kimi no migidonari subayaku sofa"
  • Secret - Nixons
    "In my secret you are here With eyes that know the truth With eyes that understand Reality is sadness Daggers of my ignorance Piercing any heart The only place I'm not alone In my secret You smile Softly"
  • Secret - The Pierces
    "got a secret. can you keep it? swear this one you'll save. better lock it in your pocket, taking this one to the grave. if i show you, then i know you wont tell what i said. because two can keep a secret"
  • Secret - Anna Maria Jopek
    "And if you look into my eyes Youll know that theres a mystery And Im not giving any clues Im doing what my mama told me She used to say that every woman Should learn to play the game So when youre questioning"
  • Secret - Heart
    "We lead two different lives Just like two lines that never cross And here we are together Standing closer than we are But we're still standing here untouched Too scared to make a move We want so much to"
  • Secret - Oceanlab
    "I don't know why I see the truth in every line Call me naive But i would rather believe And when i look into your eyes I've seen an awful low of lies You hide behind You know i know what it means to be"
  • Secret - Firewater
    "Everybody talks But nobody understands And everyone takes Just as much as they can But at the top of the stairs, There's a room with a key. 'cause I got a secret inside of me. And everybody's lost and"
  • Secret - CB Milton
    "CB Milton Miscellaneous Secret Do you see her She is here, it's your friend Wants to be by your side When you feel so bad Cause he told you That he's gonna leave all behind All the love you had"
  • Secret - Adam Sandler
    "There's something I know That no one else does You want me to tell you what it is? But if I did that then it wouldn't be, a secret I've gotta move my body tonight, I'm gonna go dancin' Dreamin' bout the"
  • Secret - Marquess
    "Do you see her? She is here C it's you friend Wants to be by your side When you feel so bad 'Cause he told you That he's gonna leave all behind All the love you had Makes you feel so sad How it hurts But"
  • Secret - Natasha Thomas
    "When I see you I see you naked When you're near me the tension's hard to bear Infatuated, no doubt about it Think there might be somethin' in the air So we got this situation Let's fall into temptation"
  • Secret - Via Mistica
    "My eyes are redWhen I look at bloodCovering your faceMy hands are wetWhen I touch your cheekStill warm and softThe sky is blackNo light from thereIs showing me the right wayThe moment leftTo hold your"
  • Secret - Mick Jagger
    "I heard a story, all about you I heard the secrets, maybe they're true I read the papers, I read the news I hear the gossip, all about you They say that you're really not so prim and prude Behind it all"
  • Secret - Secret - Scaterd Few
    "You poison mind and eyes with the consumption of Some other persons nakedness some other body's shame Secret - Secret Allowing lust to rule your members ruins temples (temples temples) Self-control thought"
  • Secret Sphere - Secret Sphere
    "Voice of The Shadowlight: From the deepest abyss of mind through the infinite space of time My voice will steal the light to your eyes and make them bright Chains of reality... The spell of Minstrell's"
  • Top secret - Namie Amuro
    "I wanna taste you tonight Hit me! Tonight I taste you I wanna taste you Tonight I taste you I wanna taste you hoshii nara damatte taido shimeshite kossori neratte barebare hoka no otoko to wa chigau tte"
  • Family secret - Alannah Myles
    "Sweet breeze, blowin' through a summer dress Seen from a window above Captured in the eyes of love Shivers, in the cool forbidden dawn Where the Iris and Jasmin run wild She was young and he was a child"
  • Secret service - Kansas
    "You don't mind giving in to temptation as long as no one knows Your midnight invitation where your madness flows Fires of passion rage all night angels falling out of the light Control undercover you can"
  • Secret Love - Joan Jett And The Blackhearts
    "(Joan Jett/Kenny Laguna) Same old story life is so unfair It's a burden we just have to bare But I'm with him and you're with her There's nothin' else to do Have to hide my secret love for you Keep the"

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