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lajons slip tonaght

  • Slip - Pitchshifter
    "I slip when eat, I slip when I slip. Fall down to my knees I slip when I seem. I slip when I see you, kick when I fall through, I slip when I seem, I slip when I See you coming step aside (you step aside) And"
  • Slip - Seven Ender
    "well I'm sorry my dear if i could have only said one thing it'd be one thing just short of your goodbye and i'm sorry i troubled you you deserve so much more than that someone with the strength to you"
  • Slip - Spiritfall
    "you never think I can get through you do you know what I'm capable off? do you really think that you know me well? I found an emptyness in front off you what was lost has been found do you really think"
  • Slip - Five Bolt Main
    "Move along, there is nothing to see here I need you strong, so get over your fear Just turn it on, on all that you hold dear Cause something's wrong, and the danger is near If you slip, you can't change"
  • Slip - Ultraspank
    "Lifting up from this Balance under pressure shifts Feel the gears slip Feel the gears slip Strain Nothing ever lifts Nothing ever lifts Drain Nothing ever shifts Nothing ever shifts Wiping sweat from battered"
  • Slip - Five.Bolt.Main
    "Move along, there is nothing to see here I need you strong, so get over your fear Just turn it on, on all that you hold dear Cause something's wrong, and the danger is near If you slip, you can't change"
  • Slip - Lucky Boys Confusion
    "Sitting, attractively bored and I guess I had this coming, it's been a long time coming Casually she kills me, attractively bored I leave too much unsaid, I leave too much unsaid You've got the sand in"
  • Slip - Lit
    "I should have called, but it was late, and you were sleeping, my dear. I would hate for you to hear what I was putting you through. I'm trying hard to be the man I know that you think, I am. I'm really"
  • Slip, Slip, Slippin' In - Stray Cats
    "Well I went out this evening I left the little woman at home Thought I would have a little fun in a style that's all my own Well I rocked and rolled and bopped a while Played every spot in town Then I"
  • Giv slip - Medina
    "Lige nu Lukker jeg ned for dete hele Tænker kun på én ting Lige nu Der ændrer jeg alt I mig selv Og la'r tankerne synge, skrige fra lungerne La mig nu danse mig ihjel på det gulv Jeg blev født lige nu Lige"
  • Slip 78 - Avoid One Thing
    "well all right we got jonney running the blockade three packs of cigerettes and the lunch his mother made left on monansis straight across the palisades might be for nothing but hes on his way slip 78 slip"
  • Slip Away - Almost Famous Soundtrack
    "Almost Famous Soundtrack Miscellaneous Slip Away Song: Clarence Carter What would I give for just a few moments What would I give just to have you near Tell me you would try to slip away somehow Oh"
  • Slip away - Lou Reed
    "Friends have said to lock the door and have an open house no more the said the Factory must change And slowly slip away But if I have to live in fear where will I get my ideas with all those crazy people"
  • Slip Kid - The Who
    "One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight ... I've got my clipboard, text books Lead me to the station Yeah, I'm off to the civil war I've got my kit bag, my heavy boots I'm runnin' in the rain Gonna"
  • Slip Away - Allman Brothers Band, The
    "Allman Brothers Band, The Miscellaneous Slip Away By w. armstrong, w. terrell & m. daniels What would i give, just for a few moments What would i give , just to have you near Tell me you will try, to"
  • Slip Away - The Presidents of the United States of America
    "I had a girl Yeah.. "had" is the word I tried to hold on But it was pretty absurd She said she loved me And I said I loved her too But we weren't having any fun So what could I do I let her slip"
  • Slip Away - The Motorhomes
    "I'm getting sick of doing everything over again It's getting hard and I know it, things are gonna stay the same And you won't change as I won't change and that's not strange at all As things are going"
  • Slip Away - Until Death Overtakes Me
    "Where will i tomorrow be When no longer here No longer here... no more dreams... Slip away Here, the empty They are not here...not here anymore And i drown in desolate waves...desolate waves Of"
  • Slip Away - Tony Iommi
    "Tell me about your revelation What did it take for you to blame yourself? There is no communication Sooner or later better watch your health Why have you been so temperamental? I see that you suffer through"
  • Slip Away - Kieran Goss
    "I see the door, I see the room Children playing at your feet Always there if we should fall Tending to our every need I never saw it change And I never saw you slip away I see the wall, I see the school Always"

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