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lal la la oh

  • Lala - Teairra Mar
    "La la La la (Track boys S dot) Lets go Ayo Teairra What's up girl Damn you looking incredible these days you know Are you still with ol' dude? I be seeing you out the ghetto But you know he can't do"
  • Oh la la - Dalida
    "Moi qui voulait rester clibataire Afin de ne jamais me laisser faire Je viens soudain de me faire prendre Et voila que sans rien comprendre Je m'en vais mon tour la tte en bas Oh! la la, oh! la la Dans"
  • Oh La La - Elvis Crespo
    "Oh la la, mira como viene mira como va Oh la la, sexy bella eh mira que linda va Sexy ella baila sexy, sexy ella baila sexy y cuando ella baila todo el universo mueve su cintura otra vez. Oh la la, mira"
  • Oh La La - Monrose
    "Ooh la la la, ooh La la la What I want from this life only God knows I wanna rough cut brother kinda macho Who put rings on my fingers, bells on my toes And when you give it to me boy you make me sign"
  • Oh La La La! - Arno
    "And it rolls And it goes I see lovers And I see losers And it's heavy And it's funny Sparks fly Tears roll Oh la la la Oh la la la Oh la la la C'est magnifique Oh la la la Oh la la la Oh la la la C'est"
  • Oh La La - Morandi
    "I've been searching all around the world Always looking for my special girl On your lips I find the sweetest thing I'm gonna kiss you in a million ways Oh, don't want no Angelina, no Britney or Christina 'Cause"
  • Oh La La - Danity Kane
    "Ooh la la la la la My skin is gettin wet My clothes is comin off Ooh la la la la la Too many on the floor The club is gettin hot [2x] He wants to step but I'm not impressed but I took his hand"
  • Oh la la - Joe Dassin
    "Je ne dors qu' peine, j'ai des palpitations Encore une semaine et c'est la quarantaine Elle a tout pour elle, elle est bien trop belle Elle donnerait des ailes un centenaire fidle Je suis au bord du dlire,"
  • Oh La La - Rod Steward
    "Poor old Granddad I laughed at all his words I thought he was a bitter man He spoke of women's ways They'll trap you, then they use you before you even know For love is blind and you're far too kind Don't"
  • Oh La La La - TC Matic
    "And it rolls And it goes I see lovers I see losers And it's heavy And it's funny Sparks fly tears roll O la la la O la la la C'est magnifique Too many failures Too many winners Have a good"
  • Oh, La - Ra Ra Riot
    "Say a word that's quiet, not half the way there Somedays our future...it seems to hang on so tight "Come quickly now the air hangs heavily today" "Oh no, but what is that crimson in the shade?" Oh la"
  • That la la la - Rihanna
    "(whoa)La la la la lala (whoa)La la la la lala (whoa)La la la la lala (whoa) la (whoa) la (whoa) la (whoa) la You say the girls, they love you wild You look at my man with a funny smile Now I don't know,"
  • No More (La La La) - One Vo1ce
    "One Voice: No more (la) Ohhhh Ohhhhhh Ohhhhhhhh Ohohh oh oh aww No More No More No more (La la la la la la la) You can kiss my (la la la la la la) No more (La la la la la la) I'm goin with my girls I"
  • La La Song - Infinite Mass
    "(feat. Pauline) La la lala la la la la, Oooh yeaaah La la lala la la la la La la lala la la la la La la lala la la la la Yo.. Uh.. Yeah... Huh!!! Waking up in the evening, facing up to the sealing look"
  • Oh La La Heute F - Gaby Baginsky
    "Heute um halb vier, bin ich durch die Tr, sage meinem Boss adios Amigo. Mach die Koffer klar, das Taxi steht schon da heute abend flieg ich Richtung Sden. Grande Fiesta ist heut angesagt. O la la, heute"
  • Oh La La (Sexy Miss) - Matt Pokora
    "Ca faisait des s'maines qu'on en parlait Est arriv l' grand soir, j' dois rsister A l'appel de ses courbes Elle va droit au but Quand elle svit Pas d' temps perdre et pas d' chichis Sa rgle d'or, tous"
  • La La La - Snoop Lion
    "(Snoop Dogg) Then I walk and I talk to this one Then I laugh and go to a better one Hey, once you want to get the getty, getty, and the problem will get real dretty, dretties WHo feels it lost, and I"
  • La La La La - Gareth Gates
    "la la la come and get me babe la la la come and kiss me la la la come and catch me baby la la la la la la chorus oh ah la la la moo maa la la la kee kaa la la la la oh ah moo maa kee kaa la la la la"
  • La, La, La - Los Lobos
    "(Clarence Paul) La, la ,la, la, la La, la ,la, la, la La, la ,la, la, la, la La, la ,la, la, la I said a la, la, la Just a one more time Come and get your soul Get it ready to go I said a get your"
  • La, La, La - B.C. Camplight
    "Oh, what a fun ride I'm on the strange side Its just like me to fall down the staircase Take all my face Why I don't see the need to breathe And what's that he says He thinks he's Jesus But aren't all"

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