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lalove honey

  • Honey - Kara
    "If l l l didn't have you l l l, without you l l l wouldn't be able to live My heart still flutters when i see you, i tremble Even though i want to pretend like i don't know you can see the desire in my"
  • Honey - Samia
    "Utwór 'Honey' z albumu 'Honey' od Samia (premiera 27 stycznia 2023r.)"
  • Honey - Best Coast
    "Honey, you're so fine I wanna be with you all of the time (Oooo) I couldn't tell you just how much I loved you But now that you're mine I'll tell you all the time Honey, you're so sweet I wanna be with"
  • Honey - Aretha Franklin
    "Mmm... Oh...ooh...ooh...ooh...ooh...ooh...ooh... I gave you my heart And I gave you my time I gave you all of my money Anything to keep you satisfy, yeah, yeah But the one thing I didn't count on Is"
  • Honey - Brandy
    "And I ain't saying I'm a gold-digger But I ain't messing With no broke fellas If you got no money You will get No honey from me No you won't get No honey from me If you're Racking honey You"
  • Honey - Ricky Skaggs
    "Honey, honey, honey won't you open that door,This is your sweet daddy, don't you love me no more?It's cold outside, let me sleep on the floor,Honey won't you open that door." I honky-tonked around Dallas,I"
  • Honey - Lenny Kravitz
    "Tekst piosenki 'Honey' z albumu 'Blue Electric Light' od Lenny Kravitz (premiera 15 marca 2024r.)."
  • Honey - The Hush Sound
    "Spin your body around Now your feet are gonna hit the ground I am going sleepless And you're out of lullabies Honey, honey, honey You're the death of me Won't stop holding my hands, now Baby, baby, baby You"
  • Honey - Bonnie McKee
    "Memories haunting my evenings, eyes watching me through the moon i hope my good days aren't over not so soon.... i never have seen an angel i gave up watching the sky whisper softly to me honey but don't"
  • Honey - Mariah Carey
    "Oh oh honey got me hooked on You I like that (C'mon, c'mon) (MC) (I like that) Honey you can have me When you want me If you simply ask me to be there And you're the only one who Makes me come"
  • Honey - Tori Amos
    "A little dust never stopped me none, he liked my shoes I kept them on. Sometimes I can hold my tongue, sometimes not, When you just skip-to-loo, my darlin', And you know what you're doin' so don't even... You're"
  • Honey - Lovers Electric
    "We can't see what we don't believe we can't dream of reality with our heads in the clouds and our hands in the air we try to catch something but nothing is there we fall down before we start we only want"
  • Honey - Amos Tori
    "Amos Tori Miscellaneous Honey A little dust never stopped me none he liked my shoes I kept them on sometimes I can hold my tongue sometimes not when you just skip-to-loo my darlin' and you know what"
  • Honey - Erykah Badu
    "So tell me Slim what you wanna do When you know I'm in love wit you Every time that I turn around Look for you but you cant be found Fly free baby fine wit me I'm in love wit' a bumble bee Ooh Slim, boy"
  • Honey - Robyn
    "no you ́re not gonna get what you need but baby i have what you want come get your honey no you ́re not gonna get what you need but baby i have what you want come get your honey I got you honey babe every"
  • Honey - Ayumi Hamasaki
    "Nandaka TAIMINGU warukutenanimokamo ga umaku ikanakute jibun gakirai ni narisou na hi ni waDareka ni yasashiku dekiru you nayoyuu sae mo nakushite dou shiyou mo nakusara ni ochikondari suru no(*) sonna"
  • Honey - System Of A Down
    "Time is always now here foreverTime is always now gone neverGod is now the ruler of the presentHis son a lesson born of a peasantHere, now, foreverHappiness ends at the end of a beautiful tunnelNow foreverRun,"
  • Honey - Troye Sivan
    "Give me the courage to say all the shit I mean Give me a song to rock your body, a lucid dream I don't know how I'm gonna tell you what you really mean Give me that honey, honey, love you've got the recipe Y'know I"
  • honey - Halsey
    "She told me, "Open your mouth," she said, "I got a surprise" And so I opened it wide and then she crawled inside She's on the tip of my tongue, she's on the top of my thighs And if I searched a thousand"
  • Honey - Hank Snow
    "See the tree how big it's grown but friends it hasn't been too long It wasn't big I laughed at her and she got mad the first day that she planted it Was just a twig Then the first snow came and she ran"

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