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landscape florence

  • Florence - Claude Barzotti
    "Elle avait la couleur du ciel au fond des yeux, Et des brises d'ailleurs caressaient ses cheveux. Elle avait la richesse des secrets fminins, Elle avait la tendresse dans le creux de sa main. Y'avait"
  • Florence - Daniel Lavoie, Bruno Pelletier
    "Parlez-moi de Florence Et de la Renaissance Parlez-moi de Bramante Et de 'l'Enfer' de Dante GRINGOIRE À Florence on raconte Que la terre serait ronde Et qu'il y aurait un autre Continent dans ce monde Des"
  • Florence - Post Break Tragedy
    "Lets paint these walls with kerosene we'll soak them through just like all of our dreams they're so empty, can you believe we believed them Even for one second So lets run and watch this house burn This"
  • Landscape - Sanctifica
    "(Lyrics by Hubertus) Cold winds are blowing in the forest of the north. The night is black, like an essence of the calm. Embrace my soul, eternal Master. The stars are your creation. And the moonlight"
  • Landscape - Advent
    "My mind has been building worlds Where as a king I reign or lay in slavery I take the dust of Gods To hold the divine sand "To see a world in a grain of sand: And heaven in a wild flower; Hold infinity"
  • Landscape - Catamenia
    "Northern landscapeCalm freezing nightDemons in this black skyThe shadow ends or my life fallsBreaking out, chosen soulfireAnd so essentialNow find the endingAll we shall riseI saw the cries of dreaming"
  • Florence Quits - Various
    "[ Not actually on the CD but included in the songbook . . . Subsequent to the events you have just witnessed, similar events in cities across America, events which bore a striking resemblance to the ones"
  • Bleak Landscape - The Divine Comedy
    "I cannot reconcile myself to this I wish I could! I cannot live the life I ought to live I know I should! I cannot bring myself to pray, Except to wish these words away They echo round my head But soon"
  • Martian landscape - UFO
    "Come from the land where the wheat is still wheat Where the waters in the rivers is still water In this land every man lends a hand when you need it But your hands are full of life So you can help yourself"
  • Motorcycle Landscape - XTC
    "On a hanging garden ------ ----------- (babylon seat) ------------- (baby batters) ----------------------- (weak) ---------- (hope you be great) And the children have said their backbones Will hurt you"
  • Haunted Landscape - The Backstrokes
    "VERSE 1 Look into my eyes, I'm waiting here for you, Take my hand, give in, I'll never let you lose, We're so close now Walk with me tonight, through land untouched by light, Trust in me and see,"
  • Floods Of Florence - Phil Ochs
    "Picasso leans out of the window, looks out on the ghetto Changing the shapes he sees. His old friend El Greco, soon is expected, Now just an echo of Spanish seas. And outside, the people stare; Wondering"
  • Landscape Of Sadness - Cemetery Of Scream
    "The blue eyes full of hues and sunshine the sad mouth full of longin'n'desires the puppets of the characters took out of fables they are making endless seas The eye, nothing but a soulless shape when the"
  • A Dull Landscape - Notis Sfakianakis
    "(Music: Dimitris Kordatzis, Lyrics: Vasilis Papadopoulos) I drank again Hollow dreams To mend And to use jokes To find an excuse To get into a fight Tonight the blocks When I come home Look to me"
  • Constellation (ft. Florence Welch) - Jack U (Diplo & Skrillex)
    "Diplo i Skrillex, połaczyli czyli Jack Ü połączyli siły z Florence Welch liderką grupy Florence and the Machine i nagrali piosenkę o tytule "Constellation". Króciutkie fragmenty utworu artyści zaprezentowali"
  • The Floods Of Florence - Phil Ochs
    "G Picasso leans out of the window, looks out on the ghetto Am Changing the shapes he sees. D His old friend El Greco, soon is expected, G Now just an echo of Spanish"
  • Sweet Nothing (ft. Florence Welch) - Calvin Harris
    "you took my heart and you had it in your mouth and, with the word all my love came rushing out and, every whisper, it’s the worst, empty though by a single word there is a hollow in me so i put my faith"
  • The Landscape Is Changing - Depeche Mode
    "The landscape is changing The landscape is crying Thousands of acres of forest are dying Carbon copies from the hills above the forest line Acid streams are flowing ill across the countryside 'Cause I"
  • Pure Northern Landscape Desolation - Sorcier Des Glaces
    "From the Night of Cold Winter Shadows In the Kingdom of Pure Northern Desolation Throughout Primitive Forests, up in the Mountain Frost Light faded once again for the Twilight Moon My Travels are Endless"
  • Scars In The Landscape - Himsa
    "Long live the eerie strange of lie soaked beauty Synthetic impression fills the gash of imposing danger Satire feeds the flame to awake hostility Full blown premonition gun down to solid ground Free will"

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