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last chrysmast

  • Last - Nasum
    "Your the last in line, it's time to meet your maker Your soulless rotting corpse now flesh for the undertaker What caused this subversive disaster? What went wrong with your life? All that now is left is"
  • Last - Silent Stream Of Godless Elegy
    "Hey, my Pale Moon ,my Dear Friend it's Last..., it's Last... Last Night with your Mysterious Beams with your Cold Silence I want to See you Again I want to Hear your Voice silent Night, your cold Light and"
  • Last - Gravity Kills
    "I'd tear my heart out for you Cross a mountain for you I'd give myself up for your sin Open up I'm falling in What I feel, what I give Take from me what I am It's the last day of you I watch the last"
  • Last - Wilderness
    "What is in the man: The man This day is dawning and dawning and what is in the man the man: This day is The occupation is predetermined O working man make it last We are so far ahead of this future: O"
  • Last - Nicky Wire
    "The furies are at home in the mirror, it is their address. Even the clearest water if deep enough can drown"Hatred made a final standHe felt some strength he made some plansHe looked at love the battle"
  • Last - Machines Of Loving Grace
    "Jesus lifted his last restraint At the end of the century And I couldn't even begin to tell you What he saw in her anyway She threw her head back She threw her head back And that beauty spilled out"
  • Last - Kills Gravity
    "I'd tear my heart out for you Cross a mountain for you I'd give myself up for your sin Open up, I'm falling in Chorus: What I feel What I give Take from me What I am It's the last day of you I watched"
  • Last - Phideaux
    "Oh take me aback again, take me back again Just take me back again to that day, take me back again I still remember your face that day I still remember your voice, seemed to strange But I'm trying to"
  • Last - Keyshia Cole
    "Last night (last night) I couldn't even get an answer (Answer) I tried to call (I tried to call) But my pride wouldn't let me dial (dial, dial, dial) And I'm sitting here (sitting here) With this blank"
  • Last - Gratitude
    "Here we go again, beat and stuck up and spent and Saving for rent on our blood red homes, Cos a dream with no color, Well why even bother. And we know that it won't last, but we force it and force it,"
  • Last - Nine Inch Nails
    "gave up trying to figure out my head got lost along the way worn out from giving it up my soul i pissed it all away still stings these shattered nerves pigs we get what pigs deserve i'm going all the way"
  • Last - Slick Shoes
    "She holds his hand and stares off into space.All she knows now is how much things can change.It's not her fault.It's not her, no one is to blame.It's just that regret has a way of taunting you.I guess"
  • Last - High On Fire
    "And you crawled in the room with the serpent And they sucked from your body the poison Then the Cyclops arrived there to warn you And the Whore entered in to adore you Seems like life has dawned to fade"
  • Last Last - Burna Boy
    "E don cast, last last, na everybody go chop breakfast Shayo Shayo Igbo You go bow for the result o Nothing to discuss o, cause I dey win by default o And without any doubt o, omo me I be adult o I no"
  • Last Chance, Last Take - Agent Sparks
    "Now he's in an accident He really won't change Change He's in an accident He really won't change Patience is slowly setting On this pitiful evening Well, how could you let this happen? Frozen"
  • The Last, Last Laugh - Jughead's Revenge
    "Bitter revenge on yesterday's memories A driving force to leave you behind The more I think the more I laugh Twisted comedy comes to life The imagined have come real You'll be thinking in your own"
  • Last Night - Traveling Wilburys
    "She was there at the bar, she heard my guitar She was long and tall, she was the queen of them all Last night, thinking about last night Last night, thinking about last night She was dark and discreet,"
  • Last Night - Magic Dirt
    "Good luck tryin' to forget about Good luck tryin' not to let it out Good luck tryin' not to block it out Good luck tryin' not to lie about Last night, last night, last night Oh come on, Just one more"
  • The Last Last One - The Weakerthans
    "You always stole all my last words. Here's no exception then, one more for me to send. And nothing happens in the end. I'm thinking of you less, more concerned... and more is less, I guess it doesn't matter"
  • Last Cut, Last Head - Hatesphere
    "They read him like an open book But the pages were blank Before he took the first step In a new direction Empty head, imperfection Second step still humble Without eyes the hands fumble Like his feet that"

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