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last night together so hold time only you make feel

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last night together so hold time only you make feel

  • Feel together - Ben Macklin
    "Yeah yeah You go to take all the living We got to give what we're given 'Cause we're living a lie {2X} (Just) Loving you is easy, and it's foreverIt's feels so good when we feel together Can't deny , I"
  • Together - Busta Rhymes
    "Hey yo Swizz.. This shit sound like some shit The streets wanna do the merengue to (yeah) Or dance around a sombrero to, WHOO!!! Yeah, another special from Flipmode Records Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah"
  • Last Time Together - EnkElination
    "I remember that night when you took away the light that kept our love alive Like a fool I tried to find all the warmth you had inside but your eyes had grown so cold Nothing but silence Only the sound"
  • Together - Dwele
    "I hope that you'll agree And find our love to be One of the most radiant affinities Always in love is true You'll do for me as well I will do for you And will watch this love build I love you more than"
  • Hold Us Together - Cliff Richard
    "Nothing ever stays the same Everything must change Just take a look around you You know it will astound you History unfolding shows us Good intentions pass And a love once pledged in moonlight "
  • So Good Together - Andy Kim
    "Baby, we're good together Yes, we're so good together I know it happening but I can't believe it I just love this feeling that's going through me When you hold me, baby I'm all on fire It's a kind of magic"
  • Last Night - Montell Jordan
    "Chorus Let's cuddle up I'll wrap my arms around your waist And lie down naked by the fireplace On a bearskin rug We can make sweet love And then snuggle up We don't need no sheets tonite Just"
  • You make me feel so good - Mase
    "PD: You ready Mase? Party People In the place to be(Uh-huh) Its about that time For us two{Aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh}(Yeah,uh-huh) Mase: Yo,what you know about goin out Head west,red Lex,TVs all up in the hedrest"
  • Together - Playa
    "Have you ever been on a rollercoaster ride (I'll take you, girl I'll take you) 'Cause see my love will take you up and down and side to side (I'll take ya sho'nuff lace ya) And have you ever been alone"
  • Together - Skindred
    "Man we're living in a dangerous time Every nation to the father seeks a sign You're either righteous or the heathen infidel It's only judgment morning every tongue will tell Rumours rumours everywhere Times"
  • Feel so right - Lloyd
    "Ummmmm Hey Ohhhh oh yeah Ummm umm Look Oh miss lady Your sex? Keeps rushing through my mind All I wanna do is touch you(touch you, touch you) Because the feelings that I feel so hard to fight But I aint"
  • The Last, Night - Eugene Wilde
    "verse I: I'm surprised to wake and find you lying next to me.. And in my heart I felt that this is How our Love should Be... I cherish each and every moment that we spend together... and now I take a"
  • So Together - Ophelie Winter
    "Boy U've been away so long Funny but our love's still strong When it's good it keep U hangin' on & on inside Ain't no big thing no it ain't no crime I know U love cuz U tell me all the time That's the"
  • Hold It Together - Mike Shinoda
    "She said are you OK And I'm staring into space It's making her nervous / ‘cause one thing is certain I don’t have my head on straight We're trying to get through each week On two or three hours of sleep I"
  • Together - Solomon Childs
    "(Intro: Solomon Childs) Yeah, I'm dedicated this To my man Tony Lovitt, we love you God (Chorus 2X: Solomon Childs) Got to blaze in any kinda weather, shed blood together Ain't no need of thinkin' how"
  • Feel Together (Vocal Dub) - Ben Macklin
    "Oh, you got to, you got me, you got me You go to take all the living We got to give what we're given 'Cause we're living a lie 'Cause loving you is easy and it's forever It feels so good when we feel together Loving"
  • Together Now - Heart
    "Deep inside this city night There's only you and me I can only hear your voice I am all you see Baby, I love you Born to be mine I'lI say forever You say it all the time Take it like a vow We're together"
  • Make Time - 702
    "verse 1- You say you wanna be the one but still you leave the job undone You only call me when your free but you know that it ain't good enough for me Your always leaving with your friends as if ur out"
  • Make It Not So - All Together Separate
    "I'll give my life away tomorrow Tonight I felt a hand as it caressed my soul My heart, right now is soft and uneasy 'Cause part of me enjoys the storm Make it not so And I'll tell the world about You tomorrow But"
  • You make me feel so good - Hans Theessink
    "I like to watch you baby, when you sleep at night When you wake up in the morning, with your sleepy eyes I will be your coffee, you can be my cup If you want me honey, you can sip me up Oh babe, you make"

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