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le it snow frank sinatra

  • Frank Sinatra - Benett
    "the finest guy (rpt) I ever saw (rpt) was sippin' scotch (rpt) scotch on the rocks (rpt) the finest guy I ever saw, was sippin' scotch on the rocks first cheek to cheek (rpt) he'd swish it 'round "
  • Frank Sinatra - Felix Da Housecat
    "every night with my star friends we eat caviar and drink champagne sniffing in the v.i.p. area we talk about frank sinatra you know frank sinatra? he's dead... dead! ha ha ha! to be famous is so"
  • Frank Sinatra - Cake
    "We know of an ancient radiation That haunts dismembered constellations, A faintly glimmering radio station. While Frank Sinatra sings "Stormy Weather", The flies and spiders get along together. Cobwebs"
  • Frankie Sinatra - The Avalanches
    "Oh Frankie Sinatra, oh Frank Sinatra Frankie me boy don't know You have the perfect voice to sing calypso What did they say? Oh Frankie Sinatra, oh Frank Sinatra Frankie me boy don't know You have the"
  • Frank Sinatra 2001 - Miss Kittin & The Hacker
    "Every night with my star friends We eat cavier and drink champagne Sniffing in the VIP area We talk about frank sinatra You know frank sinatra? He's dead. Dead. To be famous is so nice Suck my dick Kiss"
  • 01 - Frank Sinatra - Cake
    "Oh, we know of an ancient radiation That haunts dismembered constellations A faintly glimmering radio station Oh, while Frank Sinatra sings 'Stormy Weather' The flies and spiders get along together Cobwebs"
  • All The Way (Duet With Frank Sinatra) - Celine Dion
    "When somebody loves you It's no good unless he loves you all the way Happy to be near you When you need someone to cheer you all the way Taller than the tallest tree is That's how it's got to feel Deeper"
  • Let it snow, let it snow - Frank Sinatra
    "Oh The Weather Outside Is FrightfulBut The Fire Is So DelightfulSince We've No Place To GoLet It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It SnowIt Doesn't Show Signs of StoppingAnd I've Brought Some Corn For PoppingThe"
  • My Way (Frank Sinatra, Zielone I Love You) - Rafał Brzozowski
    "And now the end is near I saw a face the final curtain My friend I'll say it clear I'll state my case of which I'm certain I've lived a life that's full I've traveled each and every highway And more much"
  • The Frank Sinatra Blues - Kid Gorgeous
    "i have seen this place before he said where people hurt themselves just for fun my memories are buried here under these rocks i begin to scream but hear no sound they continue to tell me that everything"
  • Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow! - Frank Sinatra
    "Oh, the weather outside is frightful But the fire is so delightful And since we've no place to go Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow It doesn't show signs of stopping And I brought some corn for popping The"
  • Frank - Litfiba
    "Io sono Frank e vivo per il Funk Je suis Frank io sono figlio del Punk E quando notte ..... favole di citt Anche se sono stanco per tutti qui c' Frank Porto con me la voglia di domani Insieme a te ti"
  • Frank - Rheostatics
    "Dave Bidini Why'd you have to do it? Mother said we can't have this. Why don't you just kiss? Oh oh oh. She scraped the plate clean with her knife and said, "You won't be eating this." Oh oh oh. Paper"
  • Frank - Blood Or Whiskey
    "You said you found intensity so sublime And that he seemed so different from all the rest But then he went and said you were out of line Because you wore a t-shirt without a vest And now he calls your"
  • Come Fly With Me (Dueto Con Frank Sinatra, - Luis Miguel
    "Come fly with me let's fly, let's fly away If you can use some exotic booze there's a bar in far Bombay Come fly with me let's fly, let's fly away Come fly with me let's float down to Peru In llamaland"
  • CAROUSEL (feat. Frank Ocean) - Travis Scott
    "What's crackin'? You already know who it is Ya boy, Big Tuck Freight Train Tuck Astroworld is now in session, ya understand? I'm the dean of this here I got this Yeah, yeah Parked at the Days Inn, ain't"
  • Matame (feat. Erik Frank) - ANTONIA
    "sola, I am sola but there’s a guy in my bed sayin: “Hola!” amigos, we’re just amigos you have a place saved in my lonely pillows y tu, y yo we have a good reason to stay and a good reason to go now I"
  • Dirty Frank - Pearl Jam
    "Ragh woo eats meat eats meat hahaha look out Dirty Frank Dahmer he's a gourmet cook, yeah. I got a recipe for anglo-saxin soup, yeah. Wanted a pass. So she relaxed. Now the little groupie's getting chopped"
  • Big Frank - Kool Keith
    "Yeah, two-thousand-two I don't hear you no more The K-double-O-L, the K-E-I-T-H Check it out I trust talent, whattup Flex, JoJo and K-Ci put me on next Eighteen times let my record play like Dr. Dre and"
  • Old Frank - Hank Williams
    "Sittin' by a campfire eatin' old pork and meatsWaitin' on an old slow freight headin' south to New OrleansThey say it's warm and there's a hot a pretty Creol queenSo I'm leavin' this poor north so cold"

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