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leave me alone leave me alone leave me alone leave me alone we are doing

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leave me alone leave me alone leave me alone leave me alone we are doing

  • Leave Me Alone - The Prodigy
    "(original by dr. dooom aka kool keith; remixed by leeroy thornhill) (intro) Yeah, to all my fans, for people who don't know What I've been going through to make my own, yeah... Now it's time to hurt"
  • Leave me alone - Twiztid
    "Can't understand your shit You fuckin' idiot Fuck you, just leave me alone today Fuck you, just leave me alone today!! Better watch your mouth Before I knock you out Fuck you, just leave me alone today"
  • Leave me alone - Arsenium
    "Why did you kill one more heart tonight ? Dont you need someone to hold you tight ? Who will love you like I love, Who will hold you like I hold ? Kind of love that you will never find... Prerefren: Take"
  • Leave me alone - H-Blockx
    "Here we are, so close to the starsStill addicted, yeah, yeahQuit the therapy, any other peace treatyToo lateAll the bridges burnt, now the tables turnI'm sick of seeing you around this town, ohLeave me"
  • Leave Me Alone - Speedealer
    "the sun breathes fire across my neck it's my sojourn, it's my destiny why did you feel the need, who gave you the right goddamn it leave me alone the day you realize that demons and saints are one, the"
  • Leave Me Alone - Kwiet Storm
    "Verse 1 I'm not your lover but you say I gotta be Cause you curled up in my sheets Don't mean callin every week girl, Gotta dial 9-1-1 everytime you 2-way me Like it's some kind of emergency That you"
  • Leave Me Alone - NF
    "leave me alone panic-stricken, handle business, not a joke manners missin’ , travel different, no control time to listen , time to zip it, keep it close my description, highly gifted, take some notes lack"
  • Leave Me Alone - One Way System
    "Miss a minute, miss an hour Miss the meeting full of power Miss the lines of constant depression Catch my eye, witness my agression Leave me alone, leave me alone, leave me alone! Leave me alone,"
  • Leave Me Alone - Extreme
    "As for this song I'll set the mood There's nothing wrong Prefer solitude Alone to think Of what I don't know The deeper I sink The further I'll go Nothing to fear No need to hide I'm already there Came"
  • Leave me alone - Michael Jackson
    "Aaow!-Hoo Hoo! I Don't Care What You Talkin' 'Bout Baby I Don't Care What You Say Don't You Come Walkin' Beggin' Back Mama I Don't Care Anyway Time After Time I Gave You All Of My Money No Excuses To Make"
  • Leave-Me-Alone - Zvuki Mu
    "Tonight I've found a word Quite a short word 'Leave-Me-Alone' 'Leave-Me-Alone' But the telephone rings But the telephone rings Boring me to death CHORUS 'Leave-Me-Alone' 'Leave-Me-Alone' Don't ring me"
  • Leave me alone - Radu
    "1. You never let me try To tell you how I feel My heart is broking down And cryin`... 2. You`re coming in my dreams I feel that you are here I need your talk so much And dyin`... Ref: Leave me alone"
  • Leave Me Alone - The Corrs
    "I'm alone Hiding in the dark I'm looking for a light to come and rescue me I sleep I rise Hear your denies Endlessly inside It's crazy but (Sometimes I feel like) I want to run away (Sometimes I feel"
  • Leave Me Alone - Screeching Weasel
    "you are so fucked up don't even talk to me don't know what you're talking about get the fuck away from me leave me alone - don't wanna hear your voice don't wanna hear a sound - just leave me alone"
  • Leave me alone - Donna Summer
    "Say you dominate you can never waitto listen to the things that I have got to sayyou're amorous, polygamousand that's okay as long as I don't start to playSay listen goodyou know you shouldparadise is"
  • Leave Me Alone - Killing Heidi
    "Its not what you take But what you leave I never thought you could see Its more than fantasy You are only bad dreams! your dead mind your dead mind your dead mind your dead mind How could this be so"
  • Leave Me Alone - Free For Fever
    "Hey, what you say You was talking about a future including you and me Hey, hear me say There won't be no future involving you and me Hey what you say You was talking about a future including you and"
  • Leave Me Alone - New Order
    "On a thousand islands in the sea I see a thousand people just like me A hundred unions in the snow I watch them walking, falling in a row We live always underground It's going to be so quiet in here tonight A"
  • Leave Me Alone - Syleena Johnson
    "Oooo, oooo, ooh What makes you think that I'm gonna wait forever When we both know that your never gonna leave her What makes you think that I don't wanna man I could call my own What makes you think"
  • Leave Me Alone - Shaggy
    "I know he's home I just seen him go in He's really trying to play me What he think It's just over like that? It just ain't that easy Trust me... I am not the one Hmm Hmm Hmm... whatever... I got all night Go"

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