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leo dellugio

  • Leo - Failure
    "Leo woke up in his bed again startled by all his familiar friends burnt out stubs, confectionary, wrappers, bottles spent and empty Leo felt a terror in the world he sighs, it's not so bad and goes about"
  • Leo - Eternity X
    "Turn the lights on I have arrived And I got pride to burn Just give me your admiration Court is adjourned The world is a crowded kingdom And the sky is my crown Some people say the room lights up When"
  • Leo - Ja Rule
    "this is leo, the cousin of the bitch that dont no nothing, next caller, ya um, i want ot know if my mom having an affair with my boyfriend oh, okay, wait on, hold on hun, the tarot cards never lie but"
  • Leo - Magnapop
    "Take the light, take the light Take all you need to I never know, never cared too much When you see it it goes Your sheltered arms give me All the warmth I need to know and And all the light I need to"
  • Leo - Elephantis
    "After all these years I'm struggling to see the brighter side When every day another failure is the footprint I leave I will remain the lion at heart Coming to terms with a force outside my control This"
  • Leo Song - Shihad
    "You are so majestic, so skillful In the way that you make me sick You are the perfect one The only one for you And now even though that it's true Still see a lot of myself in you And now even though"
  • Leo Song - Pacifier / Shihad
    "You are so majestic, so skillful in the way that you make me sick You are the perfect one the only one for you And now even though that it's true still see a lot of myself in you and now even though that"
  • Frankie Lee - Leo Sayer
    "on every corner of every avenuethe word's been passed all aroundbetter watch out, lock up your daughters'cause that bad frankie lee is back in townall the ladies fall for frankiesayin, frankie lee, how"
  • Leo Vs. Taurus - Blind Myself
    "Leo vs. Taurus I feel the transition I feel the eternal I feel the grinder on my heart Million drawings on the firmament I can go ahead Until I reach Taurus LEO against the hole world The handstand"
  • Gemini And Leo - Colosseum II
    "I'm told that Gemini and Leo Are very, very strong. No matter how hard I try, I can't prove them wrong. Faith in two people Born in a certain time, Water will turn to wine. Our world is searching for"
  • Maybe I'm A Leo - The Atomic Bitchwax
    "{{Song||The Atomic Bitchwax|star=Green}} im a fucking motherfucker youre a fucking motherfucker we all are fucking motherfuckers but maybe im a leo dadada dada da da dadadada da dada fuck you {{SongFooter |artist"
  • Maybe I'm A Leo - Deep Purple
    "Peeping round the door i got a big surprise Couldn't see a thing but open skies They've taken her away where is she now Wish that she was here wish she'd hold my hand Maybe she could laugh maybe understand Why"
  • Ulala (ft. Beteo, Leo, Borucci) - Żabson
    "Data premiery nie została jeszcze podana."
  • (Leo Me Be Your) Dirty F*Cking Whore - Machine Gun Fellatio
    "My darling the stars, they shine for you My darling the birds twitter for you My darling my heart skips a beat Whenever I think of you And under this moonlit sky I pray and dream that I Will be the one,"
  • Lee - Tenacious D
    "Lee, Lee, Lee, Lee, Lee, Lee, Leeee, Leeee, Leeee, Leeee! Lee, Lee, Lee, Lee, Lee, Lee, Lee, Lee, Lee, We're talkin' fuckin' Lee! I had a friend named Lee He cast a spell, A spell on mee! If me and Lee, and"
  • Lei - Laura Pausini
    "Lei il viso che non scorderai Lorgoglio ed il coraggio lei Come un tesoro loro dentro gli occhi suoi Lei l'estate che ricanterai il giorno che ricorderai e mille cose che non sai che pu insegnarti solo"
  • Les - Patricia Kaas
    "Les ternelles retiennent notre mmoire Elles sont si belles Qu'on pourrait croire leurs fantmes leurs manoirs Si virtuelles qu'on pourrait voir Les ternelles aux gestes lents Aux coups mortels Les ternelles"
  • Les - Lynda Lemay
    "C'est d'les voir, les pouses Avec leur peau fane Avec leurs doigts zbrs De diamants et d'or blanc C'est d'les voir s'appliquer A chercher les lumires Tamises et faire Des sourires figs C'est d'les voir,"
  • Lea - Toto
    "Here's to the few. Who fared - my love Only for you-I cared-my love I've given it hope, and I know it's only you Encased in silence Here's to the you-who saved-my love Only to you-I gave-my love I've"
  • Lei - Salvatore Adamo
    "Cammina per le strade deserte. Cammina, con la pace dell' anima. Elibera, nessuno puo fermarla, Ha deciso di non amarmi piu. Furtivamente accarezzo la sua ombra, Ma non ho piu il diritto di toccarla. Mio"

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