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  • Levis - Qntal
    "Levis exurgit Zephyrus et sol procedit tepidus iam terra sinus asperit, dulcore suo diffluit. tu saltim veris gratia exaudi et considera frondes, flores et gramina, nam mea languet anima. Quod oculis"
  • Leona - Stonewall Jackson
    "Leona Leona you tell him you're through you tell him Leona about me and you You tell him we're married with a baby up to You tell him Leona you tell him you're true You laughed as I pleaded and walked"
  • Leona - Millencolin
    "we lost our luggage and we lost our smiles we've been the melancholy brothers so many times when we went down to an unknown club she did the best she could to cheer us up Leona said we could go in for"
  • Leon - Lech Janerka
    "Leona dygło w głowę poprzez sen I pouczało trochę w czym jest rzecz Leon od nowa nowy nie wie że Niechcąc być raczej innym inaczej jest Transcendentalnie Leon budzi się Transcendentalnie kroi chleb i je"
  • Leon - Roger Daltrey
    "(Goodhand-Tait) Leon came along To see me on the road He took the time to come backstage And make himself known And although we'd never been real close As friends we'd shared some times Worked the clubs"
  • I Am - Leona Lewis
    "I thought the moment I was leaving, barely breathing Fall to pieces, couldn't face this Why would I be leaving? I was believing it's you and me against the world Not saying I was afraid of you Won't put"
  • Neon Leon - Sammy Kershaw
    "(Buddy Cannon/Larry Bastian) Here he comes, Neon Leon Lookin?so fine, with his gold chains on Got a customized caddy with the top snapped down He known everywhere in town as Neon Leon He too cool, Neon"
  • Noel Leon - George Strait
    "Leon Dixon leaves his Christmas lights up all year 'round It's somethin' different about our town We've often wondered why he never takes 'em down But Leon leaves his Christmas lights up all year 'round There's"
  • Leon Degrelle - Legion
    "Pozostanie zawsze w cieniu Twej odwiecznej walki ślad I pamiętać to będziemy o tym coś Europie dał Niezachwiane ideały, jasne cele, Chrystus Rex! Tobie dał nieśmiertelność, nam natchnienie oraz sens Tam"
  • Here I Am - Leona Lewis
    "This is a crazy world These can be lonely days It's hard to know who's on your side most of the time Who can you really trust Who do you really know Is there anybody out there who can make you feel"
  • Kings of Leon - Szulinio
    "tworzymy rodzinę jak Kings of Leon jednoczmy się w siłę jak Kings of Leon znane nam już są wady Kings of Leon Kings of Leon i śpiewam Kings of Leon tak wiele różnic między nami dostrzegam a nie jestem"
  • Czterej pancerni i Leon - Rzepi
    "1.Czterej pancerni i Leon, Z wojny wrucili, Leon ma dwie wódki, Tamci już wypili. 2.Leon i Hitler w pokoju, Popijają wódkę, Leon 20 procent, Hitler 100 procentówke. 3.Leon do Polski przyjechał "
  • Ponce De Leon Ave. - Butch Walker
    "I woke up on Sunday morning With a shoe that was not mine Let the taxi on the corner drive away So I walked up Ponce de Leon With my lips all caked in wine But my night clothes in the day time Gave me"
  • Angel (ft. Dante Leon) - DVBBS
    "I found an angel from outer space I found an angel from outer space We feel the same about a lot of things She wouldn't change for the milky way Her love is so new age She's got a flicker in her eyes,"
  • Kevin (ft. Leon Bridges) - MACKLEMORE & RYAN LEWIS
    "I seen pain, I felt the losses Attended funerals and seen coffins 21 years old, an angel was lost here Wings clipped by the grip of 80 milligram sniffs of oxycontin Everyday through the nostrils Never"
  • Santana I Am Somebody - Santana (feat. Will-i-am)
    "Chorus Live your life and just be your self cause youre somebody special cause somebody loves ya Your life so just be your self cause your somebody special cause somebody loves ya Someone loves your life,"
  • Am - Luis Miguel
    "Donde brilla el tibio sol Con un nuevo fulgor Dorando las arenas Donde el aire es limpio an Bajo la suave luz de las estrellas Donde el fuego se hace amor El ro es hablador y el monte es selva Hoy encontr"
  • I am I am - Jona Ardyn
    "I am I am I am that door I know I know You pray for more You got to go That kind of show Between us I know I know I’m something more Come on Admit You wont more I am I am The Wish you longing for /2x You’ve"
  • I Am - Dope
    "Sometimes you don't understand, Sometimes I am what I am. Sometimes I just can't be, Everything you hoped I'd be. And sometimes I wish that you could see, I'm not like you, I'm not like them, I won't pretend. Cause"
  • I Am - Godhead
    "I am, I am I am, I am I am, I am I live in your mind You've seen me before Can't leave me behind I'll haunt evermore Created By you Your failures and fears For I am, I am I am, I am I am, I am the one"

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