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let is go

  • Let Go - Gabriel and Dresden
    "I swear I dont know what time it is But I know this means nothing much to me I hear the voices ring in my head And they keep tellin ... Tellin me to let go Let go Tellin me to let go Let go It"
  • Let Go - Aaron Neville
    "Hey, are you coming? Are you going? Brother, are you just wasting time Is there a rhyme or a reason And when you're gonna make up your mind Are you holding back your tears? Will you ever let the river"
  • Let Go - Adema
    "I'm sitting on the edge of the water Contemplating my strange life The sun starts to fall into the ground A breeze picks up off the waves And everything is fine Let go of all of your pain I know that"
  • Let Go - Oval Opus
    "I guess the end finally came. Truth is, I'm the one to blame. And I'm sorry. See I never thought it would end this way. Silent with nothing left to say. I'm so sorry. Now the hardest part is here. Hanging"
  • Let Go - Suede
    "you say you wanna let go the way that some you knew let go you say you wanna dive in with none of the inhibitions i have been well there's no need to hold on you've proven that you don't need to belong you"
  • Let Go - Edison Glass
    "Singing sweetly, she passed by me She knew, it seemed That sound, that song was troubling me "Do tell" (I don't know) "Please, sir" (Here we go...) Sleepwalking, sleep, sleepwalking... Last night I"
  • Let Go - Lunik
    "My eyes were closed when I ran away from your love And you asked me to return It took a while to see that you're the one for me, it took too long 'Cause you were gone Every minute every hour I long for"
  • Let Go - Kosheen
    "I won't forget you I won't I won't forget your smile Or how you taken me Oh how you taken me I won't forget I let you walk with me Ahh take me home Because the night Is so dark When your alone I let you"
  • Let Go - Caliban
    "When I remember the past sad grey days, when I surrender - I will never smile again. Look in my eyes - a killing lance. Love can hurt and that is no secret, but how much pain can I forget? Everything"
  • Let Go - David Cook
    "I got a happy trigger finger And I know not to let it linger This moment is potent 'cause I'm feeling a transition From the city of tradition One action: reaction Has it been that long since you opened"
  • Let go - Joanna Pacitti
    "Wonderin' who I would be If you were sleeping next to me Would this room feel alive? Empty walls are closing in Feel your breath dance on my skin Shut the doors in my mind You never know what you might"
  • Let Go - Speak No Evil
    "I only see the red when you cross the line you'll hear me out this time You're gonna take it from me We start to overload we circle then explode we're gonna tear it down we'll tear this whole place down Got"
  • Let Go - Grey Holiday
    "I've been holding on, to things like dreams that never seem to die And I'm not so strong, to lay them down and say my goodbyes How do you say goodbye? If there's a remedy, a break from all my vanity Then"
  • Let Go - Vanessa Hudgens
    "Let go All I wanna do tonight (Verse) The days are long, I just got home, and work is driving me crazy I could do up, I could go out But I'm feelin too lazy I wanna run, I wanna have fun But I don't"
  • Let go - Mia Rose
    "Every shred of hope collides in your heart with the fear of losing what you've just given up As the moments pass you pray to survive All these lonely minutes that once kept you alive Try to change"
  • Let Go - BarlowGirl
    "Yeah I trust in You I remember times You led me This time it's bigger now And I'm afraid You'll let me down But how can I be certain? Will You prove Yourself again? 'Cause I'm about to let go"
  • Let Go - Souljahz
    "Sunny blue skies when my clouds been gray Glass of cold water on a real hot day Hot cocoa in the mug when it's cold outside Like change for the bus when you got no ride Lemme tell you 'bout a friend"
  • Let Go - Near Miss
    "You see this time it goes by fast The best things in life can't always last So spend it right it might be your last time To think to see what's wrong and right To live to find what's deep inside It's all"
  • Let Go - Chimaira
    "My scabs are almost picked Slowly growing into this Feelings I just can't let go I am such a bore that you need that much more Go back that way and see what you get from me then Nothing at all My dead"
  • Let Go - Jesse Powell
    "(Verse 1) I know that you need me, mmm So baby I dare You to release it Baby you know that I'll take you there You want me, sexually, ooh You know I'll go all the way So baby don't tease me, ooh"

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