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let it be love-miko mission

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let it be love-miko mission

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let it be love-miko mission
  • Shaggy Mission
    "Welcome to the mission My music has got to get what it rightfully deserve Shaggy My music got me on a mission I'm following my intuition Why don't you check the composition With this ya music when"
  • Hyde Mission
    "Come and dance with me All we really need is euphoria Yeah, move your body to the beat Kara wo nuide shizentai ni naru So shake these worries from your head Kankei nado nai kimi no iro Shinkou datte"
  • Nana Mission
  • BrainStorm My Mission
    "It was dark and all colors turned into black I was sitting alone in the park Just old ladies were arguing somewhere around, that was all.. The church was near, but I didn't want to pray I'd much rather"
  • Digital Underground The Mission
    "(feat. Big Pun, Styles, Whateva) Black Sheep Five, this is Red Dog One, come back This is Black Sheep, copy State your position Well I'm in zone three but it's lookin pretty dry out here Request"
  • Damian Marley "Jr. Gong" The mission
    "(feat. Stephen Marley)From Jungle to RemaFrom Tivoli to Matthews LaneFrom Waterhouse to DrewslandFrom Baneland to DelacreA youth and youth fi have a plan and have some ambitionAnd make sure unnu firm ina"
  • Murmurs Mission
    "Silent Whispers Loud awakening Lost myself in pointless missions Hope to live Hope to learn Hope to love Hope to be forgiven Leftover dreams forgotten Misplaced thoughts, and empty spaces Waiting Waiting"
  • Nana Mission (Full Vocals)
    "Chorus: (x2) We are on a mission No smooth talk straight up dissin' You tried to step to usBut your punk ass missedBooya, NANA you can't touch this Rap verse 1 (ski): I flip on any scrip put in front"
  • Matt Nathanson Mission Bells
    "I had a dream you died And I just wanna be with you tonight Mission bells were ringing Somewhere higher I let you get away I let you get away What kind of man misunderstands A woman like you? She's her"
  • Fish Mission Statement
    "I punched the clock in at 35, I thank the Lord that I'm still alive, sometimes I find it hard to believe that my hearts still beating that I'm still on my feet, I'm gonna give you, gonna give you a mission"
  • Sammie Mission Impossible
    "Girl, I know it's hard to that swallow I'm always on the go. Leaving you home alone Nobody to kiss Nobody to hold And I know that at times it seems you are in love all by yourself You may think that I,"
  • The Rakes Ausland mission
    "Sally and me, sand dunes and seaGonna make it, gonna do it alright(in safe seclusion)She is the designated driverI'd be folish if I put up a fight(avoiding collision)Her mum and dad are happy and old,"
  • Renaissance Secret Mission
    "All at once we turned our heads To find each other looking in a different way Laughter rang and people sang But up above as night time fell You ran away So what do I do now Secret mission seemed so strange"
  • Gowan Call It A Mission
    "(Lawrence Gowan) Like the mouse that's in the maze That runs around for days and days Well that's the way I see your life is heading But if I read your signals right You're dying to explode tonight And"
  • Ferlin Husky Let it be
    "Let it be let it be don't ask me to try again I don't wanna cry again let it be let it be How much can one heart take how much must it go through How often can you break a broken heart in two I'll never"
  • Gotthard Let It Be
    "Don't know who's to blame Don't know who was wrong Love has died too soon After all had just begun Something in your eyes Tells me you still care Oh baby I swear Deep inside my heart Deep inside my soul Something"
  • Groove Coverage Let It Be
    "My life lasts forever Let me be with you There's still so much silence That Im going through My tears are in heaven But I must survive When angels are crying Im ending my life Take the radio melody"
  • Fifth Avenue Let It Be
    "Verse 1: All night I've wanted you, you've caught my Stare and now I'm in control And now you come to me, you talk to me With that sensual tone Bridge: But when you smile at me, I can't resist I Want"
  • Perry Como Let it be love
    "If time changes everything but one, maybe, let it be love ( let it be love! ) let it be love ( let it be love! ) And if we cherish anything that we've done, baby, let it be love ( let it be love! ) let"
  • Craig Armstrong Let It Be Love
    "The light is fading in the park, It's alright, I'll walk with you until it's dark, Forever, If you could only make a sign, If you could only say you're mine, If there was one word you could say, Let it"

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