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let me know anymore

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let me know anymore

  • Anymore - Kelly Clarkson
    "Hear me,Don't tempt me anymore,It was all a dream,Resist your feelings stranger,Don't call me, don't write,Don't lose any sleep over me,Cause I'm sleeping just fine,Yeah,I don't cry, And I don't want you"
  • You Don't Know Me Anymore - The Methadones
    "I saw you walking down the street For a second we were eye to eye There was a flicker of familiarity As we passed each other by There was a time I knew you well But that was a long time ago You don't know"
  • I Don't Know You Anymore - Savage Garden
    "I would like to visit you for a while Get away and out of this city Maybe I shouldn't have called but someone had to be the first to break We can go sit on your back porch Relax Talk about anything It"
  • „ Anymore ” - Anna Marucha & The Taxi Blues Band
    "„ Anymore ” (muz.i słowa Anna Marucha) I know you think that think about yesterday I know what you think about that night We both know that we want see each other"
  • Anymore - Linkin Park
    "I don't know why I am here listening to you anymore I can't explain how I feel anymore Do you even love me anymore There is something crawling in the back of my head saying why do I take this anymore there"
  • Anymore - Zoe
    "You're just like an open book Can read you by the way you look And I know that you'll always be Close to me and I know that you care You're changin' for nobody You're just like you used to be And"
  • Anymore - Travis Tritt
    "I can't hide the way I feel about you anymore I can't hold the hurt inside, keep the pain out of my eyes anymore My tears no longer waiting, my resistance ain't that strong My mind keeps recreating a life"
  • Anymore - Turdus Musicus
    "Take me somewhere fast I'm afraid what we hold won't last I will fail terribly Go ahead get outta here I don't really know why we come here anymore You should have known But I don't want to be left"
  • Anymore - Blink 182
    "All the love in the world Couldn't save you All the innocence inside You know I tried so hard to make you Oh, to make you change your mind And it hurts too much to see you And how you left yourself behind You"
  • Anymore - Babyface
    "Written by l.a. reid, babyface (1990) Performed by whitney houston I believe in roses But only from the heart And if it's not sincere baby then I don't want no part I believe in one love baby, True monogamy What"
  • Anymore - End Of Fashion
    "What are you trying to do? What are you trying to say? You're beating up yourself What is it today? You're killing me slow (la da de da da) When the tide goes out, I'm getting over it, It's alright Where"
  • Anymore - Whitney Houston
    "I believe in roses, But only from the heart And if it's not sincere baby, Then I don't want no part I believe in one love baby, true monogamy What I don't know can't hurt me, that's not the way I see If"
  • Anymore - Chris Tomlin
    "I should have known this They say that I'm from Mars and you're from Venus But I tried it anyway Who am I to think that I could understand your brain...That's insane I guess I love you, that's the only"
  • Not Anymore - LeToya
    "This is dedicated to This, this, this is dedicated to Hmmm well if you feelin' like I feelin' This is dedicated to you Well I've been the super girlfriend Let you think that nothing bothered me Like when"
  • Let Me Know - B5
    "Can I get your number? and is it cool to call you on the under (Let me Know) I heard that you had a guy, if you feel that he's not treating you right (Let me Know) If you wanna give me a chance, we could"
  • Let Me Know - Aaliyah
    "Let me Know Let me Know Let me Know Let me know Let me know When I feel What I feel Sometimes it's hard to tell you so You may not be in the mood to learn What you think you know There are times When"
  • Let me know - Dean Martin
    "Let me know the moment he lets you go I'll be here to welcome you to my arms yes I know how you feel After a love affair is through That's how I felt when you left me I still love you Let me know the moment"
  • Let Me Know - Hilary Duff
    "Sometimes I can't explain Feelings that are felt inside But I just can't complain About things that don't bother me Confused It's a feeling we all feel You either give up or deal But whatever you feel Let"
  • Let Me Know - Kiss
    "Ah let me, let me Let me be your Sunday driver Let me be your Monday man I'll take you anywhere you want Just as fast as I can It doesn't matter what you wanna do It doesn't matter where you wanna go Just"
  • Let Me Know - Roisin Murphy
    "Let me know when you're lonely babeHappier now than I've been in the pastGone are the daysGone are the tearsThat was a girl I used to beThe girl that you see standing in front of youKeeps going onBecause"

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