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let my fly

  • Fly - Radu
    "My night is nothing without you, My day is nothing without you, Im like a birth but I cant fly, You brake my wings, you took my sky Your smile means everything to me, Your touch means everything to me, But"
  • Fly - Lamb
    "Take me away So far away I'm tired of looking over my shoulder The things I've done Weigh heavily They tie me down Won't let me go free Angels come and take me On silver wings Carry me up to the sky Angels"
  • Fly - Nickelback
    "Father, tell me somethin' Where do bad men go when they die? And mother says you'll go there but Wings for her and I and I don't mind Cause I have always wanted to learn to... Fly... learn to Fly... learn"
  • Fly - Povertyneck Hillbillies
    "Its been a hard year Since you went away No matter what I did or said I couldn't make you stay But I'm gonna be strong I'm gonna hold on I'm gonna get on with my life Starting tonight, I'm gonna kiss the"
  • Fly - Danny
    "(feat. Peace) So I've been through these hard times, mentally scarred Almost lost my sanity but got no sympathy cards And there's been, a couple times when my knees buckled I'd be in a heap of trouble"
  • Fly - Jars Of Clay
    "Be still let your hand melt into mine The part of me that breathes when you breathe is losing time I can't find the words to say I'll never say goodbye (Chorus) And I'll fly with you through the night So"
  • Fly - Billy Crawford
    "I'll never forget it The night that you broke my heart in two You took me for granted Hanging with somebody new Those backward glances I recognised it right from the start Stolen glances You finally broke"
  • Fly - David Banner
    "I know somebody fly who wants to come by and take off all her clothes and freak me for free.And I know somebody fly who loves to come by take off all her clothes and freak me for free.I know the truth"
  • Fly - Madison Avenue
    "Verse 1: Chilling at the club on a friday night Hangin with my friends, feelin alright Dj's playin all my favorite tunes The dance floor's lookin' really good I'm gonna go and get my girls You know"
  • Fly - Blind Guardian
    "(Krsch/Olbrich) Stop be quiet now Out with the light and Then up and down it goes Fly Out with the light There at the door The inspiration I've looked for The spirit of the youth appears No one ever"
  • Let Me Fly - Status Quo
    "(Rossi/Frost) I've been so lonely, I can't find any way So long since I lost my way I've got a feeling you're gonna run away anyday Why does it always seem to be me? So let me fly, let me fly like a"
  • Let My Freak Flag Fly - Ceasars Palace
    "I'm gonna let my freak flag fly I've been a fool a lifetime But today I'll be the king I'm gonna let my freak flag fly Waving high up in the air For everyone to see I'm the best thing that you ever had How"
  • Let Me Fly - DMX
    "Uh. Yea. Uh. If you love something let it go, if it comes back to you it's yours. If it doesn't, it never was. Hold me down baby Either let me fly, or give me death Let my soul rest, take my breath"
  • Let Me Just Fly - Natural
    "Can't fight the feeling It's time for truth or dare now Because the fire is growing All lines are open It's time to check it out now To get where I'll be going I'll never give in I still believe"
  • Let The Spirit Fly - Racer X
    "God's voice whispers loudly on Chasin' the dawn till the morning's gone Pounds of time keep me Drifting sad sweetly Falling mad deeply Into a place where I carry on And let the spirit fly Don't give a"
  • Fly Eagle Fly - Gotthard
    "He was searching for the light In the silence of the night Something real, to make him feel alive Trying hard to find the way But run out of cards to play No looking back, he crossed the point of no return All"
  • Fly, Sadness Fly - Fury In The Slaughterhouse
    "Beside the road the moon is falling Out of a clear bright sky I remember what I left this morning and the engine sings ?good bye ?soft rain on the windscreen patting an unknown beat in my head, so sweet I"
  • Let It Rip, Let It Fly - Jewel
    "Barselona Where the winds all blew The churches don't have windows But the graveyards do Me & my shadow are fighting again Look out stranger! There's a dark cloud moving in But if you could hear the voice"
  • Let it rip, let it fly - Quindon Tarver
    "BarselonaWhere the Winds All BlewThe Churches Don't Have WindowsBut the Graveyards DoMe & My Shadow Are Fighting AgainLook Out Stranger!There's a Dark Cloud Moving InBut If You Could Hear the Voice in"
  • Fly Away - Emma Townshend
    "I have always been certain Things are not always what they seem Though the heavens stop turning I'll be holding on to our dream We can fly away, fly away No more doubt, we'll have nothing left to say We"

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