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let you go let you so shouga a wanna

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let you go let you so shouga a wanna

  • Don't Wanna Let You Go - Quiet Riot
    "Everybody wants to have a girl like you But I'm the one and it's right Somebody comes along and says they play your song My wish becomes his delight He'll try to take you from me Don't wanna let you go Not"
  • Don't Wanna Let You Go - 5ive
    "Don't wanna let you go We just wanna tell you Just wanna let you know That we'll stay around so what else can you do You've said all you have to we're comin' after you So don't make a sound I got this"
  • Never wanna let you go - Take That
    "Lying here beside you in a cloud of warmth I've been awake all night but can't move, though I know I should Counting curls in your hair as you sleep so tight I wonder if you'll ever know how you stimulate"
  • Don't Wanna Let Go - Charlotte Nilsson
    "Don't wanna let go don' you know You the one I really need Hold me closer baby set me free The feeling is right so turn out the light Its you and me tonight as close as we could ever be I've been watching"
  • Never Wanna Let You Go - Megan Nicole
    "Quit playing games don’t lead me on Make me feel like I’m your one When you’re gonna let me go Why wont you give me a chance To show you every side of me And how were meant to be Cause you’re too scared"
  • Don't wanna let go - Irene Cara
    "You and iAre slipping to the end of the line once moreTell me whyIs this time so much worse than theTimes beforeDon't you think it hurts me, too?You know that i've got my prideWhen i think of losing youThere's"
  • Let Go - Aaron Neville
    "Hey, are you coming? Are you going? Brother, are you just wasting time Is there a rhyme or a reason And when you're gonna make up your mind Are you holding back your tears? Will you ever let the river"
  • Let Go - Britney Spears
    "It's written everywhere I've even read it in my script But when I thought it wasn't fair I felt it on my lips, let go I don't wanna be the one I think you already know, oh The feeling of going down way"
  • Let Go - Jesse Powell
    "(Verse 1) I know that you need me, mmm So baby I dare You to release it Baby you know that I'll take you there You want me, sexually, ooh You know I'll go all the way So baby don't tease me, ooh"
  • Let Go - Liberty X
    "i got nothin to hide im an open book so you can read me yes im the type every word i say you can believe me i'll be your friend i'll give you compliments until the very end if that will please you (if"
  • Don''t wanna let you go - Five
    "Don't wanna let you goWe just wanna tell youJust wanna let you knowThat we'll stay aroundSo what else can you doYou've said all you have toWe're comin' after youSo don't make a soundI got this feelin'Could"
  • Let You Go - Alexia Cooper
    "Alexia Cooper Miscellaneous Let You Go Francine's been crying on the telephone today She asked me if a saw you She talk about you and said that you were hers And boy it's givin' me the blues So now it's"
  • Let You Go - Colby O'Donis
    "Konvict It's so hard to let you go I'm not so good at breakin' up But I'm so good at makin' up Why don't, baby, you make this easy It's uncomfortable? And I'm the type of guy Who would hate to see you"
  • Let You Go - Kyla
    "(feat. Razor Ray) Boy I know just how you feel You wish it would be real But you try to fool around So what's the deal now Boy I gave you what you need But you got no time to give I got to tell you this Boy"
  • Let You Go - Natalie Durham
    "things were good and things were fine until you nearly blew my mind wont you sing to me one more time before you walk away... you said other things were more important pretty much i was a waste of your"
  • Let you go - The Pierces
    "Passion can beAs quiet as a whisperIn your headPain can beSo silent you won't evenKnow it's thereIf rage could beSo softI might stay hereWith youIf you could see my heartIt might turnYour eyes to blueBut"
  • Gotta Let You Go - Bachelor Girl
    "Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh I gotta let you go Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh I gotta let you go Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh I gotta let you go Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh I gotta let you go It's a sad day But some good will come of it, I guess And"
  • Never let you go - Janet Jackson
    "i found a thing bout loveing with you get it perfect it what do we do the best we can do you understand i love you more then words can say is to know and letting you stay with you through the complications"
  • Can't Let You Go - Samantha Jade
    "Yeah What you doing to me baby Yeahh I cant let you go Even though you keeping me frustrated It still feels so right I try so hard not to be jaded Every time you lie Try so hard to Get you off"
  • Never Let You Go - New Kids On The Block
    "Close your eyes Realize It's you and I Take my hand Understand That I'm your man If loving you is right I can't go wrong Girl, we've known each other for so long Chemistry between us has grown"

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