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let your soul be your pilot

  • Let Your Soul Be Your Pilot - Sting
    "Let your soul be your pilot Let your soul guide you He'll guide you well When you're down and they're counting When your secrets all found out When your troubles take to mounting When the map you have"
  • Let your soul be your pilot - The Police
    "When youre down and theyre countingWhen your secrets all found outWhen your troubles take to mountingWhen the map you have leads you to doubtWhen theres no informationAnd the compass turns to nowhere that"
  • Pilot Of Your Soul - Michael Schenker Group
    "(Music: M. Schenker / K. Keeling: Lyrics & Melodies) Slow down Can't you see you're moving too fast? I believe you're headed down Too high You're gonna crash So late and it's been such a long time Through"
  • Pilot - Charlotte Sometimes
    "If you go away, then I will know My feelings are nothing but a curtain Hiding me from what I should know That I'm a pilot and I'm steering low We discussed life in the back of my car- the back of your"
  • Pilot - July For Kings
    "She says my lifes become a bore Always running around Don't know what for Everyday is the same Theres no way out The things I liked I don't like now I said I feel the exact same way We need some kind of"
  • Pilot - Gary Brooker
    "(Mickey Jupp) You shot me down You set me up woman then you shot me down All you did was say "see you around" You must have known, you must have seen it in my eyes You must have known, I loved you"
  • Pilot - 50 Cent
    "Me, I'm like a pilot, G5 Jet I'm fly as shit You cannot deny it, oh no, no-no, no-no Bitches be on my dick, designer threads, I'm fly as shit You cannot deny it, oh no, no-no, no-no Better back up off"
  • Your Soul Is A Pilot - Die Happy
    "Your soul is a pilot But the rusty aeroplane cannot fly The wings are broken The wide propeller's trying to turn its last goodbye So tell me... Did you ever feel the love (I guess you didn't) Did"
  • Your soul - Ivri Lider
    "Scare away the fog And let the sky be clear Let's stand in light The shadow's full of fear You cannot just hide forever You'll break You're not that clever Just try for once Not holding back your love When"
  • Let Your Soul Shine - Bosson
    "your the ruler of your destiny.... i need to talk to you about a thing or two its not right that your feeling blue never ever let them get to you you know i've been right there where you are now its"
  • Palm Pilot - The Game
    "Aww pimpin that's the Young Gunz. I love the Young Gunz. Shit me too my nigga. Wait a minute. What the fuck. Pimpin What did that nigga just say? I dunno. Play that again. (Alright) So get"
  • Co-Pilot - Kecak
    "Man made God in his image God made Man in his image God made Man as a blemish A species founded on scurmish A culture sculpted by hermits Convinced that they'll never vanish A notion quaint and outlandish Air"
  • I'm The Pilot Of Your Love - Blue System
    "Suzanne, oh will I see you again ? I feel your love is the only one 'Cause my heart is beating just for you I know, I know you're easy on love I feel your heart is the only one I will love you - I will"
  • Rock Your Soul - Elisa
    "The more I think, the less I see when I'm able to walk I'm queen of my world I let it rain on my skin I don't let myself down I don't let myself down just wanna be one with you wanna be one with you The"
  • Rock Your Soul - Helldorado
    "When I come to you my sweet mistress I do not come to feel your sweet caress I wanna feel some pain I wanna hurt Bound by a ball and chain Treated like a piece of dirt Come on and let me rock your soul! Tonight"
  • Save Your Soul - Spiritual Beggars
    "Let me sing for pleasure Let me drink my treasure Up to the mountain of faith Hit me again While you kiss your left brain You oppress you right brain Ice-pops up in your arse You run with the flock"
  • Serve Your Soul - Ben Harper
    "Battles over which direction to kneel People reaching out to touch but forgetting to feel Daily breath shouldn't be a daily penance Is that what you believe or just a life sentence I look into the mirror And"
  • Recover Your Soul - Elton John
    "Baby you're missing something in the air I got a name but it don't matter What's going on, it's cold in here You have a life but it's torn and tattered Maybe you're losing pieces of your heart You have"
  • In Your Soul - Corey Hart
  • Hold Your Soul - Kyprios
    "oh oh right I look em' in they eye but they cannot see I tell it from my heart but they don't believe I hit you in the place where you keep your dreams I fertilize your mind when I plant these seeds My"

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