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lets stop star guart muffin

  • Muffin - Fifty Nutz
    "Muffin Don't be alarmed, take a ride down deception boulevard In a moment you'll be cleared. You should have kept your eyes open Judy saw you looking and now watches you expire Too soon to be gone, time's"
  • Lets Talk About It - Clipse
    "(feat. Jermaine Dupri, Pharrell Williams) Uh huh, oh Oh, damn baby Shit........... How you get all that in them jeans? Nevermind that, you hear this? It's that Star Trak Clipse, (get down!) So So Def "
  • Lets Start Rap Over - The Lox
    "(Puff talking) See, I want to get back to the love Let's start love over, come on Chorus (Carl Thomas) Let's start love over Back to the way things were Forget about them Cause all we got is us We can"
  • Lets Go - Amal Michel
    "So many nights Alone Laying underneath the Stars gazing into each other's Eyes Feel the gentle warm breeze Blowing on our skin. CHORUS: It's 6am the sun Is rising It's time now lets go to Bed Let's sleep"
  • Muffin Man - Frank Zappa
    "The Muffin Man is seated at the table in the laboratory of the utility muffin research kitchen. Reaching for an oversized chrome spoon, he gathers an intimate quantity of dried muffin remnants. Brushing"
  • Lets Go Dancing - Teitur
    "Our minds run in circles Racing around the resturant They are searching for what more to say To say what we realy want Lets leave it like it is And stop stearing at theese walls Lets not go headlong to"
  • Lil' Star - Kelis Ft. Cee Lo
    "There is nothing special about me I am just a little star If it seems like Im shining its probably It's probably a reflection of something you already are I could get about my self sometimes when theres"
  • Rock Star - Common Rotation
    "The wind in the willows plays tricks On all the boys out for there kicks Looking for numbness and chicks In other words in search of the infinite fix I got my hands in my pockets Looking for a change Like"
  • Lets Get Naked - Smilez & Southstar
    "(Smilez) Aiyyo You wont see Smilez in the club Unless them chicks is X'ed out, weeded up, ready to f**k Man we X'ed out, weeded up, ready to f**k Forget your house, man we can do this in the club What"
  • Porn Star - T.I.
    "Hey Hey Hey Hey Damn shawty Look at you I'm saying man Is it just me or you got too much ass in them jeans Come here Hey I been watchin' you a while now And i just wanna find a way to make you"
  • Lets Get Naked - Smilez And Southstar
    "Aiyyo You wont see Smilez in the club Unless them chicks is X'ed out, weeded up, ready to fuck Man we X'ed out, weeded up, ready to fuck Forget your house, man we can do this in the club What I'm about,"
  • Lets get rocked - Def Leppard
    "Do you wanna get rocked?Let's get, let's get, let's get, let's get rockedI'm your average ordinary everyday kidHappy to do nothin', in fact that's what I didI got a million ways to make my dayBut daddy"
  • Star - Cyclefly
    "I can feel it Causing through my veins Releasing all the mental strain So many things to do, so many things to say Wallowing in my pride, waiting another day And I feel that nothings gonna to change Believe"
  • Star - Paul King
    "Star struts the main street in a thousand big towns lookin' where the big dreams can be found well start and stop star is the drug the sparkle of a fresh face lookin' up To where worlds do part let's stay"
  • Star - Jain
    "get it get it up get it on the ride I’m the captain of my own life hide in front of my eyes I’m gonna make you mad billionaire got tones of them fear is on the rise and rules are by my side music goes"
  • Star - Tamyra Gray
    "The mystery of trying To make it happen Struggling just to make ends meet You need a new change of space, a new direction Cuz this whole thing is so confusing to me I know you got Dirty hands from a dirty"
  • Star - Beanie Sigel
    "You cannot be me (Ha ha) Deke what I tell you! What I tell you! Look at they face now! You cats cannot be me it's only one me Look at they face now! Stupid! All of them! I'm not the second nobody, it's"
  • Star - Street Dogs
    "I can't stop these visions in my head When I wake up in the morning and I get out of bed When the revelry is calling me and I don't want to rise I roll around and write it down and then to my surprise"
  • Stop - Kina
    "Ooh'yeah Finally got my shot What I've been dreaming Seems could finally come around, right But can't help feel time run out Just one push we wiped out Cause, oh, here we go, yeah Hell, I can see"
  • Gypsy Space Muffin - Super Furry Animals
    "So here it is, no such beat First give up and say ??? Merry cop, what's my right I can help you if you read or write Crack down on crime I pay my fine on time Crack down on crime I pay my fine on time Deary"

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