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lfive miles out

  • Miles - Dave Dudley
    "(You have the good times) I got the miles While in the ways of love I stood still And each mile that I've traveled they've all been up hill And when I think about 'em I just cry like a child You have the"
  • Miles - Over The Rhine
    "Miles words and music: Detweiler recording: Besides I wanna be real, something you can sink your teeth into. I want you to feel, all it is that I feel for you. Im firelight for your seeing hands. Rich"
  • Miles - Christina Perri
    "I'm scared today, more than I told you I was yesterday. Give me a moment to catch my breath and hold me every second left. Proud of me, that's the only way I want you to be. Look at me and love what you"
  • Miles - Denison Witmer
    "We'll get in my car around 10:30 at night For the New York City skyline destination of our sight It's the biggest healing session that I've had for some years The laughter and the driving and the letting"
  • Five Miles Out - Maggie Reilly
    "What do you do when your falling You've got 30 degrees and your stalling out And its 24 miles to the beacon There's a crack in the sky and the warnings out Don't take that dive again Push through that"
  • Five Miles Out - Mike Oldfield
    "What Do You Do When Your Falling You've Got 30 Degrees And You're Stalling Out? And It's 24 Miles To Your Beacon There's A Crack In The Sky And The Warning's Out Don't Take That Dive Again! Push Through"
  • Miles & Miles Away - Edyta Górniak
    "The nights get colder, around this time of year Nothing helps to keep me warm The days get older, oh so slowly gone When you're far away from home Nothing can stop the night from falling Nothing can stop"
  • Miles Out To Sea - Slade
    "From the corner of my eye, I was looking out and why To see all the things we did, to see hope in where we hid From the outside looking in, was a stranger with a grin Seeing bombhead on a rope, he was"
  • Two miles out of Georgia - Suzi Quatro
    "When I left this morningYou were softly sleepingI didn't want to wake youI just wanted to kiss youMy mixed emotionsWords left unspokenStopped me from knowingJust what I should doBreaking up's the only"
  • Two Miles Out Of Georgia - Suziquatro
    "(Andrews) When I left this morning You were softly sleeping I didn't want to wake you I just wanted to kiss you My mixed emotions Words left unspoken Stopped me from knowing Just what I should do Breaking"
  • Miles of Worn Out Days - Ashes You Leave
    "Miles of worn out days They pass me like a dream Within their reach Is where I'll never be Piles of happy people I pass them like a shadow Within your gaze That's what I'll always be, Just a shadow.... Miles"
  • Miles And Miles Away - David Phelps
    "Words and music by Sam Mizell & Steve Siler You tried to run so that no one could desert you, Always looking for the perfect place to hide. You build up walls so that no one could ever hurt you. And"
  • 2000 Miles - Erasure
    "There's something I need to say I'm not sad you're gone away no way Won't be calling information Or waiting at the railway station You walked out of my front door I wasn't then but now I'm sure I need"
  • Get Miles - Gomez
    "I love this island, but this island's killing me Sitting here in silence, man, I don't get no peace The waves upon my shore take me away piece by piece Gonna leave everything I know Gonna head out"
  • Thousand Miles - Grinspoon
    "Well i got drunk and i got stoned Shot my family Left my home Went out on a killing spree Coz what you hear was fucked to me A thousand miles Come get all your files Put on that plastic smile A thousand"
  • Miles Away - Tesla
    "Such a heavy price to pay, all the time that I spent missing home, and I try not to complain, but sometimes it won't leave me alone, and I think that I know myself better than anyone else. Cause I'm me"
  • Thousand Miles - Anders Johansson
    "As I hear your voice over the telephone So far away but also close How this turned out, baby I should have known You blinded me, my reality It's not done easily Hearing your voice is not enough for me Can't"
  • Miles Away - Treaty Of Paris
    "So you've heard it all before I'm not sure But I think it's becoming more than I can take But I'm still trying to be brave about this So you've been right here before Got your heart ripped out And thrown"
  • 5,500 Miles - The Presidents of the United States of America
    "5,500 miles Across the Texas plain Just to look at the mountains Just to not go insane (insane, insane) 5,500 miles Across the Texas plain Just to look at the ocean Just to not go insane I'm goin' home I'm"
  • 100 Miles - Bad Company
    "Bad Company Holy Water 100 Miles Hey little girl, I love you so I'd walk a hundred miles to let you know Hey little baby, your eyes sure shine When your hand reaches out and touches mine 'Cos you're my"

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