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li's not goodbye

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li's not goodbye

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li's not goodbye
  • All 4 One Not goodbye
    "*Sittin here starin at the wall...xx Another LONELY tear falls... I'm tryin to write you this song.xx But i can hardly see the page at all... Cause it's Breaking My hart... When i look in your eyes "
  • My American Heart Last Goodbye
    "we came to our comclusions. we came to what we thought would never end. your second thought, my second guess. and after all that, you got your mess. and i can't fade away like that. the days are growing"
  • Neverstore Last Goodbye
    "Walking alone, on a dead end street I'm going far but still not moving I'm waiting for someone to take me away There's hundreds of reasons for me not to stay This is my last goodbye Should I give it one"
  • Ernest Tubb Last Goodbye
    "We had promised to be wed when we said goodbye that night While the moon and stars were shining from the sky For our hearts were full of joy and the future looked so bright I never thought that we were"
  • Alex Band Last Goodbye
    "I turn the page My story ends I say goodbye to all my friends I know it's getting late Now the light is on my face I changed the clocks back again And ask forgiveness for my sins Cause I don't know where"
  • Lara Fabian Last Goodbye
    "We can run away together If that's what you want We can hide away forever If that's what you want So just Close the door Let nobody else in our head Close the door We can lay right here in our bed 'Cause"
  • Rage Last Goodbye
    "They say we'll have war for peace it shall be too late I'm a good fighter and I'm not a friend of debates I'm leaving, I'm leaving you Little girl in the west your daddy's in the east mother's tears made"
  • Virginia Coalition Last Goodbye
    "Things have changed You can feel You know it's never gonna be the same Paralyzed by the size Of all the things that we did not intend Say goodbye, it's alright But am I ever gonna see you again Measured"
  • Eyes Of Fire Last Goodbye
    "Seeing through my eyes. See your life, selfish and cold, I know. Seeing through my eyes. See my life fall down this hole, I know. Beautiful eyes bring me lies. Seeing through my eyes. See my life, a heartbroken"
  • Jeff Buckley Last Goodbye
    "This is our last goodbye I hate to feel the love between us die But it's over Just hear this and then i'll go You gave me more to live for More than you'll ever know This is our last embrace Must"
  • Agent Orange Last Goodbye
    "someday someone somewhere somehow is going to make you understand these words will drill into your head you undergo the process then you will do anything they say they will have power over you you will"
  • Natalie Merchant Last Goodbye
    "( Jeff Buckley / Cover live ) This is our last goodbye I hate to feel the love between us die But it's over Just hear this and then I'll go You gave me more to live for More than you'll ever know This"
  • The Calling Last goodbye
    "I turn the pageMy story endsI say goodbye to all my friendsI know it's getting lateNow the light is on my faceI changed the clocks back againAnd ask forgiveness for my sinsCause I don't know where I'll"
  • Liberty X Last Goodbye
    "Never thought that I could feel the way I feel Summer's over, clouds appear and all that's left Are memories The sands of time rush by oh Can't even believe that this has been More than a daydream In the"
  • Beatles Goodbye
    "Please don't wake me up too late. Tomorrow comes and I will not be late. Late today when it becomes Tomorrow I Will leave and go away. Goodbye. Goodbye. Goodbye. Goodbye. Goodbye. Goodbye. My love, goodbye. Songs"
  • Archive Goodbye
    "I'm thinking of you In my sleep They're not good thoughts The worst kind of sad I've noticed things Cannot be repaired When I wake up I'll be in despair Cause I know I've got to say I know I've got to"
  • Oingo Boingo Goodbye
    "Oh, I know something About the ways of loving And I tell you, baby, That something's wrong Look to the sky above and the mud below Something drives me crazy, got to got to get away Goodbye, Goodbye, Goodbye,"
  • Inna Goodbye
    "No one Cares Nobody's wrong, No one see I'm not so strong Everytime I hope I'm dreaming... I'm missing you... I'm touching you But you can't feel, I'm scream at you But you can't hear.. I just need to"
  • Vanessa Williams Goodbye
    "Look at your heart ache as you try tell me The love we made was not enough for you You're walking away from all that we dreamed of The things you say are leading to... Goodbye, goodbye You made you mind"
  • Star Salzman Goodbye
    "In the end I know I'll find a way To come back to you from so far away. And when the sunset frames you And dreams are all I have left, Don't look back, I don't want to hear you say Goodbye, goodbye. I"

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