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liam espinosa within my heart

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liam espinosa within my heart

  • Horrible Pain (Within My Heart) - My Ruin
    "I invoke Him, and He comes to me, in my dreams Dressed in black He speaks in a language only I can understand His hands are warm, His breath is hot He is the horrible pain, within my heart My religion,"
  • Deep Within - Within Temptation
    "Is there a place deep within A place where you hide you're darkest sins There's a strange kind of ambiance, its surrounding you lure me, towards the truth Candles die down ass you leave the room In my"
  • Scorpio Rising Feat. Liam Gallagher (Oasis) - Death In Vegas
    "When you kiss the base o'my spine Make my body into your shrine You give me this feeling deep inside One that I can no longer disguise While other snakes just shed their skins Fucked holes pointing out"
  • What's within my heart - Uriah Heep
    "Will I never see againThe smiling faces of my friendsCould it be they've gone completelyAnd though thoughts will lingerSweetly in my heartMay I hear once moreThe bird calls my nameMay I be permitted just"
  • Lord Live Within My Heart - KRS-One
    "Lord live within my heart.. Lord don't you ever stop.. Fill me up with what I need.. just have to ask I shall receive.. Look, look! Ba-bi-di-ba-bi-dang-a-dang-diggy How many rappers can actually hang"
  • Within My Flesh - Novembers Doom
    "My bride to comfort me when all seems lost A kiss upon my brow to soften my suffering She means so well I haven't the heart To tell her my smile was forced. My mother cries for me when no one will Her"
  • Within Destruction - As I Lay Dying
    "If music is a mirror revealing the depths of my heart Then I will write the darkest song For without forgiveness my soul is lost All that is hope within destruction comes from You For I have fallen, and"
  • Within Me - Natalie Grant
    "When I feel the worlds against me left me in the cold thinking I've been forgotten out there on my own I close my eyes and in the silence hear a voice so clear reminding me your love is always right here Within"
  • Lost Within - Yattering
    "Watch him Empty Void Within Himself Solid his faith for nothing It was too hard to keep Watch her dead Dead within herself Grave her body for free It was to cheap to sell And watch us mad Mad within"
  • Within Without - Over The Rhine
    "is it because I cannot see you that you feel so free to steal my excess baggage full of darkness and despair while I fumble with my locks you're content to stand and knock yet I know your knack for theivery"
  • Reflections Within - Winter's Bane
    "Cohegan is arrested for the murder of his wife Cohegan stands in the courtroom with his fate in the jury's hands We the jury, find the defeandant, Mr. Cohegan Guilty of murder! Guilty!!! As I write these"
  • Power Within - Yu-Gi-Oh
    "As far as the eye can see There's so much uncertainty I'm not blind I see the truth Open my eyes I never knew the strength inside of me Could ever make me wanna help to change the world Follow my destiny Hope's"
  • Solitude Within - Evergrey
    "Cold is the air that I breath sleepless but I don't mind the rain With fear I strive but still enjoying the pain I'm awaiting the dawn as I welcome the end If you ever felt the way that I feel helpless and"
  • Darkness Within - Machine Head
    "Here in this darkess that I lay, Depression heavy in it's weigh, And how my body aches to leave, To sing it's final eulogy. My sons I love you evermore, And though the road beckons once more, I see"
  • Engraved Within - Serenity
    "I wake you softly Deep in your dreams lying here alone Waiting for another day Here I go now Just find my choice in every word you say Following the game we play Time stands still when you touch my face"
  • Shatters Within - Amorphis
    "Once I was there Standing outside Looking in Beside my window Smiling face, shattering It's an old man's pride That climbs over understanding It wasn't your child That I was hurting (pre-chorus) And I"
  • Within - Apulanta
    "I don't know if I want to flow for evermore And I don't want to know how slow the time must flow And I don't want to hear no cheap apologies And I don't want to wish for anything more Within myself I"
  • Within - At The Gates
    "Feel the vibrating words of power Magick the portral, language the key As my journey within begins Once again the gates stand open before me Time has come for me to climb the tree of life And sail the"
  • Within' - Kiss
    "Cry without tears See without sight Night without day And every day's black as the night Fly without wings Feel without touch Touch without feel And everywhere nothing is real I wanna see from within I"
  • Within - Arise
    "I feel the shivers running down my spine, it wakes the powers of my undivine. My mind betrays me I'm leaping back in time. All those memories left behind, In the torture chamber where I lived to be: All"

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