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life a nosy be

    "fuck a long life I know you …. fuck up my lovin’ yeah fuck up my lovin’ yeah ye fuck a long life I know you …. fuck up my lovin’ yeah fuck up my lovin’ yeah yeh, yeah my nigga look like .. (…) "
  • Nosy Neighbor - The Ditty Bops
    "Listen to the sound bites of your neighbors Through the paper thin walls Making variations on their stories Told with southern drawls Look into the dustbin Pick through rubbish Finding clues to bare"
    "zadzwonię se do Księcia Kapoty BIELYJE NOSY! Wjeżdża kapota i czepki z głów jebac niebieskich najlepsza koka jets z a 5 stów w rulon dwusetki Książę Kapota i Tede Książę Kapota i Tede po jednym szczurze"
  • Be A Star-Life-Sized - Tyra Banks
    "Oh honey, that's wonderful! Hi, I'm Eve Show me your hundred watt smile Eve's great, no matter where she goes Dress her up from her head to her toes On the town, at the mall Eve loves high fashion After"
  • Be My Life - Hank Thompson
    "BE MY LIFE'S COMPANION Writers Milton DeLugg, Bob Hilliard Want no silver threads among the gold. Want no silver threads among the gold. Want no silver threads; want some action instead. Want no silver"
  • A Life - Machiavel
    "Forty five years old And so many questions Twenty three years Ive been doin the same stupid thing Forty five years old And so many questions Twenty three years Ive been doin the same stupid thing And"
  • Life - Des'ree
    "Ooh yeah Oh yeah Oh life Oh life I'm afraid of the dark Especially when I'm in the park When there's no one else around Oh I get the shivers I don't wanna see a ghost It's the sight that I fear most I'd"
  • Life - K-Ci & JoJo
    "(Intro) Just like a birdie, (umm) I just wanna fly free. (so High so High) And own a piece of land, (umm) somewhere, (somewhere, somewhere, somewhere) somewhere, off in the country. (Oh, Listen) (Verse"
  • Life - Jodeci
    "Just like a birdie I just wanna fly free So high, so high And own a piece of land Somewhere, somewhere Off in a country Oh, oh yeah, listen Temperature like a hundred degrees Like I got chains on me Black"
  • Life - Alana C.
    "Alana C. Miscellaneous Life Life's a bitch, and I can't take it anymore, Life's full of shit, and i don't wanna' live this bore. Whay is life so bad for me? Why is life as bad as it can be? Why should"
  • Life - Josh Rouse
    "Life is good Sometimes it's bad It has its ups It has its downs Just sing a song and feel all right Cause that's just life And if you're lost Don't be sad There are good times to be had Just sing a song"
  • Life - Wild Orchid
    "A sister want's a brother Always trying to please another Young girls wish they were old A petal wants to be it's own rose Life has such funny ways But don't regret you came See life is always changing Yet"
  • Life - E-Type
    "I've got life One more time I leave behind just burning bridges it's a crime I am here there must be somewhere I can breathe now take me there it's time to see I wanna make you breathe That life can be"
  • Life - M People
    "People in power waste their time to young and creative, to lives of crime. Logic's a tool so very unusual, we all had enough of the crack abuse. It's time to change our nation's rules. Freedom's a right,"
  • Life - Coolio
    "Intro: yo, I'm gonna talk to you about life for a minute (coolio) Verse 1: I'm going to a chain 'cause it ain't the same I remain no geak, life's just to play the game trying to brake this chain off my"
  • Life - Ana Johnsson
    "Made of love Made of sin Mayday - calling from outer space I dive right in Here I am Breathing, I'm a miracle I'm on fire - I'm cold I can't be controlled I'm alive and I'm dead And I'm ready for the"
  • Life - Ana Johnston
    "Made Of Love made Of Sin mayday - Calling From Outer Space i Dive Right In here I Am breathing, I'm A Miracle i'm On Fire - I'm Cold i Can't Be Controlled i'm Alive And I'm Dead and I'm Ready For The Take"
  • Life - Sly & The Family Stone
    "All: Life, Life Past the clouds You don't have to come down Life, Life Tell it like it is You don't have to die before"
  • Life - Elvis Presley
    "Somewhere out in empty space, long before the human race, Something stirred, A vast and timeless source began, Intelligence was born and then, there was the world, Powers filled the universe, matter formed"
  • Life - Kingspade
    "Life "Think about it" Everybody has troubles And everybody's troubles are different than others Life's a constant struggle But keep your head high and it'll be alright Life Everybody has troubles And everybody's"

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