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life is carry on

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life is carry on

  • Carry On - Chris De Burgh
    "Whatever the words that you hear, Somehow the meaning is clear, We're all on the same ship together, moving on, From the first time that life could be heard, To the last sounds of men on this earth, The"
  • Carry On - Ben's Brother
    "When you're lost, and you're lonely And your only way is up When your day rises from you Like a mountain to its top Look beside you, and you will find me I will guide you, when your will is gone So carry"
  • Carry On - Tim McGraw
    "Mama went to sleep one night and never woke up Daddy cried a tear into her old coffee cup Now all he wants to do is drink the hurt all away If Mama was here I know what Mama would say Carry on Carry"
  • Carry On - Bran Van 3000
    "I've been working so, I've been working so, I've been working so hard. Why you bring me down? Why you bring me down? I've been working so hard. You'll be smooth, I'll be smoother, Smoother than silk. Let"
  • Carry on - Angra
    "Simple minded brain,for now you succumbNothing changes your wayThis worlds insists to be the samebased on our mistakesThe flowers fade along the roadDon't blindfold your eyes,so loneliness becomes the"
  • Carry On - Bayside
    "Don't confuse neediness for love Because obsession never lasts and you're insane by a landslide Never cared for you much until death do us part You'll always be distressed Carry on, with the guise of"
  • Carry On - Ashanti
    "There was something in your eyes that I saw tonight I never thought that I would see it Now theres holes in my walls and theres glass on the floor And you said you didnt mean it You went from zero to none"
  • Carry on - Nick Lachey
    "Hopeless, wondering if anybody noticed, Feeling like you're drifting out of focus Cause you're hopeless You're just a hollow soul. Crying, feeling like a part of you is dyin, Reachin for the strenth to"
  • Carry On - Weekend Excursion
    "Two lonely strangers Too many miles away Fallin asleep to the same song As the night comes over them It takes them both away To a place they've been for so long And in the morning they wake up crying Once"
  • Carry On - Kyle Riabko
    "In the morning I was weary In the morning I was lost But in the evening I was dreaming Of our love And the way it carries on In the city I was working Feeling busy Chasin time But when I'm tired She's"
  • Carry On - Pat Green
    "Baby's just a little bit tired of the city, Billboards and bullshit got her down, Seem like you need a little hill country, A Little back roads driving, little bit of the old top down, Yeah, everybody"
  • Carry On - Monument
    "So many years Full of pain and sacrifice No one seemed to realise Had to compromise what I believed in So many times That I've watched my dream's demise But the writings in the sky Made me keep my head"
  • We Carry On - Tim McGraw
    "He hasn't seen a drop of rain for months it seems Rollin' river is nothing but a trickling stream The crops are dying in the harsh sunlight The dust on his tongue is dry The fatted calf is down to skin"
  • We Carry On - Portishead
    "The taste of life I can't describe It's chocking on my mind Reaching out I can't believe Faith it can't decide On and on I carry on But underneath my mind And on and on I tell myself It's this I can't"
  • Carry Me - Papa Roach
    "Ive been looking for something sacred Running away from the light Got a burn all the bridges in my head that will lead my away from my life I question my own existence question the meaning of life Why"
  • Carry Me - Hangnail
    "I'll step aside this time around Open ears await a still and quiet voice Not with the timing that I have Ready to make any change required of me CHORUS: When I can't see where this retarded life of mine"
  • Carry You - Watermark
    "The God of all creation orders all the universe Every detail of the corners of the earth now (He covers) And nothing comes between His mighty hand Nothing can surprise Him 'cause He knows all about you Every"
  • Carry You - Close Your Eyes
    "Even When the rain falls and darkness hides your way Even when the hope you hold is starting to break I will be right here; I'll always be right here Don't forget that I promised to stand by your side"
  • Carry On - Admiral Freebee
    "Bullet holes in the tv set And there's nothing on the radio Dirty magazines I'm trying to hide But exactly whom for? I hear reality tv Blurring from next door I know it all so well It's just overtime"
  • Carry On - J.J. Cale
    "(J.J. Cale) If life's little downs they keep coming around Carry on, carry on With darkness all about, you want to scream and shout Carry on, carry on Don't cry baby, look at where you've been Everybody"

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