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life is getting coolder

  • Getting There Is Getting By - Punchline
    "I'm going to get there. You're going to see me. You're going to say that so much has changed. In a year now, I'll rise above and I'll see you at the top. Everyone has changed. AOA...are you okay? Are"
  • Getting Away - Joe Brooks
    "We've been sitting around just a lil bit too long, I've seen, I've seen you more alive, Seems like we've stopped, Keep on watching the world, spinning without us Get up, grab your smile cos todays gonna"
  • Getting older - Oasis
    "It's 9 oclocki'm getting tiredi'm sick of all my records and the clothes i bought todayam i cracking upor just getting older?im staying ini can't be botheredmaking conversations with the friends that i"
  • Getting Led - Adam Green
    "I was a nation Bound to my station Getting Led x3 You saw beyond me Pounding down on me Getting led x3 A man fills his quotient It changed his notions Now you see of glimpse of liberty But fame could"
  • Getting better - Geri Halliwell
    "Are you ready, come on, cut it out You need a little therapy, come on, let?s go Do you feel like something?s missing Treading water in the sea of life Can you deal with what you really feel Cause we all"
  • Getting Money - E.S.G.
    "Yes we are, yes we are Ooh, we getting money - 3x Man, I done came a long way Now all my people getting money, like the song say Now what you know bout sleeping on old sheets, and wasn't no silk I was"
  • Getting Stronger - Adeaze
    "listen to me im feeling afraid of something in my life that is wrong and i need you to tell me that im ok dont worry because i am strong i know it gets hard sometimes but remember that im only human and"
  • Getting Money - Hurricane Chris
    "Spent a long time comin They wonder why I act like this ya heard me That's all I know Say you see I still got much to learn But I know I still I got money to burn I'm in the streets can't take it out"
  • Getting Nowhere - Shane Hebert
    "I can't see you anymore 'Cause I see you all the time I get so tired of looking for A picture in my mind Looking on the outside of every person in view When I see the inside, seems nothing is new"
  • Getting down - 10 Seconds Down
    "For all you out there who didn't know For all the frustration you feel inside Now is the time to let it flow Ten seconds down, let it ride For everyone who's messing with your head Everything that's right"
  • Getting Real - Teenage Fanclub
    "Used to think the stars above were growin' Used to think that I could be there too Watch winds of time a blowin' But the sky won't let me feel Got me in a real life situation Even though the world is"
  • Getting ready - UFO
    "You said that was that but this is it How were you to make the pieces fit Into a plan to start a new life Friends pat your back, then stab you with a knife ** I must be blind I'm gettin' ready to be defined"
  • Getting By - Weekend Excursion
    "Caught in the vein headed for the heart of pain memories and tears remain and an old photograph of you and I I know its not much but it gets me by life turns another page but I don't feel lonely cuz I'm"
  • Getting Rich - Young Dro
    "Like That Nigga Uh Huh Uh Huh Uh Huh Uh Huh Uh Huh Uh Huh We Gettin Rich Nigga We Gettin Rich Nigga They Like This Nigga (Uh Huh Uh Huh We Gettin Rich Uh Huh Uh Huh) We Gettin Rich Nigga We Gettin Rich"
  • Just Getting Older - Oasis
    "It's nine o'clock i'm getting tired i'm sick of all my records and the clothes i bought today am i cracking up or just getting older? staying in i can't be bothered making conversation with the friends"
  • Getting Mighty Crowded - Elvis Costello
    "I'm packing up my memories And I'm gonna move all out of your heart I'm turning in my keys And I'm gonna move all out of your heart 'Cause there ain't room enough for two In dreams that were made for me"
  • Getting To Me - Aus Rotten
    "YOU ARE GETTING TO ME I rise in the morning but I don't shine, something's heavy on this heart of mine. Another empty day is so hard to begin. Look in the mirror and I see a stranger, I feel it come and"
  • Just Getting By - Del Amitri
    "Look at me, I'm the one who got away, the one who could've shone I tried to do my best, but I guess your best don't last for long Look at me, standing with my tattered pride of toothless little lions"
  • Just Getting Started - High School Musical 3
    "Remember that time, I've heard those words before but now they're mine, Every memory of the sweet sunshine, Is living here in my heart and mine. Oooh, Every laugh, We share together, Yeah we still give"
  • Getting Over You - Melissa Ferrick
    "I thought this was gonna get easier was getting over you and I thought time would prove to be a healer and i'd come to realize i was never right for you i was never right for you but love comes and goes as"

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