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life is good life is great

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life is good life is great

  • Life Is Good - LFO
    "la life is unbelievable la life is good life is good life is great life is unbelievable life is hard, life is cruel life is so beautiful ooh yeah ooh yeah la life is unbelievable oh yeah oh yeah la life"
  • Atsababy! (Life Is Great) - Tom Tom Club
    "Life as I would say Life as you would say Life as I will tell you Life is great Oh yea! We had a lot of fun And we had a lot of good things to eat And we had a lot of funny things to say And everybody"
  • Life Is Good - Life Is Scheen - Dschinghis Khan
    "Jeder krug war leer Und das feuer war Bis zur roten glut verbrannt Dastandeinerauf Der hat viel erlebt El gitano esteban Und sein haar war weiss Und er sagte, ich wollt' auch mal zu den sternen Doch jetzt"
  • Life Is Good - Stellar Kart
    "Life is good, eternal life is better Life is good, eternal life is better Life is good, eternal life is better Life is good, eternal life is better All around me smiling faces Different people from different"
  • Life Is Good - Chesney Kenny
    "Chesney Kenny Everywhere We Go Life Is Good Darlin' if you think back To the heartbroken past Before we found each other It's so amazin', it's almost crazy What a difference lookin' through the eyes of"
  • Life Is Good - Kenny Chesney
    "Darlin' if you think back To the heartbroken past Before we found each other It's so amazin', it's almost crazy What a difference lookin' through the eyes of love Life is good, the grass is green The"
  • Life Is Good - Emilio Navaira
    "Chorus: Life is good in my hometown Got a steady job all my friends around A place to relax After a long hard day Where the band is hot And the beer is cold Folks 'round here Have a lot of soul Life is"
  • Life Is Good - Jacob Young
    "VERSE 1: Back at school he never worked too hard The prettiest girls and the fastest cars he was the hero of our schoolyard Almost everyday If we ever felt misunderstood We'd try on some of his attitude We"
  • Life Is Good - Espen Lind
    "When I have to sleep alone When I'm far away from home When I've lost the will to try When I fear I'm won't get by When the night is long and I can't see She comes to me She says "Life la la la la la la"
  • Life Is Good - Los Lobos
    "(David Hidalgo/Louie Perez) I get happy 'cause my life is good I get laughin' 'cause I know I should I get all happy 'cause my life is good, so good And I go Ooh la la Mm Ooh la la Mm Ooh la la Mm Ooh"
  • Life Is Good - Junk
    "I know I can't always win, I can't do anything I, Do more than dream I, Think, You make everything - everything just right, So Alive, Life is good when you're around, Nothing can bring me down, I can't"
  • Life is good - Junk lyrics
    "I know i can't always win i can do anything i... do more then dream i... think you make everything,everything just try so alive life is good when you're around! nothing can bring me down (nothing can"
  • Life Is Good - Ministry
    "What do you say to the ones you love About the shit you've seen? Third time back from the war in Iraq A never ending dream Bodies & limbs scattered all over town It's all I ever see Come back home to the"
  • Life Is Good - Jo Dee Messina
    "(Jo Dee Messina/Mark Selby) I used to think that life was all about the joneses Trying to find a way to just keep up some how I had to have it, do it, be it, had to own it A little secret that I finally"
  • Life is good - LaLaine
    "You walked inWhen the rest of the worldWalked outWe've always beenThere for each otherIn times of doubtI don't have to say itBut I'll say it anyways Life is goodWhen you've got a friendWho makes you smileLife"
  • Life Is - Al Jarreau
    "They're sayin' stick the script But there's more to the book somehow Yellin' on the corner just a waste of time They can never know the truth in that frame of mind Come spark the track with your gift God"
  • Life - Sea Of Green
    "Sometimes I Want To Run And Hide But Today Luck's On My Side Everything's Great Inside I Feel Good Like The Way I Knew I Always Would This Is The Best Day Of My Life Nothing Will Change How I Feel This"
  • My Life Is Good - Randy Newman
    "A couple of week ago My wife and I Took a little trip down to Mexico Met this young girl there We brought her back with us Now she lives with us In Our Home She cleans the hallway She cleans the stair She"
  • Life Is So Good - Lace
    "(Chris Farren/Deana Carter) If I wanted it easy I'd a been gone by now If I though it was simple I'd have figured it out But this thing called love takes everything that I've got I'm not sure what it"
  • Life Is Good (ft. Drake) - Future
    "workin’ on the weekend like usual way off in the deep and like usual niggas swear they passed us they doin’ too much haven’t done my taxes I am too turn up Virgil got that Patek on my wrist going nuts niggas"

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