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lifehous beetwen

  • Stuck beetwen a rock - Aaron Watson
    "He calls from a hotel in downtown Dallas Says he wont be home for three more days She gets so lonely in her Houston hill top palace Talking to her self as their two-year-old plays She rocks the baby"
  • Sick Dance - Natalia Nykiel
    "Dark light pushes beetwen us From different worlds they don't see us Time is running without you I love the way You do, I love the way You move Tell me how does it feel like Colours blowing our heads"
  • Boys - Scoffers
    "I met a boy who loved the whole world I held his hand and i said come with me he looked at a man and gave him little pebble he couldn`t walk and he was alone He should have cried but he had empty eyes he"
  • Lisbon (feat. Łukasz Lach) - HEART & SOUL
    "Seas of sorrow The veil of space beetwen us Songs of love melt away in the sun My pillows are colder than the chapel I pray in for love and for you to come home chorus: Who needs arrows of love that"
  • Stuck (ft. Tove Styrke) - Lost Kings
    "just because i can’t pull my finger on the problem doesn’t mean that ain’t no problem there’s a tick to think .. just you can solve them don’t you think we put some think by now I gave you what you want"
  • Miss you - Smokie
    "Now that you have gone awayYou've found someone else to sayThe same thing too never will believe inBut how was I to knowBut you were never really so in love with meAs it was me who did the givingNow I'm"
  • Headtide - Linea 77
    "I don't know your fuckin thoughts but i can imagine them If you want you can scream or you can go away Noone listen to you or searches for you because You are strange and now noone wait noone call You"
  • My Favourite Part - Kari Amirian
    "I like the california sky I like the people passing by I like to shout on New Year's Eve I like the way we live and the ice cream bars I like you playing your gitaur and when you call from afar I like"

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