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lifehous beetwen the raindrops

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lifehous beetwen the raindrops

  • Raindrops - Basement Jaxx
    "In a desert You're standing A silhouette In motion On the glory afternoons in June I need you Just like raindrops (Just like raindrops) You'll feel so good upon my lips Just like raindrops (Just like raindrops) Even"
  • Raindrops - Sasha
    "raindrops, raindrops, raindrops are fallin on my head Im standing here on the parking lot waitin for my girl my umbrella is broken my cars been stolen what am I doin here the wind is blowin, Im getting"
  • Raindrops - Roy Orbison
    "Joe Melson Raindrops, Raindrops I look out my window and what do I see Raindrops, Raindrops they mark the pathway to my destiny Raindrops, Raindrops Yes rain like the tears that fell from my heart"
  • Raindrops - Tub Ring
    "Raindrops are falling on my shoulder I've fought the battles of a soldier One day you'll come back and find me Now that I've put the past behind me Then you'll see That I'm not half the man I used to be I"
  • Raindrops - Pitbull
    "Intro: Umm . . . Umm . . . Umm . . . Umm . . . Anjuli Stars . . . Pitbull . . . This is dedicated to anybody that's lost somebody important in their life Don't worry they in a better place now Verse 1"
  • Raindrops - Pitbull ft. Anjuli Stars
    "Intro: Umm . . . Umm . . . Umm . . . Umm . . . Anjuli Stars . . . Pitbull . . . This is dedicated to anybody thats lost somebody important in their life Dont worry they in a better place now Verse 1 (Anjuli) I"
  • Raindrops - R. Kelly
    "Baby, is it all right if I break it down and give you something romantic? I figured since it's raining, this would be the perfect time for us. Can you hear the sounds of the, love angels calling us Sweet"
  • Raindrops - Armor For Sleep
    "You appear like raindrops And leave like you sink through The streets that you fall on The cars that slip on you All of this for just one night Suffocate me, all you need, I wont breathe but its okay Youll"
  • Raindrops - Ellegarden
    "I am lying,You are lying,We keep our backs turned away,You are hiding,But I'm not looking,You wonder if I'm still here,You are cheating,Cause I am cheating,We know that but we're still pretending,We're"
  • Raindrops - Sash feat. Stunt
    "Hold my hand lets chase the sun We both know something's begun Nothing feels that real without you Wanna learn so much about you Shining star I've seen your face Everything falls into place Nothing else"
  • Raindrops - Gerald Levert
    "Yeah yeah Oh, yeah Oh, oh Yeah, yeah Forcast was cloudy, the chance of showers I had places to be, folks to see in about an hour Out the door, starts to pour, gotta make it there In a blur, there you"
  • Raindrops - Regina Spektor
    "You dont know but thats okayYou might find me anywayDont you know that iBelong arm in arm with you, babyIn a town thats cold and grayWe will have a sunny dayDont you know that iBelong arm in arm with you,"
  • Raindrops - Gyroscope
    "Hear me whistle from the back row, baby in the background. Do you miss me like the sight of new day? Stand tall my brethren for this is how we play. Don't tell me I've missed the boat again. If you saw"
  • Raindrops - R.Kelly
    "INTRO Baby, is it alright if I break it down and give you somethin romantic, huh I figured since its raining, that it would be the perfect time for us towell VERSE Can you hear the sounds of the love angels"
  • Raindrops - Tindersticks
    "Silence is here again The silence is here again tonight Will the love ever come back? Will the love ever come back? I know I've been pushing you away I know it's been going on for days Those awkward little"
  • Raindrops - Dilba
    "Dilba I imagine us in a love without pain We gently move like the clouds It's a fantasy, a state of mind to make it happen A world inside a hidden garden To run and hide in, in times of need And if you"
  • Stuck beetwen a rock - Aaron Watson
    "He calls from a hotel in downtown Dallas Says he wont be home for three more days She gets so lonely in her Houston hill top palace Talking to her self as their two-year-old plays She rocks the baby"
  • Raindrops & sunshowers - The Smashing Pumpkins
    "Rain falls on everyone The same old rain And I'm just trying to walk with you Between the raindrops I send my echo out To get your love without Obscured reflections of my love Rain falls on everyone The"
  • Acid Raindrops - People Under The Stairs
    "Out on the Porch (Verse 1) Lets have a mid city fiesta with your west LA connections Hop inside the vehicle start crossing intersections We learning life's lessons While we blaze this herbal essence A"
  • Passionate Raindrops - Stevie Wonder
    "The day's been hot and sunny Evening's about to take control The sky is painting pictures Stirring up love bliss in our souls The breeze carries the fragrance Of the sweetest symphony as it blows through"

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