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lifehouse everythink

  • Lifehouse - Lifehouse
    "If I don't have you then my world would end If I don't have you then I would die If I don't have you then my world would end If I don't have you then I would die You see it's not always right to tell someone"
  • Everythink - Gnashing Of Teeth
    "When I let go of myself, it all starts to align And that's all right with me, it makes life worth the time When I think destination has been found When there's something to do and I think that I can I"
  • Broken - Lifehouse
    "The broken clock is a comfort, it helps me sleep tonight Maybe it can't stop tomorrow from stealing all my time I am here still waiting though I still have my doubts I am damaged at best, like you've already"
  • The Joke - Lifehouse
    "When you find me in the morning Hanging on a warning Oh... the joke is on you You said you were pretending Here's to unhappy endings Oh... the joke is on you To make sure yesterday doesn't repeat I took"
  • Make Me Over - Lifehouse
    "Wrap my arms around your name Feel your breath against my pain As I breath out The past is gone Empty smile Naked Heart Who I was, falls apart When you're here Inside of me Feel till your numb depth perception"
  • Mesmerized - Lifehouse
    "Filling a space, burning a chapter of your life This was the place that only you would know Walking away; watching the ashes as they fall Reaching into your eyes I can feel you crawling through my"
  • Bridges - Lifehouse
    "It's such a shame to let this go to waste There's a little time left here for saving face We tried to put a bandage on these years I know this isn't what you want to hear You can say what you like pass"
  • Learn You Inside Out - Lifehouse
    "See my feet on the ground But it feels like the worlds gravity drowned When I'm with you I'm high Instead of hiding my face My minds in your eyes Can your love embrace Me as I am In the silence you stare"
  • Through These Times - Lifehouse
    "I was alone living miles away I'm reading the signs and they've got nothing to say it's always the same reasons of why I should stay but I've got nowhere else to go so tell me where to go from here"
  • Butterfly - Lifehouse
    "she watches a darkness creeping up about half past eight she sits by the weeping willow says that she can relate she dreams of someday getting out of this place she says she's never felt at home even in"
  • Running Away - Lifehouse
    "lost my step fell back down lost my breath chasing you around easy said hard to do my pride's halfway dead and I'm halfway you and I never thought I'd be the one who would have to come back down now"
  • Signs Of Life - Lifehouse
    "Break through hoping your demons can't catch you So many people with a good view If you should ever be the one to hit the ground There's stop signs on the wrong highway And it's so dark looking for answers But"
  • Along The Way - Lifehouse
    "Remember when the simple were the things we loved Yeah yeah yeah Remember when living was simply enough Yeah yeah yeah But fears fill the emptiness and years fill everything in between All this time"
  • God's Lemonade - Lifehouse
    "I am content to be in content melt or break through your walls of crust give me something that I can hold as I'm trying to make my way up this stream of dust lead me up to where you are let me feel the"
  • Goodbye - Lifehouse
    "Take your medicine and swallow it down Drown your sorrows in a bowl of pain now You've got the confidence You have the smile Fool everybody even yourself for awhile (chorus) So take your suffering and"
  • If I Don't Have You - Lifehouse
    "If I don't have you then my world would end If I don't have you then I would die If I don't have you then my world would end If I don't have you then I would die You see it's not always right to tell"
  • Joshua - Lifehouse
    "the air has never felt so warm the sky has never looked this way before there's nothing comforting in change I can't seem to find any peace in this confusion I can't help my mind from racing and my heart"
  • Just Words - Lifehouse
    "you need to understand, I need to tell you. All the times i had the chance, i let them pass by, I never knew, 'till it was to late, I didn't think it would be this way. I'm here with all the guilt, and"
  • May - Lifehouse
    "I'm standing I'm waiting I'm falling more in love with you every time I find myself here and what I feel for you it can't be contained and how I long for you to come I want to get carried away by you and"
  • Stand - Lifehouse
    "waiting for how long I don't know it's a long way back from where I've been and there's nowhere else to go so I'll stand with my face to the wind with my back to the world I'll follow you and I'll go where"

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