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light me up grommy

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light me up grommy

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light me up grommy
  • Kobra And The Lotus Light Me Up
    "Watching you sitting there alone again The pain is eating you alive You're suffering Wonder If I'll ever see you whole again If I had just one wish, I'd take it all away Don't let go I'll find you in"
  • Birdy Light Me Up
    "Finding my heart Using my hands You’re my feet on the ground My footprints From where I began I must've carried the love I feel the love Our time is torn and we don’t need it no more Wherever we are I’m"
  • Inna Light Up
    "Come see the sunshine, let it shine on you And this is the skylight tangled up in you And we go up up up and away Up up up and we stay Close to sun, we’ll be okay All of our days ‘Cause these are the rays"
  • Styx Light Up
    "(Dennis DeYoung) Light up everybody Join us in this celebration Light up and be happy Sweet, sweet sounds will fill the air Every day's a holiday when your lips meet mine The music's keepin' time with"
  • Darren Hayes Light
    "Light It flickers Your light Travelling down so deep Illumination I have been cold, I have been blind You have come to change my mind I can put my faith in you Light It blisters Your light Coming down"
  • Alice Ripley Light
    "We need some light, first of all we need some light You can't sit here in the dark and all alone, it's a sorry sight It's just you and me, we'll live, you'll see Night after night we'd sit and wait for"
  • Further Seems Forever Light Up Ahead
    "Take this heart of darkness I give it up and all the emptyness I fill it up The times that I feel nothing You bring enough So I can live for something You lift me up and all these bad dreams I wake up"
  • Marshmello, Tyga, Chris Brown Light It Up
    "you a real bitch Light It Up you, bitch Light It Up let your birthday go ‘n it up it’s your birthday go ‘n it up I’m drunk and I’m throwin’ middle fingers up mellow made it right pass me the kush we"
  • Rev Theory Light It Up
    "Hey, I want a taste You're a black heart devil and I can't explain Why I wait for your face You're a hotel lover on the back end deal of this race Every night she seems to change her name Doesn't matter"
  • DJ Antoine Light It Up
    "There?s something in the air That?s makes me so loco __ Dancing __ I feel that emotions Brought me in the ocean Forget your problems You don?t have to suffer You got to live your life So let?s come together A"
  • Choclair Light It Up
    "(Chocs) Like... (Jully) Turn it on, light it up, we gon set this.. on fire (Chocs) Yeea, yeea, ha ha (Chocs) We in the plane, floatin through the cloud, right (Jully) Turn it on, light it up (Chocs) From"
  • Thriving Ivory Light up Mississippi
    "The silence never changes In the city with no name Would you come down after midnight Leave the rest of us to shame Why don't we talk to the dead When the living's all the same Why do we crawl like babies"
  • Kurupt Light Shit Up
    "(feat. Buckshot) Yeah, true story know what I'm sayin' We got the Duck Down family keepin' it motherfuckin' real (Wha, what, what) (This is what you get when you get this shit) (This is what you get"
  • Kottonmouth Kings Light It Up
    "Everybody time to light up. Time to gather in the circle It's time to divvy up. You got one life to live, start livin' it up. Pull a branch from your sack and lets roll one up. Well I understand if you're"
  • Bring Me The Horizon Shed Light
    "Show me how to kill you. You shed light then she'll get all broken. Hurry up and get home my dear, where the fuck you been? Can't you take a purpose with the shape of a better sin? You The clones come"
  • Westlife Light Up My Life
    "So many nights, I'd sit by my window, Waiting for someone to sing me his song. So many dreams, I kept deep inside me, Alone in the dark, now you've come along. And you light up my life, You give me"
  • Yellowcard Light Up The Sky
    "You're making a choice to live like this In all of the noise I am silence We already know how it ends tonight You run in the dark through a firefight And I would explode just to save your life Yeah, I"
  • Take That Hold Up A Light
    "You can dance if you likeYou can sing every line of every songNo, you dont have to steal the showIt was your show all alongAs the orchestra playsThe people take the seatsTheres no room left in this houseIts"
  • Barenaked Ladies Light Up My Room
    "A Hydro-field cuts through my neighborhood Somehow that always just made me feel good I can put a spare bulb in my hand And light up my yard Late at night when the wires in the walls Sing in tune with"
  • Australian Crawl The Boys Light Up
    "Let me tell you about my mountain home Where all the ladies names are Joan Where husbands work back late at night Hopes are up for trousers down With hostess on a business flight Taxi in a Mercedes"

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