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light of the Seven

  • Seven - Army Of The Pharaohs
    "(Verse 1: Planetary) Yeah! Yo, uh, A lotta rappers try approaching the omen, My palms are punishin' people while I'm up at the podium, Pharaohs folding 'em, like washed clothes again, I'm a vulture when"
  • Seven Witches - Seven Witches
    "Into darkened visions My past still haunting me The seven witches are calling Why don't they set me free The hour approaches midnight, heed the call of darkness Twisted trees cast shadows amidst the tangled"
  • Seven - The Connells
    "My brother told me What had happened on that day. Although I knew, The feeling did not hit me right away. Then I fell asleep into a dream and thought that it was real. And I knew that it was alright,"
  • Seven - Autonomadic
    "When I was six years old Teacher told me I was slow "You must learn to count to ten -- You can't just stop at seven." But seven scabie Grahams And seven Gevar lambs And seven kits with seven cats And"
  • Seven - Bloodgood
    "God gave Jesus a revelation And the Lord sent His angel to John The faithful witness, the firstborn from the dead The ruler of the kings of all the earth The one who loves us and has freed us from our"
  • Seven - David Bowie
    "I forgot what my father said I forgot what he said I forgot what my mother said as we layed upon your bed A city full of flowers a city full of rain I got seven days to live my life or seven ways to"
  • Seven - Gamma Ray
    "They stare at you with an evil eye Under the cover of a winning smile Ruthless and rotten the core Immaculate on the outer shell They make you jump in the wishing well They leave you screaming back for"
  • Seven - Ellis Paul
    "Seven times I traced your number Just one finger to your voice Seven times I put the receiver down Seven times I tried to write you But I cannot make your choice Your lips they move, But they make no sound And"
  • Seven - Gob Squad
    "So I'm a sleth and you're the one who try to label me. But I take pride in myself despite all your jealousy. I'm a nighthawk and a scarecrow. I'm as wrathful as can be. Way to greedy to be on your list"
  • Seven - Takida
    "Strangers a brand new world, taking control Breeding inside of you, feeding on souls See the sun rise slowly Will we ever see another one? The fear of being lonely Makes me think we are the chosen ones Leader's"
  • Seven - Megadeth
    "Full of greed you sell your soul Full of pride a heavy load You eat yourself gluttony Resent yourself you envy me Everything turns into wrath You lust yourself to death Deep fears that drive us"
  • Seven - Fever Ray
    "I've got a friend who I've known since I was seven We use to talk on the phone, if we have time, if it's the right time Accompany me by the kitchen sink We talk about love, we talk about dishwasher tablets,"
  • Seven - Bombshell Rocks
    "I've got a few true friends making stakes by my side Give me the odds, odds don't mean a thing to me We slam the door behind Heading for year 99 Taking back the ground like chronic thieves Don't like"
  • Seven - Hunter
    "Sleep my baby..... dream ......a peaceful dreamIt will protect you from your Evil...At night You are where each day is...Hush.... hush...hush... ... the party won't crush...The dawn tears you apart,releases"
  • Seven - Boondox
    "(A tiskit a taskit The scarecrows out his casket Turn out the lites and lock the doors Prayin that he passes) A vision of the dead and the inbread of the backwoods Muthafucka born inside a tool shed Momma"
  • Seven - Play
    "Mmmm mmm.. oOoOHh.. mm mmm I got a letter, story of frustration I got a number, counting complications Its got me running from my situation Blame it on my own imagination (roll the dice) And tell it"
  • Seven - Quietdrive
    "Yesterday I spent all my time Thinking of raising myself Forever even with you Now I'm just wasting all this energy Making sure you're not to blame Never cursing you All the people you Put to shame"
  • Seven - Sunny Day Real Estate
    "sew it on face the fool december's tragic drive when time is poetry when stolen the world outside the waiting (could) crush my heart no... sew it on face the fool the tidal wave of fear and brave songs"
  • Seven - East West
    "Walk the gauntlet of lies. Who will it be today... Secrets of this place, never knowing... Follow the ones that consume, becoming just like them. Fade away among the crowds, again. And I can read the"
  • Seven - James
    "----------------------------------------------------Blow me awayWas that love you declaredOnly a word love can mean anythingUnderstand the world we're livin inOceans apartWhat's that view from your wayBeautiful"

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