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like a butterfly

  • Butterfly - Sesame Street
    "Butterfly ... Butterfly ... Orange and black, bright dusty wing Flutter through fields where the summer birds sing Blown like a paper, hour by hour Over the grass, from flower to flower Butterfly"
  • Butterfly - The Verve
    "You could flap your wings a thousand miles away Butterfly A laughing salesman sings His world so far away Butterfly Butterfly Butterfly You could take the storm away forever every day Cause you're mine And"
  • Butterfly - Yoko Kanno
    "You're a love song Only half-way sung You're the knot that comes undone Dressed as darkest night The flight of a stringless kite The very vision The mirage man You're air in the palm of my hand You're"
  • Butterfly - Queensberry
    "Sometimes you gotta let a good thing go so long to the girl I know I feel it somethings coming over me ike a wave taking mw were I wanna be Always changing, moving faster than the speed of light Ive"
  • Butterfly - Scott Walker
    "There's a butterfly circling the beach Searching the rocks where you are He chooses your hair, and that's where he belongs For he's lost like a star Head down, reluctant and warm You give your thoughts"
  • Butterfly - Damhnait Doyle
    "I know it'll all be better come September These miles and walls will seem like a dream (Dream on you tonight) I've done all I can do to help remember Sketched your name in chalk on my ceiling Will you"
  • Butterfly - Shareefa
    "It replays in my mind, so many times When I try to move on, it just rewinds I'm scarred for life, a casualty of love Captivated me, like a prisoner What was I thinkin of, I gotta free my mind Now its my"
  • Butterfly - Ass Ponys
    "hey man you wanna be the pilot of a kamikaze aeroplane instead i bet you're gonna add it to a list of things you never tried you're a fifth wheel, a fourth class third string second rate kind of guy and"
  • Butterfly - EMMI
    "When you go to sleep at night Do you wonder whos inside Inside your head making all those sick dreams And when you close your door at night Push it against the wall real tight Just making sure theres no"
  • Butterfly - Kylie Minogue
    "Mm mmm In the morning I'll wake up with you There's not anything I would rather do You are more than you'll ever know And your love teaches me to grow You are more than my everything And your love gives"
  • Butterfly - Candlebox
    "ll I know I see it, what for? All I know you see it, what for? Lies to, love to, feel it all What I've dropped to, and I Never see what I want Never see what I need Know it's for To die for, to die for, To"
  • Butterfly - Jamiroquai
    "Little butterfly come back to me Everything that I want written on your face I want it, I want it So take me where you want to It's your love that I chase I want it, I want it Now you got something I"
  • Butterfly - Lloyd Cole
    "you were an innocent child before i laid my hands on you and all that pain that you held inside was just waiting to bloom in a darkened room and you just flew right into the light and came alive my little"
  • Butterfly - Cole Lloyd
    "you were an innocent child before i laid my hands on you and all that pain that you held inside was just waiting to bloom in a darkened room and you just flew right into the light and came alive my little"
  • Butterfly - Corinne Bailey Rae
    "In my mother's house there's a photograph, of a day gone past, always makes me laugh. There's a little girl, wary of the world. She's got much to learn, get her fingers burned. An affinity between you"
  • Butterfly - Nixons
    "We're beside you when you walk, leave the navigation to us See the questions form around minds craving fullness Just another listen you might find Just another listen until you can... See me...changing"
  • Butterfly - Tweenies
    "A butterfly was flying by a garden in July He landed on a cabbage leaf and heard a mournful sigh A big fat hairy caterpillar nibbling on a leaf Said if I could fly like you that would be a relief But look"
  • Butterfly - KAT-TUN
    "What's up yo ha? hade na party beauty somebody. We have to take a one shot. Iya na hi wa you shout it out. Shake it up.say my name. One, motto sexy ni konna hi wo taisetsu ni Check it.honnou"
  • Butterfly - Amos Tori
    "Amos Tori Miscellaneous Butterfly Stinky soul get a little lost in my own Hey General, need a little love in that hole of yours one ways, now, and Saturdays and our kittens all wrapped in cement from cradle"
  • Butterfly - Stina Nordenstam
    "It happened again last nightIt happened again alrightHoney it makes me want to cryToo late I fell out of bedHit the ceiling insteadI'd turned into a butterfly God didn't spend much timeThis was a hit and"

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