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like a child

  • Like A Child - Junior Boys
    "Feels like time we close the room You're back in town Guess ya heard the news: I'll be gone Turn to cough Twist my arm Call the girls To nurse my charm Yeah, I'm like a child I'm like a child Stay a"
  • Like A Child - Tamoto
    "Can't you see what she did to me I can't believe she did the same to you She took all of my money ain't it funny 'cause she did the same to you I don't know how you feel but I thought that she was"
  • Like A Child - Backstreet Boys
    "Backstreet Boys Backstreet's Back Like A Child If I could right the wrongs that made you cry Girl, would you promise not to say goodbye, oh Cuz I'm holding on With a love so strong And I can't take the"
  • Like A Child - Bering Strait
    "Unconditionally isn't too much to ask; Everything you give me you know I'm gonna give back; I'm just bein' honest, I want all this. CHO: So hold me like a lover, and love me like a child; And when I'm"
  • Like A Child - Tamyra Gray
    "Who knows? Who knows the things she feels Who sees? Just how deep it really is Cuz everyday so much pain Cuz her world is in constant change And if walls could talk who'd they blame Guess we'll never"
  • Like A Child - Noel
    "Hey girl, you got me walking in the dark I've got a feeling that my heart is just your game 'Cause you and I, we were so happy at the start But you've been playing much to hard for me to take Chorus:"
  • Like A Child - Crystal Lewis
    "copyright 2001 Chris Lizotte I'm coming to this place Tired and far away I'm longing for some peace To help me through this day So here's my life Lord, Here's my plea! I want to see your face Feel your"
  • Like A Child - Backyard Babies
    "Sometimes I could steal something real Sometimes I could steal money From my old man's wallet, when he didn't know whether he was givin' it away Or maybe lost it somehow yesterday When I go to work"
  • Like a child - Jars Of Clay
    "Dear God, surround me as I speak, the bridges that I walk across are weak Frustrations fill the void that I can't solely bear Dear God, don't let me fall apart, you've held me close to you I have turned"
  • Like A Child - Echo Image
    "Sometimes I question who I am I am a man without a soul Thoughts are spinning in my head As I am without a goal I need somebody to help me To see things right from wrong It scares me so to see that I"
  • Like A Child - Wishbone Ash
    "The sky is changing The clouds are gathering, we can see It's growing darker day by day, But I'm so high Within this stormy weather God is the wind, could take my soul, Even as I pray. You with your lack"
  • Child - Tara MacLean
    "Dry your eyes, child, What are you frightened of? You miss the beauty here If you've forgotten love. Look for truth in your heart, child, Though the light may blind Seen with more than your eyes. Take"
  • Child - Peter Hammill
    "I don't know quite what's happening and my eyes don't see too clear; all I know is I need you here, if only to shield me from the mood of the world and hold me and say it doesn't matter; but I'm like a"
  • Child - Free
    "Child you're talking of freedom Painted on your garden wall It's not there at all Child you're talking of wisdom You say wisdom is a golden rule You ain't no fool But you don't know who it is Who calls"
  • Child - Dead Mushroom
    "All the way Like a storm on a mountain high So I hope and I pray That my soul can fly Now the time has come for me to rise No way I'm gonna walk off that live You see what I can't see You hear what I can't"
  • Child - GWAR
    "Having a child with a person I don't even know Jumping up and down in the crowd she got a face full of blow And then she put it down south She didn't understand She caught the sperm in her mouth She's"
  • Child - Asrai
    "Like a long day in life Never so strong is the mercy inside I feel my eyes turn to the skies Sliding slowly, melting in your eyes You cover up the cruelty They built so carefully for all thoseyears You"
  • Child - Mark Owen
    "Sleep peacefully now my childI hope that you go awayTo a place where your dreams can playWipe all the tears from your eyesThere is a sky of blueThis is your time of truthLike a bird high on the windMay"
  • Like A Motherless Child - Moby
    "sometimes I feel like a motherless child sometimes I feel like a motherless child sometimes I feel like a motherless child So far from home This was life and this was safer all was strange and always"
  • Christmas Like A Child - Third Day
    "I want to feel Christmas, how it used to be With all of its wonder falling on me This season has felt so empty, oh for quite a while I want to feel Christmas like a child I want to see snowflakes fall"

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