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like a fever

  • Fever - The Black Keys
    "Fever where'd you run to Fever where'd you run to Acting out of certainty A fever let me live a dream Fever, how much slept on No one misbehave too Fever let me sun screw Wouldn't leave you if I could Fever Fever"
  • Fever - Azure Ray
    "Fever i know you've come to take my love Go away Fever i know your face just like a dove Fly away Fever turn the lights out Take a different road Let us be Fever i know you've come to take my love Go"
  • Fever - Ray Charles
    "Never knew how much I love you, never knew how much I care When you put your arms around me, I get a fever that's so hard to bear You give me fever, when you kiss me, fever when you hold me tight Fever"
  • Fever - Buddy Guy
    "Ohh, ohhh, ohhh Listen to me Listen to me Listen to me Never know how much I love you woman never know how much I care When you put your arms around me I get a feeling that is hard to bare You give me"
  • Fever - The Moffatts
    "He's got a split finger wrap And his rope's pulled way too tight He's got a lunatic smile 'Cause he's really drawn deep tonight He's got a fever, fever, fever, fever Grab a hold of anything and hold on"
  • Fever - Yerba Buena
    "Verse 1: Love u love u baby, you give me fever Love u love you darling, cause you give me fever Love the way u walk, love the way talk Love the way u move, love the way u groove Love u love u baby, B: Cause"
  • Fever - Bruce Springsteen
    "When I get home from my job I turn on my T.V. But I can't keep my mind on the show When I lay down at night I don't get no sleep So I turn on the radio But, Lord, the only thing I hear Is you whisperin'"
  • Fever - Elisa
    "Why do you wanna know everything Why do you need a plan in your mind Why do you smile if you don't want to Why do you act if this is all true How can you keep your wish inside you How can I just forget"
  • Fever - Kylie Minogue
    "I've been bitten by the bug and I am coming down with oh Something that can't be cured There ain't a doctor in this town who is more qualified than you Yeah, to be so adored So tell me what do you prescribe"
  • Fever - Judas Priest
    "I'd spend my days alone I used to stay at home Lost in seclusion there. Like I was in a cell A captured heart as well Surrounded by despair. Darkness filled my soul Losing all control. Down on the streets"
  • Fever - Aerosmith
    "I got a rip in my pants and a hole in my brand new shoes I got a Margarita nose and a breath full of Mad Dog Booze Chorus: I got the fever, fever, fever, fever Yeah, they threw me outa jail I tell ya"
  • Fever - Tone Damli Aaberge
    "Lately I'm two feet of the ground My world is spinning Now you kissed me Slightly dizzy Baby, I waited for so long And it feel so strong That right now I should lie down And I've been under for a week Mumbling"
  • Fever - Kevin Lyttle
    "Kevin Lyttle " Fever chorus: You give me feva you make me hot like peppa, I'm burnin' up like fieya, I'm thirsty fo your watah. 2X When I see you, I don't know what to do, you make my pressure rise,"
  • Fever - Rhymefest
    "(Intro) Neverrr know how much I love you (woo!) Neverrr know how much I care (No I.D.) And when you put your arms around me I get the fever that's so hard to bare You give me fever (Rhymefest) Uhh, here"
  • Fever - Ashley Best
    "Last-night you died, I have never cried this much from a dream, I was sure it was real.Last-night I'm sure my heart missed a beat at the thought of you leaving this place.It's made me feel like something"
  • Fever - My Ruin
    "I I think I'll cut myself Cut myself free Now I'm somewhere else I need to be Wasted with no sleep Forgot to pray Jesus can you hear me? Nails keep pounding You push your fingers into holes Of what my"
  • A Fever - Owen
    "You fucked a fever in me, And I'm burning up. A hundred and two, a hundred and three. Cold sweats, im in need of new sheets. You fucked this flu in me, And I'm throwing up dinner for two, and mixed drinks. Im"
  • Catch It Like A Fever - Carly Simon
    "(Carly Simon) If you want someone bad enough You can catch it like a fever And it's the last thing in the world you want, But you can catch it like a fever And it;s the only thing That's left of you And"
  • Disco Fever - Tina Charles
    "Disco Fever Walking sideways like a crab Making music work real bad From your feet to the top of your heart Go crazy with the feeling You dont want to go to bed Disco fever! Disco fever! Disco fever! Disco"
  • Asiatic Fever - Godiego
    "Asiatic fever Asiatic fever Got the fever The Asiatic fever Somebody help me I got it bad It's driving me crazy I'm going mad I'm turning yellow My hair's turning black I'm talking funny But it's a real"

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