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like falling angels

  • Angels Falling - Insane Clown Posse
    "I climbed up in the tree in the back and got on my roof top With my 22 it's hot with little pops Started bustin' off shots aimin' all at the sky I emptied out the gun bustin' all at the sky Then I"
  • Falling angels - 4 Backwoods
    "If ever eyes were seeing Our hearts are made of stone See angles falling down But staying all alone Never thought that she would be So betraying to my eyes She caught me up when I was weak She rips me"
  • Angels falling - ICP
    "I climbed up in the tree in the back and got on my roof top With my 22 its hot with little pops Started bustin off shots aimin all at the sky I emptied out the gun bustin all at the sky Then I went and"
  • Angels - All Star United
    "Could be she got lost Or maybe she just watched a little too much TV It's hard to say but anyway it's plain to see And so she goes on like a drifting satellite but tonight Angels hold her hands When she"
  • Angels - Blue Rodeo
    "Sometimes it all looks like some Chagall I close my eyes and disappear for awhile and the world is falling slowly out of view while the angels are singing singing me home yeah the angels are singing singing"
  • Falling - Oblivion Dust
    "Tell me your secrets Tell me your secret Is it lie, lie, lies? And give me a whisper that disappears like a sigh, sigh, sigh I'm falling from above I need a miracle of love Am I an object? Laboratory"
  • Falling - Machine Men
    "The massacre of angels in heaven has begun The black clouds are moving, covering the sun Screaming and torture as an echo in the wind Satan has his lust and the last sun Jesus is next, deceived once again Nails"
  • Angels falling - Cindy Morgan
    "The streets are dark Black street car Walking way too far To find your way back home The windows down The curtains brown To close the sound That keeps haunting your soul Don't you know You better watch"
  • Like Angels - Gary Moore
    "In every heart a story is told. There's a way you can believe in forever. In every life the story unfolds, like a mystery for you to see and tear away the mask. Hold on to your dreams, learn how to fly"
  • Eager Angels - Session Road
    "I see you walking in Hurting from what have been As your face draws back And open up a sigh I hate to break it in you It's the hardest thing she had to But her words meant baby Everything is through Nanananana"
  • Strange Angels - Anderson Laurie
    "Anderson Laurie Strange Angels Strange Angels They say that heaven is like TV A perfect little world that doesn't really need you And everything there is made of light And the days keep going by Here they"
  • Angels wings - Berlin
    "He's too loud and so young And too lucky in love Too hot and too wild And so never enough Crazy and nothing at all like my dreams Dripping with sweat on my angel's wings He's too pretty so nasty so wanting"
  • Angels & Demons - jxdn
    "Two face, two face, yeah Black white, left right, yeah Up down, all night, yeah Can't escape it ever Don't forget my name I don't feel the same On a trip, no train And all these angels and demons Keep"
  • Homesick Angels - A Day at the Fair
    "Watch me break like tempered glass, and cut my wrist while falling, for boredom sake I'll call in sick, and I'll just keep on writing, these letters to homesick angels, resting calmly on my shoulder, as"
  • Heaven's Falling - Cheap Trick
    "I will believe What I want to believe Nobody needs To do my thinkin' for me I know the score, I'm always out of line It's as if I was born in the wrong place in time And nobody understands just what's"
  • Falling Down - Hybrid
    "Open my eyes, But I can't see where you are, Put out my hands, But I can't reach that far. Holding you in, The taste is still on my lips, The need to feel, Close, touch, fingertips. Like rivers, We"
  • Heaven's Falling - Todd Rundgren
    "I will believe what I want to believe Nobody needs to do my thinking for me I know the score, I'm always out of line It's as if I was born at the wrong place and time And nobody understands just what's"
  • Falling angel - Israel Vibration
    "What you don't like for yourself, / don't give it. You with your ego, glutness a greecly, won't achieve it. Telling Jah people that you cam When you are just in for the sham Me say whoa, them blasphemers."
  • Angels - Clique Girlz
    "Where have all he angels gone? I've been listenin' for them, when will they come around? I see darkness everyday but with some help from abovethings are gonna change they neverstay the same Angels, can"
  • Angels - Wax Poetic feat. Norah Jones
    "Angels falling through my hair I want to meet them tomorrow Angels falling through my hair I want to meet them tomorrow creole Part: Gade kijan n'ap mache Gade kijan n'ape cheche demen Nou pa men'm gen"

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