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like lie

  • Lie lie lie lie - Chumbawamba
    "Lie lie lie lie lie lie lie lie lie lie Lie lie lie lie lie lie lie lie lie lie I failed the audition for celebrity squares Your life is a dream, then you wake up You watch friends together, then you break"
  • Lie, Lie Lie - Myra
    "I tell myself that I don't love you I tell myself that you're not good for me Your eyes are green, grey, blue, whatever But I don't look at them And I don't look at you I tell myself that I don't want"
  • Lie, lie, lie - Myra
    "I tell myself that I don't love you I tell myself that you're not good for me Your eyes are green, grey, blue, whatever But I don't look at them And I don't look at you I tell myself that I don't want"
  • Lie Lie Lie - Joshua Bassett
    "So they told me all the things that you said Running all over my name And you're acting oh so innocent Like I'm the only one to blame You've been lying to yourself Lie to everyone else Only thinking"
  • Lie, Lie, Lie - Poor Old Lu
    "'Lie, Lie, Lie' hearkens back to those great songs of the '70's... or atleast it's supposed to. The track begins with a horrendous buzz and background noise. All just part of the special sound. We brought"
  • Lie - David Cook
    "You whispered that you were getting tired Gotta look in your eye Looks a lot like goodbye Hold on to your secrets tonight Don't want to know I'm okay with this silence This truth that I don't want to hear Your"
  • Lie - Marc Almond
    "I don't mean to be bitter But I'll hurt if you call Telling me you landed on your feet, after all Now your bedroom eyes are looking tired My baby has your sparkle died You smile But all the while your"
  • Lie - Alex Parks
    "If there was only light If there was only dark Would you see it? Would you believe it? If there was only time If there was only love Would you notice? Would you lie to learn? Your lie was true, you knew"
  • Lie - Nelly
    "Lie, Lie, Lie, Lie, Lie Lie, Lie, Lie, Lie Uh, uh Yo, yo Yo, I'm tired of the he say, she say Why every time they get mad, man, we pay She wanna act like the judge and the jury The police, FBI and the"
  • Lie - Bad Religion
    "How do you know what you can be if you can't see where you are going? What breaks the silence? Misery can make you see where you belong. It's a dangerous stage, but the show must go on. Why do you lie,"
  • Lie - Everlea
    "I wish that you could forget how to lie just tell the truth, be honest. You want me tonight Sometimes I wish that I could forget how you lie To tell the truth, I've never been good with good-bye And you"
  • Lie - Matt Nathanson
    "I don't feel much like talking to you tonightI'd rather not let you twist my words around again until theygive you something to feelI would rather keep my distance, thank you very muchWhat do you want?"
  • Lie - Ian Moore
    "Morning feels like a drag When your all messed up Aint got nobody to pick you up And your phone dont ring like it used to do All those you thought were your friends Well they turned on you Like a stone"
  • Lie - Black Light Burns
    "I'm living a lie And it's not the best thing for me But anyone and everyone, Is gonna hear another story I'm building a house Of murderous intention To keep it all from coming down, I gotta focus my attention 'Cause"
  • Lie - Lunik
    "I was kind of your sister all the time We needed no words to communicate You were kind of my brother all the time We knew we would never separate And when there were hard times we helped Consulted and"
  • Lie - Dream Theater
    "Daybreak, at the bottom of lake It's a hundred degrees I can't breathe And I won't get out 'til I figure it out Though I'm weak like I can't believe So you tell me 'trust me' l can trust you Just let me"
  • Lie Like This - Julia Michaels
    "He says i am pretty upside down Pretty right side up to Turn me half way around Je says i am emotionally sound Emotionally fucked too Now iam all turned around He says I am daydreaming about leaving"
  • Lie Freedom - Freak Kitchen
    "Who are you to tell me what to see? Who are you to tell me who to be? Who are you to tell me what to read? Who are you to tell me what I need? You fucking hypocrites Freedom's a lie, yeah a lie, yeah"
  • White Lie - Foreigner
    "One little white lie One white lie surrounds us One white lie won't stop the love That I feel around us Darlin', do you think about me What I feel for you, don't you ever doubt me You see the lock on"
  • Real lie - Auf Der Maur
    "So free and so fuck, so arousedSo alone I try to find the lie,That lies beneath you, I tryLike a wave, I'm self-acclaimedReal a lie, youre truly mine..Real a lie, youre truly mineI am that kind, living"

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