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like mike terror

  • Mike - Xiu Xiu
    "dad, what was Nigel supposed to do with your body? a life that I will never understand whose false teeth were gently pushed back into your mouth by your daughter's husband what am I supposed to do with"
  • Terror - My Ruin
    "Terror This is what you call me... I strike terror among men. I can't be bothered by what they think. I bare my cross, My soul, Myself. I forgive, but i never forget. I've been put upon this earth"
  • Terror Era - Terror Squad
    "Aiyyo Joe man whats good man Aiyyo I hear niggaz poppin shit They runnin off to the Jakes man They talkin like you ain't hood nigga What's really gangsta nigga What up what's poppin man Aiyyo fuck these"
  • Mike Cwel - Acid Drinkers
    "Mike does these things gratis He is very well known in the city His ass is his decoy and a trap for the children Mike is the first playboy of the railway station He is the favorite of suckers Mike is a"
  • Hey Mike - Yellowcard
    "Hey Mike, if you're listenin' I'm callin' home to tell you how it is It's real bad, it's cold out here It's been a long and lonely year It's been a long and lonely year It's been so long Don't give up Don't"
  • Mike Kalinsky - Clem Snide
    "mike kalinsky had asthma he was often absent from school but he still performed well on tests & quizzes so all the other kids felt like fools mike kalinsky had asthma spinning bottles never pointed his"
  • Mike Check - Tom Green
    "So what you wanna do, what you gonna wanna say? When I bust a rap in an old school way. I rock it when you hit the club to the break of day. Don't come a-knockin' if ya don't wanna play. And if ya wanna"
  • Mysterious Mike - Venerea
    "There's this guy I know He's been to some of our local shows In bloody clothes He's a psycho He's got this whim: wants us to write a song about him And simsalabim this is it (Chorus:) Mikey Do it one"
  • Mike (Remix) - Acumen Nation
    "it seems that i have found mr. razor, only i don't die in fact it keeps my soul alive it's like you said it was, except without the pain you know i'd feel it all, for you where is my, where is my where"
  • Morocco Mike - Murs
    "(Murs) Ay it's like, me and this nigga Eclipse been workin on this shit hella hard for hella days Y'know, knahmsayin? Been since like '95, both graduated and shit Shit changed a grip for me this year '95"
  • Terror Squad - Artillery
    "Dressed in cold black - gun in your hand Looking so cool you act like a man Livin' by terror goverment blessed You're taking your prisoners and shoot down the rest Terrror terror, terror squad Terrror"
  • Fight Terror With Terror - Nasum
    "It looks so hard To lie straight into their eyes Just like a robot Only colder, your circuits have been burned I see you walk through fake fires For those you say you love Their hopes built upon a pile"
  • Psycho Terror - Assassin
    "Wanna have some lovely fun with me Talking bullocks and ignore reality Never cool, always highest temperament Shouting loud and never be silent Psycho terror Destroy you like a total war Concentrate to"
  • Subconscious Terror - Benediction
    "Swirling void, unfathomable dark, Inner cranial conflict. Wading in detached reality, Infinite illusion. Dark abstract, vice - like grip Subconscious terror! Never underestimate the unseen. Brain producing"
  • Sacrilegious Terror - Deathspell Omega
    "Hunting like wolves, we have no regrets for all our murders, barbaric and inhuman. This is a crusade, an unholy quest against the holy spawn. The only morals we belive in are pleasure of hate, as"
  • The Terror - Crystal Eyes
    "So you want to hear a tale, you say? A true story from my younger days? I'll try to recall, so now listen well As I tell you about this demon from Hell Far to the north, into the barren Wastes we went,"
  • Destruction Terror - Three 6 Mafia
    "Chorus Destruction terror and mayhem Pass me a..... (Koopsta Knicca) Look in the eyes of this muthafuckin' wise guy I got the nine on my side But let me tell you why Inside the blackness of the skies Lie"
  • Terror Jungle - Adagio
    "Such a silence mother nature, The way you lie in wait for your prey, Lianas interwine around the skin, Beautiful sorceress disguised in green Wide bows hide more than just the sun Spicy smells of wood"
  • Terror jungle - J-Five
    "Such a silence mother nature,The way you lie in wait for your prey,Lianas interwine around the skin,Beautiful sorceress disguised in greenWide bows hide more than just the sunSpicy smells of wood leads"
  • Terror Jungle - Adagio
    "Such a silence mother nature, The way you lie in wait for your prey, Lianas interwine around the skin, Beautiful sorceress disguised in green Wide bows hide more than just the sun Spicy smells of wood"

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