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lilly wood prayer in c robin schulz

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lilly wood prayer in c robin schulz

  • Prayer in C - Lilly Wood & The Prick and Robin Schulz
    "Ya, you never said a word you didn't send me no letter don't think i could forgive you see, our world is slowly dying i'm not wasting no more time don't think i could believe you ya, you never said a"
  • Chlorine feat. Ava Max (Robin Schulz Remix) - TWENTY ONE PILOTS
    "Sippin' on straight chlorine, Let the vibe slide over me, This beat is a chemical, beat is a chemical, When I leave don't save my seat, I’ll be back when it’s all complete the moment is medical, moment"
  • Lilly - Pink Martini
    "Lilly comes when you stop to call her Lilly runs when you look away Lilly leaves kisses on your collar Lilly, Lilly, Lilly, Lilly, stay! Lilly comes when you stop to call her Lilly runs when you"
  • Lilly - Venditti Antonello
    "LILLY di A. Venditti ==================== Lilly ... Quattro buchi nella pelle carta di giornale nuda e senza scarpe bianca, e non in ospedale senza catene senza denti per mangiare una montagna di rifiuti nessun"
  • Lilly - Hall & Oates
    "Lilly, laughing lady,does your smile disguise the tears inside?Lilly, lonely lady,only silhouette your happy side.You give yourself to men who take your love.Then smile and watch them walk away...Are you"
  • Canzone per Lilly - Pooh
    "Lilli da un pezzo che si innamora anche se sedici anni non li ha fatti ancora dice: io mi conosco dice: sento che cresco e tra un po' sono donna. Lilli l'ho vista venirmi attorno l'ho sentita cambiare"
  • Robin - Dean Strickland
    "Who is she I'd sure like to know More about her Like what makes her always glow And her interest Does she like to sing songs I always find myself singing her name Come on and sing along Robin She's as"
  • Robin - Seals and Crofts
    "(lyrics by James Seals; music by James Seals & Dash Crofts, 1970) From the albums DOWN HOME (1970), SEALS AND CROFTS I AND II (1974), THE SEALS & CROFTS COLLECTION (1979) and TODAY (1998, 2000). Everywhere"
  • Robin - a balladeer
    "Well, it's been a few days now So how have you been Not that I should know what state you're in I could care less Well, I just bawled my eyes out and feel really relieved Not that I threw up enough to"
  • Rantin' Rovin Robin - Andy M. Stewart
    "There was a lad was born in Kyle, But whatna day o' whatna style, I doubt it's hardly worth the while To be sae nice wi' Robin. Chor. - Robin was a rovin' boy, Rantin', rovin', rantin', rovin', Robin"
  • Wood Work - Proximity
    "Don't try to tell me you're just a different kind of freak The more you think you're loved the more scars on your knees Shit packing lazy f*c*ers suing for your dreams Grow up be a man stop nurturing disease Chorus:"
  • Wood - Aereogramme
    "Made out of wood Made out of wood Thrown us in highlights Made out of wood Devince promises Taking over my life Think in ways To make you whole again Think in ways To evolve back into themselves Into"
  • Wood - Tunng
    "The boys pitched their old canvas in sun And the scattering light swam around them And they held up their chemical tin Like a small god cold dish around them The night grew a great white tree of stars And"
  • Wood - No Use For A Name
    "It seems that you're in trouble and the finger points at you It seems that you get mixed up in your many points of view One sentence contradictions are your "worst favorite thing" And you believe that"
  • Lilly Anne - Chalk Farm
    "Lilly Anne talks herself asleep again Saying something of the time spent There's a man who taught her love and poetry Never knowing just what he meant And he said it's all depending on which way you fall It's"
  • Little Lilly - Widespread Panic
    "Oh, Lilly likes Beatles songs The words are off, but they don't feel that wrong She came in through the bedroom window like a blue girl Like a blue girl, like a blue girl No, never has she tried too hard Lord,"
  • Schulz - Orkiestra Na Zdrowie
  • C-Minor - Me Without You
    "Our house wrapped in disrepair, A small mouse peeked out from a hole beneath the stairs nearby to where my dad sat in his favorite chair, Thinking about the gov't and muttering a prayer I scattered some"
  • Rambling Robin - Christy Moore
    "When first from boyhood I came to a man To ramble the nation through soon I began Oh the ramblin' thought that came into me mind So they christened me Ramblin' Robin oh, So they christened me Ramblin'"
  • Rockin' Robin - Jackson 5
    "He rocks in the tree tops all day long Hoppin' and a-boppin' and singing his song All the little birdies on Jaybird Street Love to hear the robin go tweet tweet tweet Rockin' robin, rock rock Rockin' robin' Blow"

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