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  • Lindisfarne - Angeli Di Pietra
    "On a misty winter's morning When all was still Came upon the shores of Albion A plague from the North Death by the sword The unsuspecting villagers Toiled and tussled their daily lives But on wings of"
  • Lindisfarne - Iona
    "Slow rising mist enfolding the land Seawater shifts on a bed of sand A forest of kelp dances beneath its motion The water moves with the tides of the ocean Chorus: And here we are We have come this far To"
  • Lindisfarne - James Blake
    "Kestrels breed Looking farther than I can see Without talked to read She'll take a shining to me Beacon, don't fly too high For all your time Playful crawling rate Worth it being cold? Roofing"
  • Warm Feeling Lindisfarne - Lindisfarne
    "sittin' by the fire globe, waitin' for my girl to show, feelin' the harmony grow. i met her just the other day, she has helped me find my way. feelin' the harmony grow. i wish i had found her a long"
  • Lindisfarne II - James Blake
    "Beacon don't fly too high Beacon don't fly too high Beacon don't fly too high Cute but I'll take the bus, (Beacon don't fly too high) with fees and favours gone Cracks in savers pass, and a white that"
  • Lindisfarne (Anno 793) - Ancient Rites
    "All heaven and earth were still As if God's paradise never lost None could foresee the silent (approaching) chill (in the shape of raging heathens) Through Durham monks experienced at high cost Martyrs"
  • 793 (Slaget Om Lindisfarne) - Enslaved
    "retak hrtes, vakre langskip fosset frem Som en vind fra nord, kom vre fedre i land Horder, Ryger og Egder, samlet til felles strid Staute menn ten frykt Sverdslag knuste kristmanns skalle Lenge hersket"
  • From horned lands to lindisfarne - Behemoth
    "They came from the cold north carried on the wings of waves no one knows the cult bloody acts were only a legend... eternal hate and horned sodomy came to the lands of virgin's goodness moonless night"
  • 793 (The Battle Of Lindisfarne) - Enlaved
    "Strokes from oars could be heard, beautiful ships gushed through the sea. Like a wind from the north, our ancestors reached the shore. Men from Hordaland, Rogaland and Agder gathered for battle in common. Proud"
  • 793 (The Battle Of Lindisfarne) - Enslaved
    "Strokes from oars could be heard, beautiful ships gushed through the sea. Like a wind from the north, our ancestors reached the shore. Men from Hordaland, Rogaland and Agder gathered for battle in common. Proud"
  • Road To Kingdom Come - Lindisfarne
    "I have no one to call my friend The road I travel has no end And so I turn my face up to the sun And walk on down the road to kingdom come And as I walk this lonely road Nobody helps me bear my load Can"
  • Winter Song - Lindisfarne
    "When winter's shadowy fingers First pursue you down the street And your boots no longer lie About the cold around your feet Do you spare a thought for summer whose passage is complete? Whose memories lie"
  • Turn A Deaf Ear - Lindisfarne
    "The stage director stood up when he called the actors down He asked them all to say three words, up, down and around So up, down and around they cry with one according voice And up and down and around"
  • Clear White Light Part 2 - Lindisfarne
    "Do you believe The clear white light Is going to guide us on? Running along the ground singing a song in the morning light Follow flowery fields as far as out of sight Turning your head to the clouds"
  • We Can Swing Together - Lindisfarne
    "No-one came to criticise, no-one to complain, just to pass a little bit of time, play some human games. Some were smoking 'roll your owns', while others they had none, ev'rybody was holding hands, and"
  • Alan In The River With Flowers - Lindisfarne
    "Here I sit with time running out on me Knowing while it's dreams that are upon me There's grace of a kind That eases my mind Some time. Chorus: Float me down the river, Show me what it's like to be there Float"
  • Down - Lindisfarne
    "Down, down, I'm feeling down But for now I'll stick around Just to see if it was really me Or if I'm right in thinking you're wrong You took me on a pleasure trip But the waves got high and sunk the ship And"
  • The Things I Should Have Said - Lindisfarne
    "Two by two the lovers wandered off into the night Leaving me alone with someone who I only knew by sight So we sat and watched each other through the fading firelight Each one waiting for the silence to"
  • Scarecrow Song - Lindisfarne
    "The songs you sing are meaningless The words you say are wrong. Your saturday nights they are sober And your Sundays are too long Chorus: Your lucky days are over Your lucky days are gone You've cast"
  • Knackers Yard Blues - Lindisfarne
    "You keep on running but I'm left behind I need a white stick 'cos I walk so blind I'm like a bandage on a wooden leg I feel hung up just like a coat on a peg I bought some pictures to hang on my wall But"

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