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ling tomb stoprolongata

  • Stoprolongata - King Tomb
    "Świat już trzęsie się w posadach Parkinsona łapie nawet Tusk TOMB Wystudzony - kiedyś mówiły jest taki cool! Co jakiś czas muszę pokazać kto jest punchy król Wszystko się zgadza, tylko , nie że jakiś –"
  • Tomb - Lady Sovereign
    "Tomb 19 Was Sacred 1.000 Years Or Morethe Mayan King Was Restless a Curse Upon the DoorHis Shrouds of Royal Fabric His Journey to Be Madeto Offer Spirits Good and Evil 14 Beads of Jadethe Jade Had Ancient"
  • Tomb - David Charvet
    "Tous les rves qu'on avait fait Il en reste quoi Des nuits glaces sur l'oreiller Depuis qu't'es plus l Comme un joujou que t'as cass Je n'tais pour toi Ni le premier, ni le dernier J'suis tomb sans"
  • Tomb - Charvet David
    "tous les rves qu'on avait fait il en reste quoi des nuits glaces sur l'oreiller depuis qu't'es plus l comme un joujou que t'as caiss je n'tais pour toi ni le premer, ni le dernier j'suis tomb sans toi bb,"
  • Tomb - Allred
    "I woke up such a mess today so alone and so afraid but all the mistakes I have made they follow me back to this place and all these faded memories they still haunt me in my sleep excuse me for the way"
  • Tomb - Vert
    "literature always reads the cut bleeds the puppy feeds and a soul needs and a soul bleeds unless it feeds laying there I never saw the ground move from under me staring at the stars with you I'm swallowed"
  • Tomb - Pascal Obispo
    "Tu es tombe du ciel Moi qui voyais le mal partout Si l'amour est encore sur terre Rien n'efface les douleurs d'hier Sans toi je n'aurais Jamais pleur autant de joie pour personne Le canon qui rsonne Ici"
  • Tomb - La Fouine Feat Amel Bent
    "Tu crois quelle aurait pris le RER que jla baladerai en Metro Elle voulait des gros bolides pour sla peter devant toute ses copines Les potes mont prvenu, mont dit : La Fouine, Hendek Tu veux une bombe"
  • Tomb - Jean-Louis Aubert
    "Quand tu tombes de haut Que tu tombes de haut Que tu tombes de Toi Quand tu tombes de haut Que tu tombes de haut Que tu touches le bas Quand tu tombes de haut Que tu tombes de haut Le monde est si bas Mon"
  • Tomb - Etyl
    "Je suis tombe, tombe, tombe Sur les genoux, je/nous Mais j'ai rat le creux Le creux de ton cou Ma tte l'envers Supplie les beaux jours D'atteindre la fentre Ouverte sur la cour J'attends, j'attends"
  • Forgotten Tomb - Forgotten Tomb
    "(January '99) Let me die alone in darkness, shunned by the light Misanthropic death, ignore the past life No more visions of tomorrow Dreaming the Death, a tomb in the fog A cold tombstone forgotten"
  • Labba ling - Ice MC
    "A labba ling a labba labba ling ling ling A labba ling a labba labba ling (boom) A labba ling a labba labba ling ling ling A labba ling a labba labba ling (boom boom) Me seh come ina this little sweet"
  • Ling (zero) - Alan Kuo
    "Cong lai bu xiang xin wo de shi jie ke yi you duo wan me Tong ku ji mo hai you yi xie pi bei Bu yun xu ta ren sui yi jin ru wo de ling du kong jian Ning yuan gu du lan de zai qu xiang shui Liang ge ren"
  • Ling Apart - Joey Tempest
    "call it an emergency somewhere else I got to be tired talking to myself I guess Ive got a lot of nerve walking back into your world knowing it will cause a scene theres no way I can let it be things"
  • Moghul Tomb - Boy George
    "Na, na, na, na ,na, na If it don't make you rich, it don't make you happy That's what they say but it's a lie There's a path to the truth, better find it, get snappy Chanting all day leaves you feeling"
  • Skraggy's Tomb - Savatage
    "Summer was the season When he took a ride Women were the reason And they say whiskey was the slide Living on the action Till it took him down Crawled into his bottle Oh...and let us watch him drown In"
  • Tomb 19 - Kansas
    "Tomb 19 was sacred 1.000 years or more The Mayan king was restless a curse upon the door His shrouds of royal fabric his journey to be made To offer spirits good and evil 14 beads of jade The jade had"
  • Black Tomb - After Forever
    "The storm sings through the mountains While the rain is falling A tomb opens itself and lights up the dreary dark valley The warm spirits fill him, the enchantment of his glory past Hear his low voice"
  • Concrete Tomb - Anasarca
    "As I sit in this cage, I think of the outside world. My life is not missed. Time continues to pass as I sit in this cell. These walls that hold me, closing in, they mock me. They laugh at my cries."
  • Viking's Tomb - White Skull
    "Will I step out from this dark world And awake to life And hardly fight until the Valkyrs came And I've seen bleeding warriors falling down And I wish to be one of the choosen slain Suddently the world"

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