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  • Lioness - Caviar
    "S.O.S. I'm burned out. I try to transmit from the dead star. Solar flare, then black out. I hope knowing hope won't go too far. I know that the one who strays is the one who gets The better half. It's"
  • Lioness - Dead Poetic
    "Shes a god in her own right. She dims the room light. While she moves closer, we all move slower. Tracing white lines, sipping fine wines. We remember when purity wasnt dead. In this darkness I cant remember"
  • The Lioness - Xandria
    "Cerulean sky over desert fields and sand veils And underneath a lioness is stalking narrowing rings Feel her coming near, she smells the blood, her prey is near So see her, hear her, feel her, be her The"
  • Nefertiti - Blues Traveler
    "Nefertiti claimed she needed no one at all Majestic in her empire like so many I've seen rise and fall Suitors by the dozen, even one who'd give her everything Assuming the queen even needs a king And"
  • I See Who You Are - Bjork
    "I see who you are Behind the skin And the muscles I see who you are, now And when you get older later I will see the same girl The same soul Lioness, fireheart Passionate lover And afterwards Later this"
  • I See Who You Are (Mark Bell Mix) - Bjork
    "I see who you are Behind the skin And the muscles I see who you are, now And when you get older later I will see the same girl The same soul Lioness, fireheart Passionate lover And afterwards Later"
  • Da Symphony Remix - Raptile
    "Monstablokaz baby Is the remix, Is the remix, Is the remix, Yea,let's go Chorus (2x) O-ole ole olei, o-ole ole olei, O-ole ole olei, is the remix, o-olei. (Raptile) Let me write that shit, Recite that"
  • Something Like Real Love - Maria Niklińska
    "You wake up You're inches from my body Not close enough It's touch and go But when you leave I'll still be here thinking Of what I need Nothing new I feel like a lioness uncaged When you touch"
  • Myopia - Steve Hackett
    "I can't see, I can't sleep I can't swim, I can't talk Can't write, I can't count Can't fly, can't play today Take your things and run away Grab yourself a holiday Fix your nose and change your name Thyroid"
  • Shewolf - Megadeth
    "The mother of all that is evilHer lips are poisonous venomWicked temptress knows how to pleaseThe priestess roars, get down on your kneesThe rite of the praying mantisKiss the bones of the enchantressSpellbound"
  • Sleepless Lake - Grant Lee Phillips
    "Dare ya draw me closer still And let me be the wild witness to the kill See how the stars abide Showing no resistance late into the night Bluer than the winter wind that howls On a sleepless lake Ooh"
  • Clementine - The Decemberists
    "You slept in your overalls After the wrecking ball Bereft you of house and home And left you with sweet "fuck all" So we got in your car With our kick-about arts And we hollered out, "sweet Clementine" Tell"
  • Young lions - Adrian Belew
    "Hot tribal night underneath florescent skies bonfires rage strange wild waving shouting Picasso faces In the guise of a lioness the wind kisses her burning dress you can fell her animal eyes you can hear"
  • The Hunter's Star - Shearwater
    "the hunter's star burned brighter than all of the suns in the firmament as through the sky he raged with his hook and blade and the world, unmade as forests bow and blacken the air as the canopies burn"
  • In Love With You - Erykah Badu
    "lion: And she says she needs more than a friend that's all i ever been yo well one day you gon overstand yo badu and i remember the first time that we met how could i forget when you smiled and i turned"
  • Pace Is The Trick - Interpol
    "You can't hold it too tight These matters of security You don't have to be wound so tight Smoking on the balcony But it's that sleaze in the park You women, you have no self-control The angels remark"
  • Da Symphony - Raptile
    "Intro Monstablokaz, Baby!! Ahhh, Its da Rmx...jeeeahhh! Lets gooooo....... Hook Oh,Ole,Ole,Ole,Oh,Ole,Ole,Ole,Oh,Ole,Ole,Ole,-Its da remix Oh,Ole... Verse 1 (Raptile) Let me write dat shit, recite dat"
  • Handz up 2005 - Raptile
    "Intro:Hahahah,Monstablockaz!Hook:my people,I see u,Handz uplike we do,rock on',drop bombs,-(wouwouwou)- verse1(Raptile):this is,-FIRE!FIRE!FIRE!FIRE!-I ain't losin my karmaI'm used to dat dramaI'm a goddamn,TOP10"
  • Eggplant - Michael Franks
    "Eggplant Michael Franks From: The Art of Tea Whenever I explore the land of Yen I always take one on the chin And now this lioness has almost made me tame. I can't pronounce her name but Eggplant is her"
  • Fuego - Eleni Foureira
    "take a dive into my eyes the eyes of lioness feel the power they ain;t ying a little look a little touch you know the power od silence yes, keep it up keeu it up I was looking for some high hig higs till"

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