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lisa miskovsky -why start a fire

  • Start a Fire - Margaret
    "What is to win? Temperature is running high Let me know I got a tiger’s eye You’d better moving for the prize You’re gotta make some noise Let me hear you voice Let the passions and dreams make it right And"
  • Start A Fire - Verse
    "I can't accept what's been done I'll question the motives Of all things under the sun There's something wrong When a man is kept down By another man's hand with a gun We need to start a fire To act consciously To"
  • Start A Fire - Audio Adrenaline
    "I think it's a cold cold world And I think we need to heat it Light it up like gasoline When a match is thrown down in it So go ahead and strike a match A passionate heart is needed So throw a torch up"
  • Start The Fire - Metal Church
    "Break down the walls of forever. Pull down hard on the lever. Let them know that you can turn the key. Though they try to hold us down. Turn it up, that chainsaw sound. I just love to see my parents flee. "
  • Start The Fire - Tarkan
    "Baby, I'm feeling your fire I'm feeling you close to me Feel the desire Tell me you wanna take a ride I wanna get you alone And make you mine Cause when I see you I do that chiki, chiki, chiki, chiki"
  • Start The Fire - No Doubt
    "C'mon baby get the lighter We're gonna start the fire The army of words is in me Silent the soldier weeps Lying here back to back Waiting for you to be react Sometimes all I need is a good push Roll"
  • Start a Fire (Live) - Audio Adrenaline
    "I think it's a cold cold world And I think we need to heat it Light it up like gasoline When a match is thrown down in it So go ahead and light a match A passionate heart is needed Throw a torch up in"
  • How To Start A Fire - Further Seems Forever
    "let's set this city ablaze we'll burn down the monuments and build mountains in our place we could see everything we could start a fire and all shine in it's light shine so bright we burn in eyes and heal"
  • Get Started, Start A Fire - Graham Parker
    "Thanx Kirk Anderson (kanderso@wheatonma.edu) for chords, he writes: For the basic intro, verse, chorus riff play Em at fret 7 then pull off fingers 2, 3, and 4: voila the other chord: 777777, though I"
  • A tendency to start fire - Bush
    "Strangezoo, strange blazeDouse my head in flamesComing through to get someHappiness is a bad sonForceps kitchen toolsDeconstruct your every moveFeel's better when you're hereGuillotine just got hereBack"
  • Lisa - Alain Souchon
    "Lisa, Lisa, Lisa Fais pas ta Mona Lisa Pleure pas sur ta pizza Parce que j'ai fait ma valisa Lisa on s'crira, puis on s'crira pas Lisa on s'oubliera Ainsi va la vie, Lisa Lisa, l'htel de la plage A ferm,"
  • Lisa - The Bates
    "I heared a thunder Ive seen the rainbow fly Blood-red trees so sweet as it seems LISA Lisa smiles with the sun in her eyes LISA Lisa smiles with the sun in her eyes Ive seen a super-body turn in the bath-room"
  • Lisa - Lita Ford
    "Lisa, you are the shelter for my soul Lisa, you heal my heart when I lose control As I let my fingers trace Each time worn line upon your face I know only love creates a masterpiece like you I know it's"
  • Lisa - Fabrizio Moro
    "Lisa non ti posso pi? vederema vai a farti ammazzareda un fantino camuffatocamuffato da avvocatoche purtroppo ti ha incantatocon la laurea vinta ai puntiquelli del supermercato.Lisa vaima non ripensarci"
  • Lisa - Jeanne Mas
    "Matin silence déjà s'éveille Jaloux timide se pose sur elle Statue dentelle sur un ciel mou Poupée humaine qui s'en fout Lisa s'enfuit de ses rêves Se retrouve et puis s oublie De ses lèvres, se dégage"
  • Lisa - Albert Hammond, Jr.
    "Man, you had me fooled What I thought was sweet was so rude, now You can see all them words Cause such a What you are is a problem No, and you won't change me ~Cause I'll never go No, I never know Chocolate"
  • Lisa - 3rd Strike
    "You convinced youself you had nothing nothing left to give in this world filled with pain you memore remains i wish i could have said something to meka you change your mind but it's done it's too late"
  • Lisa - Good Riddance
    "i used to be like her we were one and the same i used to hold her i used to know her name out on the water i feel her once again i used to be like her i used to call her friend she was a lost child"
  • Lisa - UB40
    "I admire you from afar You've changed the way I see I used to think that I Should make you be like me But after this short time Watching what you do I realise that I Should strive to be like you Whenever"
  • We didn't start the fire - Road Trip's Over
    "We didn't start the fire (Billy Joel's Cover) harry truman, doris day, red china, johnnie ray South pacific, walter winchell, joe dimaggio joe mccarthy, richard nixon, studebaker, television North korea,"

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