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lisa nois

  • Lisa - Alain Souchon
    "Lisa, Lisa, Lisa Fais pas ta Mona Lisa Pleure pas sur ta pizza Parce que j'ai fait ma valisa Lisa on s'crira, puis on s'crira pas Lisa on s'oubliera Ainsi va la vie, Lisa Lisa, l'htel de la plage A ferm,"
  • Lisa - The Bates
    "I heared a thunder Ive seen the rainbow fly Blood-red trees so sweet as it seems LISA Lisa smiles with the sun in her eyes LISA Lisa smiles with the sun in her eyes Ive seen a super-body turn in the bath-room"
  • Lisa - Lita Ford
    "Lisa, you are the shelter for my soul Lisa, you heal my heart when I lose control As I let my fingers trace Each time worn line upon your face I know only love creates a masterpiece like you I know it's"
  • Lisa - Fabrizio Moro
    "Lisa non ti posso pi? vederema vai a farti ammazzareda un fantino camuffatocamuffato da avvocatoche purtroppo ti ha incantatocon la laurea vinta ai puntiquelli del supermercato.Lisa vaima non ripensarci"
  • Lisa - Mutabor
    "Ich komme aus'm Schliemann, es ist noch nicht zu spt Ich mchte Lisa sehen, mal sehen wie's ihr geht Ich werd sie berraschen mit einer Flasche Wein Sie ist bestimmt zu Hause und fhlt sich sehr alleine"
  • Lisa - Jeanne Mas
    "Matin silence déjà s'éveille Jaloux timide se pose sur elle Statue dentelle sur un ciel mou Poupée humaine qui s'en fout Lisa s'enfuit de ses rêves Se retrouve et puis s oublie De ses lèvres, se dégage"
  • Lisa - Freak Kitchen
    "Wonder what you're doin' Wonder how you're doin' Wonder what you're sayin' I wonder what you're thinking I wish you were here How did we get here? I am lonely prayin' Where have you been? No one really"
  • Lisa - Veronika Fischer
    "Lisa findet schnell Kontakt Nein, schchtern ist sie nicht Und sie hat auch die Figur Die hlt, was sie verspricht Und geht Lisa abends aus Kommt sie nie allein nach Haus Doch es bleibt oft nur bei einer"
  • Lisa - Francis Cabrel
    "LISA nos barques en papier Dans le grand bassin bleu Tes premiers pinceaux de noir pour les yeux Tu disais souvent on vivra ailleurs Je courais me cacher Quand je voulais que tu pleures Quelques hommes"
  • Lisa - 3rd Strike
    "You convinced youself you had nothing nothing left to give in this world filled with pain you memore remains i wish i could have said something to meka you change your mind but it's done it's too late"
  • Lisa - Good Riddance
    "i used to be like her we were one and the same i used to hold her i used to know her name out on the water i feel her once again i used to be like her i used to call her friend she was a lost child"
  • Lisa - UB40
    "I admire you from afar You've changed the way I see I used to think that I Should make you be like me But after this short time Watching what you do I realise that I Should strive to be like you Whenever"
  • Lisa - Albert Hammond, Jr.
    "Man, you had me fooled What I thought was sweet was so rude, now You can see all them words Cause such a What you are is a problem No, and you won't change me ~Cause I'll never go No, I never know Chocolate"
  • Lisa Listen - Lisa Loeb
    "who would steal on sunday? who'd made them believe make-believe? who'd buy a prayer when you can pray for free? if the way you held your coffee was the way you looked at me, then i could take both my hands"
  • Lisa Is Lisa - Ann Christy
    "Lisa is Lisa Maar ik ben anders Lisa is Lisa Maar ik ben Ann Lisa kan zingen Zoals geen ander Maar ik doe dingen Die zij niet kan Je kan ons beiden Niet vergelijken Want zij is donker En ik wat blonder Ze"
  • Lisa Says - Velvet Underground
    "Lisa says that it's allright When she meets me alone at night Lisa says that she has a fun And she'll do it with just about anyone. Lisa says, Lisa says, Lisa says, Lisa says Lisa says that she's on the"
  • Lisa Says - The Velvet Underground
    "Lisa says that it's all right When she meets me at midnight Lisa says that she has her fun And she'll do it with just about anyone Lisa says Lisa says Lisa says Lisa says Lisa says that she's on the"
  • On Lisa - Super Deluxe
    "Where's Dave? He's on Lisa he's on Lisa all the time he says that she knows him and all the sweet spots that she finds All day Dave's on Lisa Dave's on Lisa All the time it's a new thing dave on lisa dave's"
  • Lisa Bon - Szwagierkolaska
    "Ja katolicki Schwarzenegger Jestem stąd Kochałem piękną Lisę Bon Kobieto, puchu marny, niszczysz mnie Poczułem, ze nadchodzi sztorm, sztorm Zwiedziłem wiele lądów Byłem tu i tam W kilku mordowniach byłem"
  • Lisa Says - Lou Reed
    "Lisa says that it's all right When she meets me at midnight Lisa says that she has her fun And she will do it with just about anyone Lisa says, Lisa says, Lisa says, Lisa says, Lisa says that she is"

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