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listen darling

  • Listen - Sophie B. Hawkins
    "Listen I love the way life screwed up the way you're looking at me I love your face Listen I don't mind a temper But baby I can't chew my supper I can't even swallow water I'm all filled up With my sweet"
  • My Darling - Eminem
    "*Yawns Yeah, look If I woulda rap about the crap that's out That's the route you probably want me to take Cause you're just dyin' to know what I think And my take on some other rappers If I was to say"
  • Likkle Darling - Lady Leshurr
    "So he say hello he call me Likkle Darling Always on my phone and everyday him calling I just got the text "I’m on my way" Now he’s calling me bae Wanna cook me breakfast in the morning They say mi ah"
  • Little Darling - Malia
    "Hear me out my little darling there is something I want to tell yes I do and about time too you had better listen to me you can go and run and hide like a thief steals reap is all you know I could have"
  • My Darling, Anything - Lucky Soul
    "Light the paper, wait for the all clear, Like a fuse I burn for you dear, Like a flower that yearns for moisture, My roots are tangled, I ain't got no choice dear. My Darling, I'll do anything you"
  • Listen To Me - Buddy Holly
    "(Hardin / Petty) Listen to me and hold me tight And you will see our love so right Hold me darling, listen closely to me Your eyes will see what love can do Reveal to me your love so true Listen to me,"
  • Listen To Yourself - Skin
    "Youre talking In circles The words spit out your head They blind you With emotion thats plain dead There wet sheets Sex sodden Mind spent and ill at ease You mirror Screams out this dark release Cos"
  • Stop look listen - Michael McDonald
    "Oh, no no babyYou're alone all the timeDoes it ever puzzle you, did you ask whyYou seem to fall in love, and out againDo you ever really love or just pretendOh, baby why fool yourselfDon't be afraid to"
  • Darling - V6
    "Darling! Darling! Ii just night Wari kirenai shotto ni good tokiteru Darling! Darling! What kan eye Itai burai fit suru mind Yuube kimi ga nedatta no wa aromaoiru mitai na uso Asa ga kureba koron de keshite"
  • Darling - Baccara
    "Baccara Miscellaneous Darling Postcards from amsterdam Phone cards from birmingham To tell me only how you miss me We received your telegram Now you say here i am Only when you hold And kiss me Ahhhhh Darling,"
  • Darling - Joy
    "Postcards from Amsterdam,Phone calls from BirminghamTo tell me only how you miss meReceived your telegram,Now you said: "Here I am"The way you hold and kiss meChorus:Oh darling, darling, darling,Leave"
  • Darling - Tom Jones
    "I'm feeling pretty lonesome, I'd call you on the phone some But I don't have a dime. Darling, You're so far behind me, Tomorrow's gonna find me Further down the line. Taking me some paper Pencil in my"
  • Darling - Ala Boratyn
    "You never worry what you wear They always laugh at you but you don't care the books you read are what you treasure most no friends around you are always on your own they say you've never heard of mp3 new"
  • Darling - Cindy & Bert
    "Darling - wir knnen uns nur schreiben und fhlen doch wir bleiben uns trotzdem immer nah. Darling - ich bin so alleine doch manchmal wenn ich trume glaub ich du bist da. Oft ist mir zum Weinen. Du bist"
  • Darling - Snowsera
    "If we chalk it up to faint memories, Do we really have a vivid dream, Perceived, Darling. If we catch our breath in this stubborn breeze, Do we really have all that we need, Knowing, Darling. If we shut"
  • Darling - Eyes Set To Kill
    "Don't lie don't lie to me now now I'm erasing you throwing those memories out out to start something new I'm throwing those memories darling don't lie to me darling don't breathe in slowly now darling"
  • Darling - Golden Earring
    "From the Album: * Paradise in distress Would you recognize me Or identify me Try to hypnotize me With a blindfold on Like an animal Like a demon Like a criminal Hidin' from the light Oh my darling Oh"
  • Darling - Wondermints
    "Darling can you see something inside Can't be denied it's the way that you feel If you want it, you gotta try Taking the best of the lesson you know When the night has turned to dawn I will be gone Where's"
  • Darling - Sons And Daughters
    "Gonna find it hard to sleep through it all, This rain veils gonna fall Walk behind him, sweet duress Try to conduct yourself Behind royal walls, blacked out eyes A solitary bird, high tension line Dreaming"
  • Darling - Kingdom Come
    "Thought your heart was strong and free Full of joy, like springtime leaves Then you left, on and on Disbelief, has taught you wrong And now the magic's gone, your fear has won Scared to talk, hiding out You"

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