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  • Litle Fuglen - Gåte
    "Litle fuglen sette seg p kyrkjespong, Gud rde! Han song s fagert ein ottesong. Herre Gud sende oss sin nde! Litle fuglen sette seg p kyrkjegtt, Gud rde! Han song s fagert om stort og smtt. Herre Gud sende"
  • Sweet litle things - Bad Boys Blue
    "Sweet little things - I wanna play.Cause I like to play that way.Sweet little things.I feel that the table is turning.Youre under my skin and you got my heart burning.You give me love, sweeter love and"
  • Sweet Litle Sister - Skid Row
    "She blew my mind behind the wrecking machine She was a shitload of trouble called the subway queen Had a hip with bad habits and a shake that was a bit obscene One night I caught her running out the cellar"
  • Too much of too litle - George Strait
    "Well here we sit at a table for twoBut bottle there's just me and youShe loved me so but I loved her so wrongI gave her too much of too little too longSo tell me bottle are the things I hear trueThat all"
  • A Little Past Litle Rock - Lee Ann Womack
    "I had to leave my life in Dallas That town will always be you In every crowd, on every corner In every face I'd see you So with nothin' more than a tank of gas I drove away without lookin' back And I guess"
  • Poor Little Fool - Raul Seixas
    "I used to play around with hearts I didn't care at all But when I met that little girl I knew that I would fall Poor little fool, oh yeah, I was a fool, uh huh.. (ah ha poor litle fool, poor litle fool"
  • A Little Fire - Cirith Ungol
    "Lying awake in the dead of night Listening to my heart beat away Wishing I wasn't alone here tonight But wishing just gets in the way I just want, I just want a litle fire (2x) The night's so cold when"
  • Doubldecker - Liquido
    "Left abanoed and abused maybe im so confused take my chance and do my best better then whole rest never change its just too late we cant friemds well think again now I will realize my plan doing what I"
  • You better die young - Nomy
    "Hey little girl on your way to class Loved by all cause you got that ass cutest eyes and the greatest smile for a year for a time for a litle while Somebody told me that you got old looking for someone"
  • Revenge - Mindless Self Indulgence
  • Bit Part - The Lemonheads
    "I want a bit part in your life, A walk-on would be fine. I just want a bit part in your life, (A bit part in your life). I want a bit part in your life, Rehearsing all the time. I just want a bit part"
  • Alice: Sequel - Chad Mitchell Trio
    "One final word about Alice Told without any malice Alice broke off with Algernon And there's no wondering Now Algy is just a memory A memory, a memory, a memory Except for one litle thing. Tra la la la"
  • Bit part - Lemonheads
    "I want a bit part in your life, A walk-on would be fine. I just want a bit part in your life, (A bit part in your life). I want a bit part in your life, Rehearsing all the time. I just want a bit part"
  • One - VINCE GILL
    "(Vince Gill) Every litle whisper every little sound Brings me comfort whenever you're around A heart full of wonder and sweet reverie Gives me a reason a reason to believe Forever's just begun We'll"
  • Sleepy Time Girl - Dean Martin
    "SLEEPY TIME GIRL. Sleepy time girl you're turning night into day Sleepy time girl you've danced the evening away Before each silvery star fades out of sight Please give me one litle kiss Then let us whisper"
  • Little Know It All - Iggy Pop & Sum 41
    "I'm the kid that no one knows, I live a life I never chose, But these thoughts in my mind, Are my own, my own I'm face to face with the unknown, My scary movie will be shown, I've got one evil mind,"
  • Kokane - Mr. Vegas
    "My name is Kokane I will mess up your brain If you know all what I know you Flash me down the drain (2x) I make you high just for a minute Tell your friends that you hate in it With lie and live"
  • Little Girl Blue - Nana Mouskouri
    "Sit there, and count your fingers What can you do? Old girl you're through Just sit there, and count your little fingers Unlike a litle girl blue Sit there, and count the raindrops Falling on you It's"
  • Fight For The Light - Oratory
    "I'm sited on star, full of light and magic From here i can see the earth I'm sited on a star, it looks so small and feeble Like a litle child at his birth When we look at the sky we see the stars Shining"
  • True To Yourself - Vanessa Amorosi
    "Somewhere in the distance I can see a mirror of myself Who I hope to be someday Fidding my reflection always there but mean so hard to see When it's so clear, Clear to me that When the world arises Reach"

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