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little bif

  • Never Alone - Bif Naked
    "Lying in your hotel bed you cry, For the years that were wasted and time gone by, Darling girl can you not see your soul is bright, I wish you could know its all gonna be alright A little determination, and"
  • Over You - Bif Naked
    "My mind's wondering I savor that passion that your torture brings My breath's quickening Inhailing the perfume of my sweet sin I dance on your grave I pray I am the one that you choose to save My fingers"
  • Ladybug Waltz - Bif Naked
    "I crawl along, hang on the hem of your dress. I'm holding on. Boy don't forget. I'm a mess. I'm into you. I pull myself up to your chinny-chin chin. When I reach your mouth, you're gonna let me in. I'm"
  • The Letter - Bif Naked
    "can you remember chestnut street and algae ripping at our feet? i was just a little girl and you were my whole world. what i'd give to be lying in your arms, what i'd give to be your girl again did"
  • Succulent - Bif Naked
    "falling off of my own skateboard praying to my almighty lord look up and what do i see? your face smiling down at me! you look my body up and down as i lay there upon the ground i know, my love, i could"
  • Stumpy The Mouse - Bif Naked
    "I had Cinderella complex with the boys, and ballet class gave me some poise, I've never ever lied to you or said anything that was untrue. I constantly searched for one true god, my icy gaze finally thawed. I"
  • Violence - Bif Naked
    "smiley, little baby snuggled in her mommy's arms. pray you'll always keep yer daughter safe and free from harm. i wish that everyone lived in a happy place: sunshine and bright eyes on everybody's face. it's"
  • Tell On You - Bif Naked
    "It seemed like days had passed... Are you finished? I could no longer Move my arms. The only thing left in the room Was the silence Can you still hear the breaking glass When it hit my face? Even"
  • Funeral Of A Good Grrl - Bif Naked
    "Boy I wanna get you alone. Cover you in chocolate, and turn off the phone. Damn! I think I'm losing my mind. What's been coming over me? I wanna be like Pamela Lee. You go get the camera and I'll"
  • You Are The Master - Bif Naked
    "I am tied up in the burning sun Baby, you are my only shade Youre the bowl of water beyond my reach I can only move the distance of this chain I chew anything you will give Eat anything - even my own"
  • Daddy's Getting Married - Bif Naked
    "VERSE my mamma followed her lover to India the mongoose and the roti walla on your front porch tear me from a growling tigers mouth from then on I'm in love don't ask me how i am today don't wanna talk"
  • The Peacock Song - Bif Naked
    "My mind's an ashtray, full of ashes Lick the tears from my eyelashes Oh whatever will I see that's good? He plays a really mean guitar She smokes a really big cigar I'd love to love ya if only I could Her"
  • Only The Girl - Bif Naked
    "My love's an ice-cold latte and it's running down yer shirt. You took my little heart and then ya threw it in the dirt! I won't go near yer locker and I can not wash my hair. I can't believe you betrayed"
  • Alcohol Or Comedy - Bif Naked
    "My life was Comedy. Quitting drinking was the easiest thing I've ever done. I have never looked back. I simply cannot understand why the hell I waited so long! Unmanageable life--what an embarrassment!"
  • Infected Tattoo - Bif Naked
    "okay already i'm here to tell you i'm having yet another shitty day. i swear, sometimes my shitty days run into each other giving me a shitty weeks. i think i'm in the middle of a shitty month... that's"
  • T.V. Baby - Bif Naked
    "I am a t.v. baby it's weird when you stop and think about it. "Donna Martin graduates! Donna Martin graduates!" Totally different head...nanoo nanoo. REEAAAAAAAR!! 911! I remember watching Harvey Corman"
  • Little Me - Little Mix
    "She lives in the shadow of a lonely girl Always so quiet you don't hear a word Always talking but she can't be heard You can see it there if you catch her eye I know she's brave but it's trapped inside Scared"
  • Little - Sicko
    "A record box outside my door coming home really late from work once more and it made my day such a little thing It's the thought that counts and the hope it brings A little further A little bit longer A"
  • Little - Seven Places
    "In a little while I will go for you, in a little while I will bleed for you. In a little while I will hang for you, in a little while I will call for you. You, I only want to spend my time with you. I"
  • Little - Clones Of Sam
    "When I was little, I didn't care and now I'm suffering, please be there It's not the same, it's not the same, it's not the same I'm easily broken baby, fine, I think you know You need to be open-minded,"

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