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little did i kkhow

  • Little Did I Know - Sammy Kershaw
    "(Billy McCovery/Greg Crowe/Dave Gibson) Little Jolena, a dark haired darlin' Skin of ivory, angel eyes Every man in Louisiana wanted her sweet love But she swore on the Bible, she was all mine Hey little"
  • Little did i know - Over The Rhine
    "Little did I knowThat I almost let you goUntil I caught a glimpse of lifewithout youLittle did I knowHow deep these roots had grownUntil I felt the earth quake herewithout youAnd this ache is gonna break"
  • Little Did I Know - Zoe Girl
    "I had an angel that sat on my shoulder, seems like everybody's got one, I had the devil waiting on standby, for when I wanted to have some fun thought that I was living forever, I thought that my smile"
  • Little Did I Know - Julia Michaels
    "The summer before you I thogh love was shakespearen More or less a paintful experience Only ever real if you’re delirious The summer before you I let it take uup very little oxygen Not where i’d rest"
  • Little Did They Know - Snow
    "Thanks to: Primetime I've never been a man that really cares what people say You sit alone but now I wish that you would find your way Since you been in my life my days seem shorter and my nights with"
  • It Did - Brad Paisley
    "A single red rose and a table for two A nice chardonay and an ocean view Ships comin in and stars comin out We sat and we talked till the place closed down Then we took a long walk down on the beach Her"
  • Did Ya - BoA
    "Guess you lose and it's too late to try to come back What part of no don't you understand? Too bad There you go down with yesterday's news in the trash can I got no time to be looking back, I'm past that And"
  • I Did It All - Tracy Chapman
    "A Cosmopolitan, a Manhattan Call me one Pour a round for me and my friends Cape Cod sea breeze, Long Island ice teas I won't go there or drink it if you paid me When they come to waylay me When they close"
  • ...And So Did I - Dizzy Mizz Lizzy
    "...And So Did I (Track 10 on "Dizzy Mizz Lizzy") Little knife-edge took a life and so did I inner circle she drove around and so did I In my way live tomorrow not today in the rain over and over and"
  • Doin what i did - Dwight Yoakam
    "Hey, when C.C. Rider was just a snot-nosed kid I was already known for doin' what I did The women all screamed as I walked by My daddy would curse me And my momma'd start to cry 'Cause I was known yeah"
  • I Did My Part - Travis Randy
    "I tried my best I gave my heart I took no rest Time will tell If I left my mark But I'll know full well I did my part When I look down that road What Do I see My childern's children looking Right back"
  • I Did My Part - Randy Travis
    "I did my part I tried my best I gave my heart I took no rest time will tell if I left my mark but I'll know full well I did my part When I look down the road what do I see my children's children"
  • Did i fool ya - Jason Mraz
    "Daddy songs he's an auctioneerAnd mother clings to anniversary yearsAnd the sister she got a little bit of mister in herAnd the brothers going round around his bedAnd I say, did I fool ya?Didn't daddy"
  • Did I Do That ? - Mariah Carey
    "I really hope When you hear this song That you're happy With somebody new, baby because I found a love I can call my own And I owe it in part to you *Mystikal*Repeat 4x* Can't stop now, uh We can't stop,"
  • Did i do that - Mariah Carey
    "I really hopeWhen you hear this songThat you're happyWith someone newI found a love I can call my ownAnd I owe it in part to youDon't you know that you seemJust a little crazyYou had my trust and intimacyBut"
  • Little - Something Corporate
    "Climbing out of the sky a man who could fly and a painting anyone could play. It's a comic book crush that taught you to trust. Staring out of the stands at a rock n roll band and a hero no one else could"
  • I Did It For Love - Harlequin
    "Before you dismiss A case such as this I'd like to say a few words, listen Don't you resist I did it for love What more can I say I only hope you'll understand my plea someday Don't hold me to blame I'm"
  • I Did It Like This - Ugly Duckling
    "(CHORUS) I did it like this I did it like that I did it like this I did it like that I did it like this I did it like that Now Ugly Duckling's gonna take you back I did it like this I did it like that I"
  • I Did - Patty Loveless
    "(Patty Loveless) Whoever needed you Well I did Whoever wanted you Well I did Who said she loved you More than anything And be true Well I did Yes I did Oh how I did Who laid up many nights Crying for"
  • I Did - Trisha Yearwood
    "Did you ever want something so bad That you could taste it Did you ever want something You knew you couldn't have Well, I did Did you ever know what it feels like To get lost in a lover's kiss Did you"

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