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little do yoy

  • Say what yoy want - 50 Cent
    "Yo, niggas be askin me "yo 50 who you got beef wit?" I'm a tell yall niggas who I got beef wit I got beef wit any nigga I can't make no money wit If I can't make no money wit you, fuck you nigga G-Unit"
  • Y.O.Y - Claw Boys Claw
    "No-one in the universe can take back what I have learned, living backwards in reveres, Y.O.Y Still I make the same mistake waking up when it's too late but I know I'll do it again, Y.O.Y This world's"
  • Yoy moon - Norton
    "Thought we had a good thing baby You pulled the wool over my eyes I should've seen it comin' baby Now all I see is a cool love dying Honey I don't want to hold you down Why you gotta own the lock and the"
  • Do Little Things - Changing Faces (featuring Ivan Matias)
    "See the birds as they fly away Making things for another day And the hearts of the lonely ones Found in you they can trust There goes the light again But the light you saved left them dim And they will"
  • Do Little Things - Changing Faces
    "Changing Faces Miscellaneous Do Little Things Featuring Ivan Matias] See the birds as they fly away Making htings for another day And the hearts of the lonely ones Found in you they can trust There"
  • Little - Something Corporate
    "Climbing out of the sky a man who could fly and a painting anyone could play. It's a comic book crush that taught you to trust. Staring out of the stands at a rock n roll band and a hero no one else could"
  • Little Do You Know - Alex & Sierra
    "Little do you know How I’m breaking while you fall asleep Little do you know I’m still haunted by the memories Little do you know I’m trying to pick myself up piece by piece Little do you know I need a"
  • Why Do Little Girls? - Harry Chapin
    "Why did the little girls grow crooked While the little boys grow tall The boys were taught to tumble The girls told not to fall The girls answered the telephone The boys answered the call That's why little"
  • Every Little Thing U Do - Christopher Williams
    "Everything u do just turns me on Every little thing u do It turns me on, oh yeah And every little thing you say It makes me wanna stay another day, another day Sexy thing, tell me do You want to go with"
  • Every Little Thing You Do - Laura Pausini
    "When you listen to my heart Oh, I like it When you touch me I get So excited And I never thought that I would say I'm blown away and so into Every little thing you do When you look at me that way Oh"
  • Every Little Thing You Do - Westlife
    "Hello, let me know if you hear me Hello, if you want to be near Let me know And I'll never let you go Hey love When you ask what I feel, I say love When you ask how I know I say trust And if that's not"
  • Do Do Do - Rhubarb
    "You got me feeling like I do You know you're not me But you're feeling like me too And I know you were going to be mine But I took a little too much time Do do do do do do I watch you giving life to"
  • Me yoy a convertir en un ave - Man
    "Aqu estoy injustamente preso en una celda la polica me est acusando no entiendo de que dicen que los derechos humanos me van ayudar pero aqu yo no veo humanos solo puros hijos de su perra Me estn pateando"
  • Do - The White Stripes
    "well somebody walked up to me but i didn't know what to do and then somebody said hello to me but i didn't know what to do because i think that my words could get twisted so i bend my back over take a"
  • Little By Little - Dusty Springfield
    "(Buddy Kaye / Bea Verdi) Little by little by little by little by little Little by little by little by little by little You're messing up my life Tearing me apart Breaking up my world And I'm giving"
  • my little banana - My Little Airport
    "My little beautiful pretty pretty banana, you are all that I'd like and I want to share you with all my friends, family and loved one. I just open all your skin then I take a small bite. Once I have a"
  • Little By Little - Raven-Symone ft. Orlando Brown
    "Little by little we can make it better Little by little everyone together Every little bit we give we get back more One look into the future Find out whats it gonna be Why wait for something to happen Why"
  • Little by Little - UB40
    "Poor man's anger rising. The ostrich hides his head. Soon the red blood will be boiling. And blue blood will be dead. While we say. Chorus Little by little by little, And stone by stone. Rich man's mountain"
  • Little By Little - Supertramp
    "Woah ohh........ I don't know any more Just don't know any more But think of what you're saying I really think you should You'd better stop complaining it won't do you any good You know you should have"
  • Little by little - Nomy
    "Jimmy went out with the boat one day he was all alone cause liked it that way the city was asleep as he saw the sun awake tell me why you're all alone jimmy tell me what you done tell me why you're all"

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