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live organ transplants

  • Violet The Organ Grinder - Prince
    "CHORUS: I am Violet the Organ Grinder And I grind all the live long day I live 4 the organ that I am grinding I'll die, but I won't go away Gett Off {repeated throughout song} CHORUS Ooh, wait a minute,"
  • Organ Splitter - Big Dumb Face
    "Rake the vice in florin shordo boiling innards recompense, lighting vards incinerating- frying cheeks in sloring vats. shear its back and throbbing pack, the goggle lord will show its law, rake the"
  • Organ Harvest - Fleshgrind
    "My sweet pretty victim Destined for defilement Experience a horrible pain Her heart will beat in my hands Knock her out, rip her organs Rip them out, tear them out! Knock her out, rip her organs Rip them"
  • Organ Break - KRS-One
    "And away we go With a crazy flow, oh! All the ladies know And they babies know, we pro Deep in your mind While I'm repeatin this rhyme, we glow I'm teachin this time That off-beat I speak of a rhyme, flow They"
  • Sudden Organ - Yo La Tengo
    "Will you stare, will you stare as the final curtain starts to fall Will you watch, will you watch with closing eyes, with closing eyes Everyone, everyone's a little worried, you know I am But I hate to"
  • Stalin's Organ - GWAR
    "They were called Katusyhas, but we called them Stalin's Organs 200 MM devastating fire When streets hiss, and falling block, kisses desperate flesh Stukas plunging, as skylines reform Spreading madness,"
  • The Organ - Lake Of Tears
    "I can see you walk with sorrow, I can see it in your eyes And I know you fear this moment like me, I can see it in your smile And no longer bids the morning to go with the thunder I can see you're lost"
  • Organ Grinder - Marilyn Manson
    "I am the face of piss and shit and sugar I do a crooked little dance with my funny little monkey What I want, what I want is just your children I hate what I have become to escape what I hated being Calliopenis"
  • Chord organ blues - Daniel Johnston
    "Everything's big in Texas You know it is I think I might have made a big mistake o o o Chord organ blues Chord organ blues Singing those chord organ blues Wherever I go it's a wild wind Maybe someday it'll"
  • Organ Grinder's Swing - Brenda Lee
    "Whose that coming down the street Good old organ grinders beat He's the latest rhythm king With his organ grinder swing Da De Ya, Da De Ya, Da De Ya, Da De Ya When he turns that handle down Music goes"
  • Organ Grinder's Swing - Ella Fitzgerald
    "Now eenie meenie minie moe Catch that monkey by the toe If he hollers let him go Eenie meenie minie moe Scatty-ah, pa swings it so does ma Scatty-ah, ma swings it so does pa Scatty-ah, you swing it so"
  • The Organ Player - Weezer
    "The people come and lay down on the ground They want to hear all the beautiful sounds Of the organ player But in the crowd is a bitter young man He can't accept what the other ones can That the song is"
  • The Organ Grinder - Murder By Death
    "In the valley the girl waits at the back of the caravan wears a dress made of red wool for a night on the town with her man he is good to her he takes care of her he holds doors for her settles"
  • Bucket (Organ Version) - Neutral Milk Hotel
    "Shadows on my wall They creep and crawl on through the night They dream of waterfalls Catching small, bright streams of light Life can be so weird A bucket full of tears But it's all right I've seen the"
  • Organ of Anger - Headnoise
    "I want to ask you but I don't wanna know Your anger compulsion, your hate has got to go Little children throw a fit while other wanna pout Maybe life is more complex than what your anger's all about Anger"
  • Pay And Price - Transplants
    "(Tim) Go! Go! Transplants won't forget it Past debit is will to test it Beat down, won't regret it Only when I can, I can accept it And I speak for the one's who've been kicked hard Because I know what's"
  • Organ Grinder (Hidden Track) - Moxy Fruvous
    "(Jian) There's a guy down at Queen & Bay (Hey Organ Grinder!) Almost see him there every day (Hey Organ Grinder!) And there's so much he can say (Hey Organ Grinder!) "
  • Diamonds And Guns(Real) - Transplants
    "woo-woo woo-woo woo-woo woo-woo Bombs goin off in Sierra Leone Taken more shots than Karl Malone Battle looms, your doom, injustice entombed Who got the diamonds? Who gonna find them? Who gonna mine"
  • Keep A Little Organ - Damnwells
    "Keep a little organ in you, now. Sing about the promises you found. Keep it up, cause no one likes it down. Get lost in the overrated down. Keep a little organ in you, now. Sing the song that filled your"
  • Organ Yn Dy Geg - Super Furry Animals
    "Wel, dwi'n chwilio am le i droi Well, I'm looking for a place to turn Rhywle lle mae'r deillion yn gyrru tacsis Somewhere where the blind drive taxis A dwi'n chwilio am le i ffoi And I'm looking for a"

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