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living color

  • Living Color - Jill Sobule
    "You've opened up my careful eyes... Woke up from a black and white slumber. I notice things I didn't before. I dream with you in Living Color... In Living Color, now. Fingertips touch a granite heart I"
  • Color - July For Kings
    "Moments of here forever in between turning a year turning a dream turning the shade of everything else to see for myself. What's hiding behind a drive in the rain tears for the strangers a life in your"
  • Color Everywhere - Youth Asylum
    "Used to seein' black and white never any in between waiting all the love of my life to come into my dreams everything is shades of gray never any blues or greens needed someone else to turn to someone"
  • Color Blind - Michael W. Smith
    "There's not a world of difference Out in the world tonight Between this world of people Red, yellow, black and white But instead of riding a rainbow of love We still are fighting with prejudice gloves"
  • What's Your Favorite Color? (Theme Song) - Living Colour
    "WHAT'S YOUR FAVORITE COLOUR BABY? What's your favorite color baby? Living Colour What's your favorite color baby? Living Colour What's your favorite color baby? Living Colour What's your favorite color"
  • Color My World - Backstreet Boys
    "Ohh, no Everybody needs affection Looking for a deep connection So put a little bit of love in my life today Everybody needs some shelter Spend a little time together Come into my arms Let them tell you"
  • Dream In Color - Bianca Ryan
    "Ooh, hoo...yeah Mmm, hmm Tired of living life in black and white There's so much in between Like a rainbow in the sky Crying to be seen When I open my eyes to find inspiration I search for the best I"
  • The Color Hate - Souljahz
    "CHORUS: We all talk, we all walk, we all do the things we want We're so powerful we say, so why can't we stop the hate So come on, tell me how to get to the place where all the color lines fade away"
  • Color - Prince
    "Performed by the steeles Composed by prince Color me black if u color me just like u Color me angry if u color me less than I do (whoa, what's your color? ) Yeah, what's your color? (whoa, what's your"
  • Color - Nicole C. Mullen
    "Just because my skin is brown It don't define who I am I could be a porcupine Or I could be a little lamb Please don't try and judge me Only by the colors you have seen To love me is to know me Whether"
  • Color - Ojos De Brujo
    "Mira!!! qu, qu, qu.... Pintadas en las tiendas pijas de mi barrio hablan Tr, tr..."no digo qu" "no digo qu"... Escucha!!! Maderos por las calles de mi barrio corren Pum...pum...detrs de quien? detrs de"
  • Color - The Maine
    "She said, "Let it slide," All the things that I have running through my mind, Will all be gone in time. Remember son, All the things you've done, And all the things you lost, And all the things you've"
  • Color My World Mine - Eyedea
    "I once met a man who trained himself not to dream What he seems to have seen was a glimpse of everything He's been painting pictures on canvas since age thirteen And claims he only exists in the mind of"
  • Color - C-ute
    "Hajimete no koto de Tomadou keredo Kore ga sou na no ne DORAIBU DEETO Kousokudouro wa Junchou desu ne Hanauta majiri ni Unten shiteru Haru no nioi ukiuki Sawayaka na kaze no naka wo Futari oyogu ROMANCHIKKU Watashi"
  • Living Proof - Cat Power
    "It's not your face Or the color of your hair Or the sound of your voice my dear That's got me dragged in here It's the ice in the seam, the scheme of you You're supposed to have the answer You're"
  • Hard Living Clean - Handsome Devil
    "CHORUS It's so hard living clean cuz I start to feeling mean If you say the wrong thing I'm gonna bite Everything is black and white where color used to be Sobriety is misery Wake up in the morning, kick"
  • Living By Numbers - Jade Valerie
    "I wanna be your secret cavern I wanna be where you begin I just wanna pull you closer But you never let, you never let You never let me in Wanna surround you like a skyline Wanna be your sweetest sin"
  • Color Me Badd - Color Me Badd
    "We'd like to introduce us Were Color Me Badd the funky new band And our dope producer. Dr Freeze With Mark Bryan Kevin and Sam We're down with Warner Brothers and You'll hear on Giant records Our music"
  • Sound & Color - Alabama Shakes
    "A new world hangs outside the window Beautiful and strange It must be falling away I must be Sound and color with me for my mind And it should show you where to go when I need to speak Sound and color With"
  • Color Gitano - Kendji Girac
    "C'est une façon de voir la vie Un peuple plus grand qu'un pays Un destin, un regard C'est de la musique, et des cris Un pour tous, et tous réunis Un chemin, une histoire Mi vida, mis amor Mi fuerza,"

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